Wedding Vinyl Decals

A wedding is a joyous occasion to celebrate the union and love of two people. You can create a personalized event with details to let the love and personalities of you and your partner shine through. Using wedding vinyl decals on your big day is the perfect way to do this. 

Vinyl decals are versatile, as they can be designed in any way, and stuck onto walls, mirrors, glass, and so on. They are simple additions that will go a long way in making your wedding memorable for you and your guests. 

We look at the best ideas for wedding vinyl decals to guide you in how you can make them a part of your event. 

Top 8 Ideas for Wedding Vinyl Decals

Welcome Message

wedding vinyl decal

For either a wedding ceremony or reception, you may not be present at the entrance to personally welcome your friends and family to the event. With a welcome message using a custom-made vinyl decal, this will not be a problem. 

You can install a decal that has this message, along with your and your spouse’s names, the date of the event, and any other design elements, onto a mirror or glass pane for a classy touch. 


During a wedding, everyone feels just a little more sentimental than usual, so you can add to this with a few romantic, fun, or thought-provoking quotes about love, marriage, family, and friends. 

Having the quotes or sayings in vinyl decals on small glass panes or mirrors means that you can place them throughout the area of the event. You can do something similar for wall decals in church, for the ceremony.

Throw together a few food puns for the bars and buffet tables, or a quote about having fun placed near the dance floor, and you are sure to make your guests smile just a little wider. 


If you opt for a more casual food setup as an alternative to a formal sit-down, multi-course meal, then a vinyl decal or two with the food and drink options listed can be convenient. 

You can have the food items listed in a menu style on a piece of wood or glass, and those waiting in line can then look over it to decide what they want. This works just as well as a decal in a restaurant window.

If you do go for the formal setup, you can even print the vinyl decal on individual glass panes for each guest. 

Do the same for the bar, so that there are no delays or long queues, as guests will already know what they want when they get to the front.

vinyl wedding decals


Your wedding might be a little bigger or located on a vast property, so your guests might need a little assistance with finding their way around. A few vinyl decal signposts will certainly help them out. 

You can use words and arrows to indicate where the different areas are. For example, the dance floor, bar, food area, restrooms, table numbers, or exits. 

You can either do the decal on a flat board or get creative with a signpost with arrows pointing in different directions. This works for indoor venues, or as creative outdoor wall decals.

Having clear signage around will prevent confusion and an unnecessary build-up of people walking around to find their destination. 

Seating Plan

If you have designated seating at your wedding, it is best to have a clear seating plan or table list at the entrance so that guests will know that they have a specific seat, and where they have to sit. 

You can do a glass board with the actual seating map in the vinyl decal, or have the table numbers with guests’ names underneath each. 

If your reception takes place in a restaurant, this could also work as a wall decal in a restaurant instead. 

If you want your guests to sit anywhere, you can use a board to communicate that to them. 

Perhaps use it as an opportunity to encourage the two families to sit together, instead of picking a side for each. 


vinyl decals for wedding

At your wedding, you may have a clear idea of how you want the night to go, but getting everyone else to stick to your plan might be tricky. But with fun vinyl decal signs or instructions around, you can make this easier. 

For example, you may want to let guests know that the wedding is a ‘no-phone zone’, and that there are professional photographers on-site to take pictures instead. A clear sign that gently instructs this will remind people to keep their devices in their bags. 

Instructions can also work on decals on a bar window, for guidance on ages welcome, or etiquette expected. 

Mirror Message

While glass is a popular base for a vinyl decal, mirrors are an elegant option, too. 

Having mirrors around your reception area will always be a hit, as guests can take pictures or check their outfits out without having to trek to a restroom. 

On the mirrors, you can add a few personal touches such as your and your spouse’s initials, sayings like ’strike a pose’, or messages to your guests that tell them that they look great, or encourage them to take a picture. 

This would also work on decals in a boutique window, for a quick pick-me-up for customers.

vinyl decal for wedding


At your wedding, you should add as many personal touches as possible to make it unique, and vinyl decal designs are an elegant way to do so. 

There are many ways to incorporate this that are aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and convenient for you and your guests. These can be done both indoors, or as vinyl decals for the outside.

Ensure that you enlist the services of a professional company to help out so that it looks perfect on the big day.

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