Waterproof Wall Murals

If you’re looking to brighten up a space that’s susceptible to moisture with a wall mural, then waterproof wall murals are essential. Waterproof wall murals are super durable and can be printed, installed, and changed with ease. They can completely change any space, inside or outside, no matter how wet the environment.  

With quality waterproof vinyl and some tips and tricks on extending the longevity of your wall mural, you can look enjoy your design for years to come. Whatever the conditions, Coastal Creative’s custom wall murals can meet your unique creative needs. 

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Are Vinyl Wall Murals Waterproof?

Great news, vinyl wall murals are waterproof. Vinyl is the third most-produced plastic in the world and is available in a rigid and flexible state. The vinyl used for wall murals is in a flexible state and because vinyl is a type of plastic, it doesn’t absorb any water or moisture.

Not only that but vinyl is a lot more durable than it was a few years ago. With improvements in technology and our quality printing and installation techniques, you can look forward to enjoying your mural for years to come. Our murals are great for long and short-term projects and provide an ideal way to accent a wall. 

With Coastal Creative, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your vinyl was printed and installed to perfection. We use the best quality vinyl to extend the murals’ longevity, no matter the environment. 

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How To Make Wall Murals Last Longer

As a rule, Coastal Creative wall murals last longer than your average vinyl murals. Our vinyl will work anywhere, inside or outside, no matter how wet the environment. Our vinyl is inexpensive, beautifully printed, and a lot easier to care for than painted wall murals. This is especially true for garden wall murals or outdoor wall murals that can fade from sun exposure and dust.  

While vinyl is waterproof, the adhesive will weaken as time goes by. Our top-of-the-range outdoor wall murals can last up to two years, through any weather. Indoor wall murals can last up to five years. 

The longevity of your wall mural all depends on where you place it and how you care for it. 

Outdoor wall murals for gardens look awesome but they won’t last as long as an indoor wall mural in a temperature-controlled room. Besides regularly dusting and wiping down your mural, if you would like to extend the lifespan of your wall murals, here are some tips. 

Choose A Well Ventilated Area

If you are installing a wall mural indoors, your best option would be a well-ventilated room. While moisture isn’t absorbed into the vinyl, when the adhesive starts to deteriorate over time, the moisture can creep in behind the mural and hasten the process. 

Our vinyl works best on non-porous surfaces because the vinyl completely adheres to the wall with no openings for moisture or dust to collect behind the mural. A room that is constantly humid or damp may cause the vinyl adhesive to weaken around the edges and cause peeling. 

This doesn’t mean our vinyl can’t handle wetness. Our vinyl is built to last and won’t be wrecked by rain or other weather. You could even use our vinyl in your bathroom to create a cool design for your children. As long as the vinyl has time to dry or isn’t kept in a moist environment constantly, it will stand the test of time.  

Ventilation is key to ensuring the adhesive on vinyl holds onto its tackiness. Open the windows and let your vinyl wall mural dry if it gets wet. If you want to dry it with a cloth, use a soft cloth and gentle motions. 

If your wall mural is outdoors, use our tips on weatherproofing garden wall murals to handle wet and warm weather for an even longer-lasting mural. 

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Add Laminate To You Vinyl Wall Mural

Coastal Creative wall vinyl is extremely durable but we also offer the option to add laminate to your vinyl wall mural and highly recommend that you do. A laminate acts as a layer of sealant and offers overall support for your mural, guaranteeing a longer-lasting mural. 

With a laminate, your wall mural will withstand even the toughest weather. A laminate is especially important for exterior wall elevation wall murals, as they are the most exposed to wet weather.  

Adding a laminate has the added benefit of protecting your wall mural from scratches. Our vinyl is tough but if your wall mural is exposed to people touching it or plants scratching against it, a laminate will keep it protected for longer. 

Taking care of your mural isn’t just about keeping it adhered to your wall. It’s also about having your wall mural look its best for the longest time. Our fade-resistant UV ink is made to stay vibrant for years and with proper care, your mural will look brand new for a lot longer than the average vinyl wall mural.  


Now that you know vinyl wall murals are waterproof, no room or environment is off-limits. The creative possibilities are endless with Coastal Creative wall murals. If you’re still a little unsure about what design you want, read our outdoor wall mural ideas to get inspired. 

With Coastal Creative, you can elevate the look of any room with quality custom wall murals that are durable and stay vibrant for longer. With some extra care, your wall mural can last years longer than the average wall mural. Choose Coastal Creative to help you design, create, and inspire.

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