Window Banner Decals

If you own a business that uses physical space, a good way to draw people in is with window banner decals. They’re a great way to get creative with branding. 

The windows of a store or building can be used to your advantage, by selecting designs that are used on a banner decal as a way to promote your services or products or to simply add to the overall look and feel of the brand. 

We look at some ideas for window banner decal designs, and what would suit your business. 

9 Ideas for Window Banner Decals

banner decals for window

Name and Details

If you want to keep it as simple as possible, you can’t go wrong with just the name and contact details of your business on a frosted glass window decal.  

You can add on the phone number, email address, opening hours, and any other means of contact for potential customers.

This works especially well if someone walks past outside of opening hours, and wants to make a note of how they can contact you. 

If you are adding these contact details, ensure that these lines of communication are operational. If a potential customer calls a number that does not go through, they are unlikely to consider your business again. 


If you offer a range of services, use a custom-made window banner decal to showcase these to people walking by. 

For example, if you run a beauty salon, you can dot one- or two-word descriptions along the banner for a quick read and overview of what you offer, such as manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, etc. 

For window decals in a convenience store, you can list the types of items that are sold. 

This will easily inform someone of whether you offer what they need, before going in. 


Any successful business needs a catchy slogan that will get the attention of a passerby, and make the brand memorable and recognizable. 

Get creative, and pick one that is short, clear, and catchy. If you already have one, you can go ahead and display it along your custom perforated window decal banner. Those passing by will stop to read what it says, and possibly visit your business thereafter. 

The slogan works well when incorporated onto an office wall decal, as it reiterates the business’s mission to employees. 


window banner decal

A logo is another key part of any business, as it becomes the trademark for your brand identity. 

With a well-designed logo, you can advertise far and wide to imprint the image on the brains of viewers so that your brand becomes known and recognizable amongst the community. 

Incorporating this into your storefront window decal banner is key, as it makes it clear what business is in that particular space, and is more likely to draw people in. Furthermore, it makes the brand and service look more professional and trustworthy. 

This would work well as both a window and door decal, to reinforce the brand image. 


If you have a business that is running some form of promotion, why not use your window banner decal to advertise this? 

Use it to communicate any sales or budget-friendly promotions that you are running, so that people walking by are encouraged to come in and browse, or find out more. 

Include the crucial details of the promotion, such as a 50% sale or a buy one, get one free offer, clearly on the banner in bold writing. 

You should also include any caveats, such as the dates on which the promotion is valid, ‘while stocks last, terms and conditions, etc. 

Use this custom large window decal to stand out to people walking by. 


banner decal for window

If you are going for something creative and aesthetically appealing, an attractive pattern is a great way to do so. 

You can run this pattern along your window banner decal, as a way to dress up your window and attract those passing by. 

Pick a pattern that fits in well with the overall look and feel of your business. For example, you may want to go for a trendy marble or geometric pattern for a clothing or beauty store, or a simple square pattern for an accounting or law firm. 

You can carry the patterns over onto a custom door decal for your business so that it is consistent on a storefront or building. 


To stop someone in their tracks, and get them to pay attention to your window banner decal, you should make it interactive. 

You can be creative with this. Perhaps incorporate a trendy image or design that will prompt people to take pictures in front of it, such as an outline of an Instagram post format. Or include a puzzle or riddle that gets people involved in a thinking process. 

Whatever you choose, keep it relevant. The social media design would work well for most businesses, but the puzzle or riddle might be specifically suited to a learning center or a bookstore. 

This works just as well within the store, as a wall decal for commercial use.


For a simple yet picturesque design, a form of landscape on the window banner decal is an excellent way to go. 

For example, you can do a simple outline of a forest that sprawls across the banner, which would work well as a general design for any business or a more-on-the-nose reference for a paper or printing service. 

A city skyline design might work well for a business where the city used is a big part of the brand’s origin, identity, or location. 

Other landscape options include an ocean, lake, mountain range, meadow, farm, and so on. 


banner decals for car's window

To add a bit more creativity to just text, you can incorporate imagery into your window banner decal. 

Bring in images of people, places, or objects that you feel fit in well with your brain aesthetic and product/service offerings. These may be images of pets for a pet grooming salon, animated animals or Disney characters for a children’s hairdresser, or music notes for an instrument store. 

You can feature images alone if it is clear enough in its messaging, or combine them with wording that describes the services or products the business offers. 

Images also work well as custom business wall decals, to bring some life onto the walls of a business space. 


There are many ways to use a window banner decal to promote or enhance your space and business. what you choose will depend on your particular goods or services, and what your business needs are. 

It is best to commission the services of a professional decal installer so that you are left with a flawless and professional finish on your windows. 

Identify whether your business needs more advertising, or if you want to use the decals for aesthetic purposes, and then choose a relevant design that fits well with what you offer.

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