What Is Perforated Vinyl?

You may have heard of vinyl decals or stickers before, but what is perforated vinyl? And is there a difference between decals and vinyl?

Perforated vinyl is an excellent way form of advertising for businesses. These customizable types of vinyl are cost-effective and help to attract potential customers to your store. 

Perforated vinyl can be used on a variety of different surfaces, one of the most popular being cars. They also provide one-way visibility.

If you’re interested in getting perforated vinyl for your window or car, knowing how it’s used and how to apply it is essential.

It’s also helpful to know how to design your perforated vinyl, especially if you’re designing your own custom perforated window decals.

In this article, we’ll explain what perforated vinyl is, what it’s used for, as well as the best way to design it properly.

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Perforated Vinyl Explained

what is perforated adhesive vinyl

Perforated window vinyl is also sometimes called “see-through” vinyl. This type of vinyl is used to make pictures and signs that are solid, bright, and opaque when viewed from the outside. They are, however, transparent from the inside.  

If you want to know even more about vinyl decals, you can research their history and answer questions such as when decals were invented.

So, what is perforated vinyl? Perforated vinyl is a sheet of vinyl material with tiny holes cut through it. The majority of the material has little holes in it so the whole area is covered in holes. Around 30 to 50% of the vinyl material is removed because of this. The ratio of vinyl to holes is usually 60/40. 60% being vinyl and 40% holes.

How does perforated window film work? When viewed from outside a window, light-colored perforated vinyl signs are opaque. This is because our eyes naturally focus on the bright surface rather than on the holes and the darkness behind the surface.  

The inner side of perforated vinyl is dark-colored. When you’re standing on the other side of the perforated vinyl, the eye naturally focuses through the dark vinyl toward the light and motion outside the window. You’re therefore able to see through the back of the sign to the world outside.

You may also wonder how vinyl decals are made.

How Is Perforated Vinyl Used?

what are perforated adhesive vinyls

Perforated Vinyl is a great option for your storefront windows. These are not used on walls. You can find out what is a wall decal by looking online.

Vehicles are usually the most common use for window graphics. However, small business owners, interior designers, and property managers also commonly use perforated vinyl on their store windows to present a more attractive appearance to the clients. 

It’s an excellent form of advertising signage. It’s also quick and cost-effective for businesses to use. It adheres easily to surfaces such as cars and windows.

Car wrapping has become a popular form of advertising and has proven to be even more effective than traditional forms of marketing. This is because print, television, and radio are expensive, whereas perforated vinyl is a one-time investment. It also can generate millions of impressions.

You can provide your customers with a good first impression by utilizing perforated vinyl on your storefront Windows. 

Designing for Perforated Signs

what are perforated vinyls

Once you understand how perforated vinyl works, you can design better one-way vinyl signs. Because the printed surface of the perforated vinyl must be brighter than the space behind the sign, it is recommended to avoid large areas of dark colors in the design. These include black, blue, purple, or dark brown. 

You can make the small areas and lettering of a design can dark. However, we recommend using light or bright colors for the large areas of your design. These include whites, red, and pastel colors, orange, yellow, green, and light blues. 

We recommend not using small fonts and intricate details because a large portion of the sign surface has been removed. It’s generally best to use broad brush strokes and fonts of 30-point or larger.

You should also remember to focus on the lighting on both sides of the perforated vinyl sign. This is because at night the sign becomes transparent. This is because it will be dark outside at night and the light from inside will be visible. Your eyes will naturally focus on the light on the other side of the window.

There are always a lot of advantages to using one-way vinyl signs. Just always remember to make your perforated vinyl sign large, bold, and bright.

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