Wall Murals for Hair Salons

If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up your business – wall murals for hair salons are a fantastic idea. 

Salon wall murals should reflect your brand and identity, and resonate with your target market. What do you want people to see and feel when they walk into your salon? 

The age of your customers should play a huge role in layout, color scheme, and wall decor. The older the customer, the more likely they’ll want classy and elegant decor. Younger customers generally prefer vibrancy and color – sometimes with a dash of chaos.

Let’s dive into some of the best ideas for hair salon wall murals. 

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Top Ideas for Hair Salon Wall Murals

hair salon wall murals

Monochrome Wall Murals

Monochrome wall murals offer limitless design choices. Some people think that designs with limited tones are boring. But, when done right, they can make a room classy, elegant, and tasteful. 

You can take any image and turn it into monochrome – which makes this art technique incredibly versatile. However, we do caution you to be selective with your designs. Try to stick to the same theme, as too many different types can look messy. 

It’s also best not to use too many pictures since you don’t want your walls to be crowded. If you want to cover an entire wall, it’s best to use a floor-to-ceiling mural instead.

Below, we’ve provided a few ideas of how you can use monochrome in your hair salon. 


Silhouettes are a common wall mural for spas and are a great idea for hair salons as well. An idea could be silhouettes of women with flowing hair. 

White walls with black silhouettes are always popular choices for a simple yet striking design. You can invert the colors too. Black backgrounds with white silhouettes will be a great centerpiece as well. 

Silhouettes can be anything from an outline to a solid image. Many salons choose glamorous images, such as a woman in a dress with heels. But there are hundreds of images to choose from. 

Don’t choose a generic design. Rather, add your flair and uniqueness to it. You don’t want your wall art to look like every other hair salon. This is great to differentiate your brand! 

Your customers are going to be staring at the art for at least an hour, too. It needs to be interesting and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Beautiful imagery will give customers something to focus on while you’re doing their hair. 

It’s good to note that monochrome doesn’t mean simplistic, although it can. Monochrome art can create beautiful and powerful 3D imagery, too. 

The design chosen will be a reflection of your business – so choose wisely. 

Hair Tools

Hair tool wall murals are a popular choice for hair salons. The good news is that you can get creative with these. 

Wall murals for hair salons don’t need to be a simple image of a dryer and blow brush. Add a catchy phrase or insert some geometric designs that suit your space. 

wall mural for salon

A wall mural design with hair tools makes for a great reception image. Your business logo might even be hair tools, which means you can match them up! Once again, there are loads of designs to choose from. 

For instance, murals make great three-piece wall art, which has become quite popular. Remember, while you want to be unique, you also need to pay attention to current trends. Depending on your target audience, a three-piece art centerpiece could be perfect. Of course, you need great designs for this. 

Using custom picture wall murals makes it easier to choose or create your own designs. You can have images of hair tools with your brand’s unique twist. 

Play around with different designs to see which will work best. It’s a good idea to print the designs on paper and put them on the walls as placeholders. Using a placeholder helps you envision the end result. This will help you decide if the murals will work with the rest of the decor. You don’t want to love the design you choose. 

Portraits / Photo Gallery

Using custom wall murals for hair salons means you can have any image or design you like. This includes portraits and photos. 

These are usually printed on regular photo paper, but you can do it on vinyl wall murals as well. Portraits and photos are generally better in monochrome, as it creates a uniform look. You can use multiple photos to create a gallery feel. 

Unless your salon needs a splash of color, monochrome works best. Your photo gallery can be a collage of images like hair models, flowers, hair tools, etc. 

This type of wall art also works great with selective color images. These are monochrome images or portraits with just one aspect in color. It draws attention and is usually a centerpiece. 

Vintage hair salons or hair model images are a popular choice. These can be real pictures or caricatures, whichever works best for your theme. Just remember that if you use vintage images, you’ll have to keep the theme going for the entire store. Having a retro-themed hair salon will certainly draw the attention of potential customers. 

Selective Color Photography

salon wall mural

As we mentioned briefly, selective color images have only one object in color. Red is a common color used because it stands out against gray monochrome schemes. 

This type of art is used to draw attention to a certain aspect of an image. The most common images are flowers, lips, butterflies, balloons, and umbrellas. 

You can use it in your design too. A woman’s silhouette with a splash of hair color is a striking visual. It draws focus to the hair, making it more vivid because of the monochrome surroundings. 

This works especially well if the hair is a bright color or multiple colors. Play around with different colors before you settle on one. Colors like red, pink, lilac, and green will all look amazing against a monochrome setting.

You can use this technique with other imagery as well, like hair tools. The selective color technique can be used for anything and everything. Don’t limit yourself to only one type of image. 

Phrases and Quotes

Many hair salons have their business name painted on one wall. While it might not seem very artistic, it can be. 

When it comes to using phrases or quotes as wall art, the font is extremely important. Flowing letters are beautiful and stylized, but some are difficult to read. Marketers know that the audience needs to be able to read their message. This rule applies to all businesses. When picking your font, make sure you don’t struggle to read it!

Putting a catchy phrase on your wall can set the tone for your salon. But, it can’t be just any phrase. A fun phrase you could use is “What happens at the salon, stays at the salon.”

This twist on a popular saying is fun and quirky – a good potential reflection of your business. Another idea to add your unique touch is to incorporate imagery with the phrase.

Use images of hair tools, flowers, silhouettes, or combinations of them. Anything stylish and/or hair-related will work. Since custom wall murals for hair salons can be any size, you have endless options with the design. 

Most salons prefer to paint the murals directly onto the wall. But paint fades and can be more difficult to cover up. Wall murals for hair salons can be easily removed when they start to fade.

Marble Wall Murals

Generally speaking, marble wall murals for hair salons are best as floor-to-ceiling designs. This will give the illusion of the entire wall being marble. This is also why they’re great as exterior wall swimming pool wall murals. At first glance, they look like real marble walls. 

Marble is seen as elegant and sophisticated. When we think of it, we envision expensive marble countertops in a high-rise apartment. Having marble wall murals for hair salons will provide the same effect. Anyone walking into your store will associate it with class and excellence. 

Of course, this also depends on the design you choose, since marble designs come in all colors. If you’re going for a strictly elegant theme, choose something with gold veins. Try not to add too much color, either. A grey marble shot through with gold veins is lovely – yet also understated. 

If you want something more soothing, try an ocean-themed marble design. Light blue with swirls of white creates a calming effect in any room. 

Floral Wall Murals

salon wall mural ideas


Floral wall murals for hair salons are a great idea. If you put a floral wall mural in a retirement home, it would be vivid and bring life into the room. It could do the same for a hair salon, too. You just need to decide on the tone and atmosphere you want to set.

You can try something understated if you want an elegant theme. Gray monochrome flower outlines on a colored background look classy. You can add some hair tools as well. 

If you’re going for a more vibrant theme, choose a design with bright flowers. Be careful not to overwhelm the room with too much color. Some floral designs can be a little over-the-top – but work well as a centerpiece. 

We talked about silhouettes above. A woman’s silhouette with flowers in the hair is gentle, stylish, and fun. This design could be monochrome or filled with vibrant colors. 

You can add flowers to any of the design examples above. Using a catchy phrase for wall mural? Some flowery vines will look lovely with your phrase. 

Are you putting up portraits or a picture gallery? Once again, adding flowers to your pictures will enhance the images. We associate flowers with beauty and femininity and this makes them a great decor choice for hair salons. 

Street Art

Street art is usually fun, quirky, and unique. It’s the very definition of self-expression! Although it’s been associated with vandalism in the past – this is a trend that’s here to stay. We must say – we love it! 

Street art is almost always full of life and color. Sometimes it’s used to put across a powerful social message. Other times, the artist is just having fun expressing themselves. 

Whether you’re looking for quirky designs or geometric patterns, street art has it all. Because of the diversity of the art, these designs make excellent murals for gym walls, too. 

If you’re catering to a younger clientele, this type of design is a good option. They’re eye-catching and a definite conversation starter. They also tend to draw people in with their vibrancy. 

If you’re a new salon, most of your business likely comes from walk-ins. You want to draw people in, and attract them to your store. Art is one of those things that many people find hard to resist. 

When you see beautiful street art, how often do you walk by without a glance? Many of us stop and admire it for at least a moment. 

You can also use street art wall murals for hair salons. People will be compelled to pause and admire the art. This could lead to potential customers. 

Art Wall Murals

hair salon wall mural

Artistic wall murals for hair salons add a dash of personality to your space. While classic art might not work in this case, other art forms will. 

Throughout history, art has had a way of invoking emotions from people. There are many different types of art forms out there. Everyone has their own opinions on which is best – but it boils down to personal preferences. 

The point is that art makes people feel. The idea is to use art to create positive emotions for everyone who enters your store. It should draw them in and encourage them to stay.

There are 3 art forms that we think work best for hair salons. If you’re thinking about including some gorgeous art in your hair salon – read on! 

Watercolor Art

Watercolor art is often used for hospital wall murals. This is because the images are soft, and yet incredibly vibrant. They create a hopeful, almost joyous atmosphere. 

Have you ever seen a watercolor painting of wildflowers beside a lake? The image is gentle, slightly hazy, and incredibly beautiful. You can almost imagine yourself there, basking in idyllic peace.

Watercolors tend to have a dreamlike quality to them. Perhaps that’s what makes them so appealing. They’re a temporary escape from reality. What better art is there for a hair salon where clients spend hours staring at the wall? 

This type of art is generally used for portraits, flowers, and landscapes. They have soft edges and can transition between different images quite well.

For example, your mural can transition from a woman’s flowing hair into blooming flowers. The entire portrait will be soft and feminine, filled with life and color.

Surprisingly, you can do selective color with watercolor art, too. You’ll need to use photo filters to do it, but the result is stunning.

Watercolors make great centerpieces, but they should complement the rest of the room too. It might work well with a vintage theme, but not a strictly monochrome theme. 

Abstract Art

wall murals for salon

Abstract art can be almost hypnotic, which is why it’s a favored wall mural for a treatment room. It gives patients something mesmerizing to focus on.

It’s a common misconception that abstract art makes no sense. Some artists have created portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes that are classified as abstract. However, you can see the imagery. 

There is one aspect that is true though: abstract art is colorful. As with all things, there are exceptions. But for the most part, this art is a collage of color.

This type of art has similarities to both watercolor and street art. In fact, a lot of street art is abstract. 

If you want to use this for your salon walls, keep your target audience in mind. Soothing designs are often best for an older clientele. This group may enjoy something with a softer, warmer feel to it – like a sunset. 

For a younger clientele, geometric designs or harsh splashes of color are a good bet. It’s similar to street art and has a certain energy to it.

Wall Murals for Hair Salons (FAQ)

What’s the Difference Between Wallpaper and Custom Wall Murals?

Traditional wallpaper is made of paper that is sometimes coated with vinyl. It is coated for protection in a humid space (like a hair salon). Installation can be tough and you can only use them indoors.

Custom wall murals are photo-rich images printed on vinyl adhesive. They can be used indoors and outdoors. They’re made of thin, lightweight vinyl and are easy to install. These wall murals for hair salons are easy to clean and can be laminated to extend their lifespan. 

What Is the Lifespan of a Custom Wall Mural?

The environment has a big impact on the lifespan of wall murals for hair salons. Hair salons tend to have fluctuating temperatures and can become humid. This will affect the longevity of the wall mural.

Indoor wall murals usually last about 5 years. But, this might not be the case for wall murals for hair salons. 

Laminating the custom mural will protect it. You should also dust and clean it regularly. When cleaning the mural, only use a soft sponge or damp cloth. Never use harsh chemicals on your custom wall mural as this will degrade it. 

What Are the Sizing Options for Custom Wall Murals?

wall mural for hair salons

Our sizing options are versatile and virtually unlimited. Whether you want to cover an entire wall or a small section, we can help. 

For big walls, we print multiple parts that we then piece together for a seamless image. Or, if you’d like, we can create a three-piece sequence. These have become popular recently, with some people even doing four or five-piece sequences.

The custom murals can also be cut into any shape. If you want specially cut shapes, we’re happy to help.

Can the Mural Be Put on Top of Something Else?

This is not recommended. The adhesive needs a smooth, flat, and non-porous surface to stick to. We recommend drywall, glass, cement, and finished wood. 

Non-flat or textured surfaces won’t work. This means that you can’t place it on brick or paneled wood. If your salon walls have a textured surface, you’ll need to cover them with drywall or cement first. Another point to remember is that you shouldn’t place your mural on wet paint, either.


When choosing wall murals for hair salons, stick with designs that will attract your clientele. Hopefully, we’ve given you some great ideas to spruce up your salon! 

Images of silhouettes and hair tools are the most common hair salon wall murals. But, you don’t have to use generic images. There are tons of designs out there for you to play around with. 

Floral designs, abstract art, and marbled murals are just some options. Street art is diverse, compelling, and appeals to a younger audience. 

In the end, the design you choose depends heavily on your target market. Don’t forget to take your brand into account when choosing your wall mural. You can’t go wrong by staying true to yourself!

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