Wall Murals for Schools

Wall murals for schools have become an increasingly popular way to breathe some life into the educational space. These murals can engage students and brighten up a room.

Many schools curate thematic wall murals that are both educational and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is an elementary, middle, or high school, custom-made wall murals are a fun way to lift morale and give schools an upgrade.

Which wall murals for schools are appropriate? Are some types of wall murals more suited to certain schools than others?

Below, you will find our breakdown of the best wall mural ideas for all schooling spaces. We will also explain why these are the most suitable and look at some general guidelines for murals for classroom walls.

What This Article Covers:

4 Ideas for Elementary School Wall Murals

Ideas for elementary school wall murals

Elementary school wall murals focus largely on images and color and have less emphasis on textual elements.

This is because children in elementary schools are less likely to be attracted to reading lots of text. Instead, they are more likely to be interested in visually appealing or striking images.

Like baby nursery wall murals, the focus should be on images that have a calming effect. These images are also often drawn or painted to give them a more artistic feel.

If you want to have an educational wall mural, the focus should be on teaching important concepts through visual images. This idea is often used in murals for preschool walls.

Care should also be exercised in ensuring that the wall murals are not too distracting. If the wall mural has a busy theme, children may not be able to fully focus on their lesson.

Let’s look at four ideas for elementary school wall murals. 

Alphabet Wall Mural

If wall murals for daycare centers prove anything, it is that educational wall murals do not have to be technical or boring.

Are you looking for something educational to spruce up an elementary classroom wall? Look no further than an alphabet wall mural.

These types of wall murals list the letters of the alphabet. They often use creative pictures that help children to remember the alphabet.

This is the time when children start using the alphabet for important literacy skills. It is a good option for helping them remember what each letter can be associated with. For example, under the letter E, why not add in a little elephant? 

Many elementary school teachers have a poster of the alphabet somewhere in class. Why not make the most of it and dedicate an entire wall to learning? 

Books Wall Mural

murals for elementary school walls

It is a widely accepted fact that cultivating a love of reading amongst children in their formative years is extremely important. It is no wonder that books and reading are a big focus of early learning practices!

In light of this, using books as decorations in classes is often a popular option. This is especially true for elementary school teachers. Many classes are decorated with bookshelves and have books on display as a way of showing children the importance of reading.

The importance of books makes them a popular inspiration for elementary classroom murals. Some murals feature specific books and characters as a way of enticing children’s imaginations. Other wall murals feature stacks of books that simulate the types of bookshelves one would find in a library.

Whatever you choose, featuring books on your wall mural is a great option for any educational space. It is an especially popular one for children who are still at the beginning of their educational journeys.

Character Wall Murals

For children in elementary school, it is important to be stimulated. They want to engage their imagination, even at school. This is why many schools create themes for classrooms, and even sporting events.

Because of this, character wall murals can be a useful tool for creating a good educational atmosphere. A great idea is to use characters from a popular movie or book that will be read in class. Children will enjoy seeing these characters on display.

For this type of mural, it really is at the discretion of the teacher. However, it can create a fun atmosphere for any educational space.

Nature Themed Wall Mural

murals for your school walls

Have you ever looked at a kid’s dental office wall mural? If so, you’ve probably picked up on some sort of nature-focused theme. Even pediatrician office wall murals often have oceanic scenes or landscapes with animals on them.

This is because these types of nature scenes may have a calming effect on children when they visit the doctor or the dentist. 

For this reason, it is also a popular option for elementary schools. Having a school wall mural depicting a nature scene can help the children to relax and focus.

As a bonus, it can often serve as a talking point between children and classmates or between students and teachers. Nature-themed wall murals can allow children to connect with nature, even from within the classroom.

It is no wonder that nature is one of the most popular inspirations behind elementary school wall murals and even children’s hospital wall murals

4 Ideas for Middle School Wall Murals

A wall mural for middle school needs to be creative. However, they focus less on large pictures and visual appeal and try to incorporate more textual, technical, and graphic elements instead.

For example, think of educational posters with a lot of text. These are not uncommon on middle-school walls.

Children of this age may take the time to read the text that accompanies the graphics. So, let’s look at the four most suitable school murals for middle school buildings. 

Map Wall Mural

middle school wall murals

Middle school is the time when students start to get subject-specific material to work on. It is a good idea to theme a wall mural around something in the curriculum.

One of the most popular ways to do this is by having a map on the wall of the classroom. Some teachers will opt for a map of the United States, although a world map is also very interesting.  

This gives children an easy point of reference when they need to conduct any geographical work. It can also serve as a reminder of the general layout of the world. This is something they need to be aware of for years to come.

Some maps are very creative and can even provide additional information on each country. This information can include cultures and flags.

Timeline Wall Mural

This wall mural is perfect for history class. Timeline wall murals use images and text to depict a timeline with a series of important events.

These wall murals are often used to display US history in terms of its most significant events. However, the application of timeline murals is endless.

For example, some schools use timeline wall murals to depict the history and development of the school. These timelines span its life – from its inception up to the present day.

Other timeline murals feature interesting facts such as the progression of evolution or important historical birthdays.

Timeline murals are educational. Their possible widespread application means that they can be fun and interesting at the same time.

This makes them the perfect option for a middle school. They can be used in the classroom or for a larger important room elsewhere in the school.

Periodic Table of Elements Wall Mural

wall murals for elementary school

If you’re thinking of murals for science class, you could opt for a periodic table of the elements wall mural.

In middle school, children are properly introduced to science. This mural can serve as a constant reminder of one of the most important points of reference in the scientific community.

These types of wall murals are often straightforward. However, you can opt for a colorful periodic table of the elements mural to brighten up your classroom.

It doesn’t have to be as bright and fun as a wall mural for an elementary school. But, there is no harm in choosing a periodic table in a funky color. Who knows, it may even convince the students that science can be fun!

Mathematical Wall Mural

Another subject-specific option is a mathematically themed wall mural. The most popular type of math mural is a timetable.

This can serve as a quick point of reference for both student and teacher. Other types include creative wall murals that feature important formulas or expressions.

4 Ideas for High School Wall Murals

We have covered elementary school wall murals where the emphasis is on fun and excitement. We also looked at middle school wall murals and what is deemed suitable for middle school classrooms. 

So, what are the most appropriate wall murals for high school buildings? First of all, high school is a time when most teenagers focus on being cool. So, many high school murals try to appear funky. 

This means graffiti design and interesting graphic elements often come into play. These types of murals focus less on being educational and tend to focus more on fostering good school spirit. 

High school wall murals feature school colors, promote morale, and can present some insight into what the school is all about. Some schools also like to create a nostalgic feel for some of the school leavers.

ideas for high school wall murals

Let’s look at four of the best high school wall mural ideas below.

Vision Statement Wall Mural

A vision statement wall mural is a mural that has the school’s vision and mission printed on it. Students and staff need to align themselves with the school’s vision. Having it printed on a wall can ensure that they are aware of this vision at all times.

It also creates an opportunity for visitors and prospective students to familiarize themselves with the school. Specifically, they can get a glimpse of the school’s approach to learning, equality, and overall goals.

Values Wall Mural

Like a vision statement mural, a values wall mural has the specific values of the school printed on it. Many of these follow a creative approach and list the values with a small detailed explanation of each.

This promotes inclusion and belonging, ensuring that students can align themselves with the values of the school. It is another popular and appropriate option for boosting morale and fostering school spirit.

Welcome Mural

ideas for educational wall murals for schools

A welcome mural is a mural that welcomes people to the school. It may feature school colors and have a simple welcome message printed on it. 

Since high schools often receive visitors from neighboring schools, this is a very popular option. It also creates a homey feel for students and teachers alike.

Photo Mural

Another way of promoting the school’s brand is by having murals with photos of current or past students. This reminds students and teachers of the camaraderie they experience at the school. 

It can promote feelings of inclusion amongst students. Many high schools also see this as a way to show off their best athletes and top academic performers.

7 Ideas for Educational Wall Murals for Schools

We have covered the best wall mural for each type of school. Let’s turn our attention to the seven best educational wall murals. 

These are wall murals that will be suited to any type of school or atmosphere. This is because of their versatility and their ability to communicate numerous messages.

Flag, Mascot, or Team Murals

wall murals for school

Any school has a flag and certain colors that are associated with them during sporting events. Some schools also have a mascot that represents their team. 

Having a wall mural that features the school’s colors or flag is a good way of boosting school spirit.

It also serves as a reminder of the unity amongst students and their peers. It reminds new and prospective students what the school colors are and what the school’s flag represents. It gives people the opportunity to familiarize themselves with important aspects of the school.

Action Photo Murals

Having photos of fellow students and teachers who are engaged in certain tasks is a great idea. This makes the school appear open and warm. The types of photos that can be used are diverse.

Photos may vary from action photos during sporting events to students engaging in their social groups. The latter is sure to create a cozy atmosphere! Some schools may choose to annotate some of the photos to create a teaching moment.

Vision And Values Wall Murals

Even though these were mentioned as being appropriate for high schools, they can also be utilized in other types of schools.

They are less suitable for classrooms but make great feature walls. These walls stand out and serve the purpose of educating people on the school’s values and vision. Sometimes, the value and vision can be contained on one wall. Other times, it can be featured on two separate walls.

Inspirational Quote Wall Mural

school wall mural ideas

Inspirational quotes are a popular option for educational murals. They serve the purpose of being both educating and inspiring. This can allow students to have something that lifts their spirits as they navigate their way through their school careers.

There are many popular quotes to use. However, most school murals feature quotes that are focused on the importance of education.

School Anthem Wall Mural

An anthem mural features the school anthem printed out on a wall. Like many of the other murals listed here, it seeks to educate and promote knowledge regarding the school’s traditions and atmosphere. It can also allow new students to familiarize themselves with the words.

School History Timeline Mural

Timeline murals can be very educational. Consider a timeline of the school’s history. This is a popular way of sharing the history and development of the school. Such a mural can span several walls and make an impressive feature.

This also becomes a talking point when visitors attend the school. Plus, it ensures that students are aware of their school’s history and development.

This type of mural serves as a reminder of the school’s progression. It may heighten students’ sense of pride in being a part of that community.

Educational Classroom Murals

educational classroom murals

Some educational classroom murals are timeless. These can be installed on any school wall, from elementary school to high school walls. 

These educational murals feature aspects of the curriculum that students will refer back to time and time again. One such example is a mural of a world map, which is a popular option for geography classes.

School Wall Murals: What to Know First

Choose the Best Type of Wall Mural for Your School

Before you choose a theme for your wall mural for school, it is important to decide what type of wall mural you want. Murals can be painted or custom designed. They can be printed beforehand and installed easily.

The latter option involves a designer – or it can be designed by a client before it is printed out. After this, it can be stuck to the wall like a sticker.

For school wall murals, which are often limited by budget and other constraints, a custom-printed wall mural is the best option. Hand-painted murals are very time-consuming. These can be more prone to various types of damage – such as water damage.

A custom-printed wall mural is also the most economic option as it can be installed quickly and effortlessly. As a bonus, if the school designs the mural themselves, it is more affordable. 

Some school wall murals are dependent on custom design. This is because they feature the school’s logo or specific color palette.

Sometimes they are context or content-specific. In this regard, a custom wall mural allows the school to design the mural exactly how they want. They can do this without having to conform to a pre-established design.

Consider the Cost of a Custom Wall Mural

Wall murals can be a costly endeavor. Luckily, they don’t have to be. Custom wall murals are often charged per square foot of installation. You can choose the price range you’re able to operate in. 

Many factors can affect and even heighten this price. So, where can you go for a custom wall mural at the best price? 

Check out our customized wall mural options here at Coastal Creative. We provide printed custom wall murals at unbeatable prices. For a competitive price, we can make your school mural dreams come true. 

wall mural for your school

If you have any questions – feel free to contact a member of our team today. They will gladly assist you with any queries! 


What are the best wall murals for schools? Firstly, it is important to consider the type of school.

We have mentioned that elementary school murals focus on visual appeal and the use of striking images.

Middle school murals follow a more educational approach and may contain some sort of fun element. High school murals focus largely on fostering school spirit and encouraging comradery.

Many murals are flexible and are well suited to different educational spaces. Some ideas for these include timelines and mascot murals. 

Many wall murals can make your school stand out and serve an educational purpose. So, why not invest in a  custom wall mural today?

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