Window Decals for Schools

Window decals for schools are the perfect way to both market your institution and display your school pride.

Using bold designs on window decals is an excellent way to draw attention to events and advertise fundraisers. Decals can also effectively promote events like sports games and student elections.

Suppose you are looking for a way to give your school’s interior or exterior a facelift. In that case, vinyl window decals can be an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your school’s image significantly. 

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best design ideas for window decals for schools. With our list, you’ll have that perfect decal up in no time.

7 of the Best Window Decals for Schools

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School Branding

First impressions count, and window decals for schools can make an immediate impact. 

If you want to attract the interest of your local community or recruit new students, large custom window decals of your school logo and values can be an excellent way to draw attention to your school. 

The best place to show off your branding is on windows and glass doors at your school entrance. If you have windows that are visible to public roads or other open areas, use them to your advantage to boost your brand. 

Advertise Events 

There are usually several significant school events each year, and a conspicuous school window can be the perfect place to promote the occasion. 

For example, decals of baseball players are an excellent way to promote your high school baseball team. Or you could use bright, eye-catching lettering to bring attention to a fundraising event.

Window decals are simple to put up and easy to change, making them the perfect solution for advertising events for a limited time.

Sense of Community

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There are many reasons to develop a strong sense of community at a school. When students share an understanding of the school’s values, there is a greater sense of belonging, motivation, and school pride. 

A sense of community is associated with a democratic school climate, lower levels of delinquent behavior, and bullying. 

One way to encourage a sense of community is to promote school spirit. Colorful window decals of the school mascot or school symbols can remind students that all of them in the school are part of a shared community. 

Another great way to promote school spirit is to involve the whole school in preparing for a holiday that all celebrate – like Thanksgiving or Halloween. Windows are the perfect surface for fun decals relevant to the celebrated holiday. 

Themes that promote a sense of community are a great idea for college window decals, dorm wall decals, and any other area where a sense of belonging is important. 


Schools typically use announcements and notice boards to share information. But notice boards are seldom eye-catching and easily ignored.

If you want your message to be noticed, then large, eye-catching, and impossible to overlook window decals are the way to go. 

Windows that line corridors or entrances and exits to the school cafeteria are the ideal positions for promotional graphics.

Colorful graphics are a unique and exciting way to bring attention to upcoming events and essential information that you want the student to take note of. 

Enhance Education 

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Perforated vinyl window graphics are an excellent method to enhance education. Motivational quotations can inspire learning, while eye-catching graphics can reinforce the curriculum. 

For example, different cloud formations taught in geography or images depicting important historical events. Timelines of scientific discoveries can fill a row of windows to stimulate interest in the subject.

Decals relevant to any subjects taught make excellent teaching aids. A good example is the times’ table which will work well as window decals and math classroom wall decals.

A fun and creative atmosphere encourage learning no matter the school grade. Cartoon animals can motivate learning of colors and numbers in kindergarten Still, they also make an excellent theme for custom wall decals for a nursery.

Enhancing education does not stop after high school, and college window decals depicting inspiring leaders can motivate students to persevere with their studies.


Security at schools is a priority, and many schools are looking for innovative ways to improve security for their students.

Covering glass doors at school entrances and areas exposed to the public can provide privacy and enhance security. 

Perforated window decals are a clever safety feature. Covering doors and windows with micro-perforated vinyl provides one-way vision.  People indoors have an unobstructed view of the outside while maintaining privacy. 

Perforated window decals are an excellent way to showcase the facilities and sports your school offers. 

Vinyl decals for classroom doors or frosted window decals provide privacy from foot traffic in corridors and decrease distraction for students in lessons.  

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Protection from Sun

Sun shining through classroom windows can be bright and distracting and, over time, cause eye damage. In hotter states, several hours of sunshine through a window can significantly increase classroom temperature. 

Custom window decals printed with high-quality UV fade-resistant inks can transform school windows into multi-purpose weatherproof displays.

Installing perforated vinyl window decals for daycare centers can also be very effective for screening little kids against ultraviolet rays.


Window decals are quick to paste and offer strong adhesion, making them a cost-effective solution for sprucing up the exterior or interior of your school. 

Vinyl decals work well as long-lasting educational aids or short-term promotions. They can easily be removed and replaced by new decals. 

If you are looking for a top-tiered product and outstanding customer service, our professional team at Coastal Creative will do their best to fulfill your needs. 

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