Why Is My Vinyl Bubbling

When you get a new vinyl decal for your home, we know you want it to stick down perfectly from the get-go. You’re sometimes left wondering why your vinyl is bubbling, though. 

Bubbling decals are unfortunate, but they’re not the end of the world. Bubbles happen, and we have some nifty suggestions to help you get rid of them.

We’re also going to explain to you why they happen. It’s a misconception that bubbles happen because the decal is of bad quality or because you didn’t stick them down correctly.

There are, however, ways to stick decals down that minimize the chances of bubbles. We’ll take you through those too.

What this article covers:

How Did Those Bubbles Get There?

why are my vinyls bubbling

Nothing is as upsetting as bubbles ruining your custom window vinyl decals, or any other decals for that matter.

Bubbles sometimes enter your decal when you’re removing the backing of the transfer tape. It’s common, and nothing to feel bad about. You run the risk of air bubbles even if you remove the backing tape perfectly.

Bubbles underneath your vinyl decal are little pockets of air. They can also enter when you’re sticking your decal onto its designated surface. In this case, it’s a result of the vinyl not sticking down completely flat. 

Don’t worry – we’ve come up with a list of solutions for you.

how do i stop my vinyl from bubbling

Removing Air Bubbles From Vinyl

There are some super simple solutions for your air bubble problem. Here they are.

  • Poke a hole in it. It’s simple – to get rid of the air, you can poke a tiny hole in your vinyl decal to let it out. You’ll need to use a small pin as your tool. This helps ensure the hole you poke won’t be visible once the air is let out. It also makes sure you won’t accidentally tear your decal.
  • Let it settle. Sometimes, air bubbles appear underneath your vinyl decal shortly after you’ve applied it to a surface. The decal just needs some time to settle into place and once it has, the air will naturally be released from underneath it.
  • Expose the bubbles to natural sunlight. The bubbles should shrink in size after a few hours. This method might leave behind a small air bubble, which you’ll be able to squeeze away with your thumb while preventing your vinyl from peeling off the wall.
  • Use a hairdryer. The heat helps get rid of air bubbles, so this is a great option if you’re not able to position it in a way that exposes it to sunlight. Make sure you don’t use the highest heat setting on your hairdryer because this can damage the adhesive at the back of your decal. 

To protect your vinyl decal, use your hairdryer in a low to medium heat setting. Once it’s heated, you can smoothen it with an application tool.

why is my vinyl bubbling up

Preventing Air Bubbles

Preventing air bubbles is always easier than getting rid of them. But how do you do that?

While none of these methods are foolproof, they do help minimize unnecessary air bubbles. It’s difficult to avoid having any air bubbles, but we can help you avoid nasty-looking large ones. This can help save your vinyl decals.

Without further ado, here are our methods for preventing air bubbles:

  • Use the right application method. This involves peeling the adhesive correctly. You need to peel it gently from a corner tip, making sure you’re not doing it in a rush. Try to do it with even pressure, as this seems to help prevent bubbles from forming.
  • Smoothen the decal. This is part of the application process. As you’re applying the decal, use a smoothing application tool to run over the pieces making contact with the surface. This will help push air bubbles out as you’re applying the decal. 
  • Pay attention. The moment you’re applying your decal is the best time to get rid of air bubbles. You’ll need to pay attention to what you’re doing so you can spot air bubbles straight away. Once spotted, employ the above methods to get rid of them before your vinyl is laying flat on its surface.
  • Don’t seal it in for a while. As we mentioned earlier, air bubbles can form and be released naturally a few days after your vinyl is put into place. Before you put lacquer over your vinyl decal, let it set into place and release air bubbles in the process.

How do I stop a vinyl from bubbling

Lacquer is only one of the things you can use to seal your decal for increased protection. You can also consider using polyurethane or polycrilic over your vinyl to seal it in place.

Employing these tips and tricks will help you prevent or get rid of bubbles under your vinyl. Whether you’re using vinyl decals to spruce up your office window or your home, we know you want it in tip-top shape.

If you feel like your vinyl decal has been ruined by air bubbles, get in touch with us. We create high-quality vinyl decals for all uses and occasions and would love to create one for you.

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