Wall Murals for Dorms

So you have moved into your new dorm room and you are looking for a wall mural that can brighten up the space a bit.

The good news is that most college dorms allow for temporary wall murals to be installed. The bad news is that you might need your roommate’s permission first.

Luckily, there are many ideas for wall murals that will suit even the most discerning of tastes.

Wall murals for collages are a popular way of adding your own personal flair to an otherwise bland or plain room.

Plus, using wall murals for university can be a fantastic way of transforming your space on a budget. Let’s look at some of the best wall mural ideas for dorm rooms below.

6 Ideas for Wall Murals for College Dorms

wall murals for college dorms

Before you choose the perfect design, it should be noted that a dorm room wall mural will not be a permanent installation.

So you would want to opt for a wall mural that can easily be applied and removed when necessary.

Luckily, you will find the perfect answer in our custom peel and stick wall murals, which give you all the creative freedom without any commitment.

Let’s look at the best design ideas for dorm wall murals below. 

Floral and Green Wall Murals

Let’s face it, upon first walking into a dorm room, you are not necessarily enchanted by the look and feel of the space. This is because these rooms are often uniform in color and design.

But, this blank canvas does allow for some freedom in terms of putting your own footprint on it.

One of the easiest and most versatile ways to bring some color and vibrancy to a dorm room is by installing a floral wallpaper or one that features greenery and plants.

It has been well noted that plants can bring an aura of serenity and calm to a space but it might be difficult to squeeze houseplants into the small confined space of a dorm room.

So, you might opt for the alternative and bring in some greenery through a floral or plant wallpaper.

This will make the space seem airy and lighter, and may calm you down during those times of exam stress. As a bonus, you will have all the benefits of houseplants without having to worry about keeping them alive.

Inspirational Wall Murals

Any college student will need some motivation from time to time and perhaps one of the best ways to do this is by having a gentle reminder on the wall.

Inspirational wallpapers often feature an inspiring quote against a soft and creative backdrop.

If you choose a quote that is close to your heart, it can serve as a reminder and word of encouragement through tough times and even during some of your better days.

College can be challenging, so why not give yourself the best chance at success with some words of encouragement on the wall?

Funky Art Wall Murals

dorm wall murals

If you are looking for something that gives your dorm room some edge, you might need to opt for a wall mural that features some hip artwork.

This can be something like a graffiti wall mural or even an artwork of your own design.

Artwork will allow you to have a beautiful feature wall and provide the opportunity for some color to make its way into your space.

Cityscapes and Architecture Wall Murals

Dorm rooms can feel very cramped and often feature small windows. One way of creating the idea of more space is to include a wall mural that features a cityscape or buildings.

This can create the illusion of having more windows or even a beautiful view over the city, making your dorm room feel like a modern apartment in NYC.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of designs that feature cityscapes or buildings so you are sure to find one that will suit your taste.

Understated Wall Murals

Getting a wall mural can be a commitment, even if it is removable. And if your design is very striking, it might distract you from studying or other duties.

If you are hesitant about being too ”out there”, try to opt for a mural with neutral colors and undertones.

For example, something like a plain colored or soft patterned wall mural will transform your room without being too hard on the eye.

You can even opt for a mural that looks like an actual wall featuring a different design. An example of this is wooden murals, which are a popular way to make stark white walls appear warmer and provide the room with a cozier feel.

College Pride Wall Murals

ideas for wall murals for college dorms

So, you are off to college and you want to become even more entrenched in the college culture and collegial spirit, as is often the case.

What better way to show your pride than by having a college-related wallpaper? In this case, you can opt for a design that features your college’s colors or logo.

Not only will this be a great way to show your school spirit but it is sure to fit seamlessly into the surrounding environment as well.


So, have you found the perfect wall murals for dorms of your college yet? It should be clear that there are many ways to make your dorm room cozier, more modern or just to elevate the space a little more.

The best thing about wall murals is that they provide some creative freedom and flair without breaking the bank. 

Also, if you choose the right type of mural, they are not permanent so you can easily change or remove it when necessary. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something to make a statement or want to opt for something more understated, there is a wall mural design that is sure to suit your taste and your dorm room perfectly.

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