Wall Murals for Classrooms

A classroom is a place to nurture growth and curiosity in students – a room in which children are inspired to learn.  Murals break up the monotony of large wall spaces, and custom-printed wall murals can provide multiple benefits in a classroom environment.

Well-designed and colorful imagery can convey messages that connect staff and students and help students feel that they are part of a caring diverse, and inclusive school community. 

Custom picture wall murals in a classroom can reinforce school values while acting as helpful learning aids. Critical aspects of subjects that form part of the curriculum become memorable when students see them every day. 

Wall murals for daycare centers have been popular for decades, but murals are appropriate for kids of any age. Here are some great ideas to give you some inspiration. 

9+ Ideas for Classroom Wall Murals 

Elementary School 

The elementary school years are when children learn essential social and emotional skills. They also learn the fundamentals of school subjects like reading, writing, and math. 


classroom wall murals

A wall of bright letters can motivate kids to learn the alphabet for reading in the early grades. Each letter is associated with a fun animal or insect. Letters and numbers can work well for preschool walls too.

Fabulous Fantasy

Storytelling and fantasy are ways to invoke creative ideas in kids. Fantasy themes also make excellent wall murals for nurseries.

Use theme murals that depict stories in class readers. Pirates ships and buried treasure or time machines and trips to outer space. There is no shortage of ideas in this category. 

Animal World 

Using murals of animals is an excellent way to teach kids about animals around the world. Think African Safari with lions, zebras, and giraffes? The neck of the giraffe can double up as a birthday calendar with each child’s birthday on one of the spots. 

Under The Sea 


murals for classroom walls

If you are looking for a calming theme for a class of boisterous youngsters, an under-the-sea theme’s cool blues and greens could be ideal. There are many creatures under the sea to learn about. There’s a sea creature covering every letter of the alphabet, so learning ABCs can be included here. 

This theme would also make a lovely wall mural for a children’s hospital.

Middle School 

This is when children should develop good study habits and embrace learning. It is also a time when bullying tends to peak. Kids are more self-aware and are trying to figure out where they fit in. 

Children Like Me

Murals that include children of all ethnicities and appearances will inspire acceptance and unity. Murals can consist of different kids participating in the activity. “Be the nice kid” captions can be included in murals that encourage positive behavior. For example, “be the kid who can get along” or “be generous.” Themes of inclusivity are excellent for Sunday school wall murals too.

Change Your Mindset

A mural depicting the growth mindset philosophy can be very constructive in a classroom environment. A growth mindset is one that believes that skills and talents can be developed with perseverance and practice. A fixed mindset believes that skills and talent are unchangeable. 

Wall murals can depict two sides of a brain. The one side is dull grey and contains phrases associated with a fixed mindset for example,” it’s easier to give up, I’m not smart, it’s fine the way it is.” The growth mindset side depicts a brain full of color and positive phrases like “I want to learn new things, my mistakes help me learn, let me try to figure it out.” 

educational wall murals for schools

Climate Change

Get the message across that we need to value our planet. A wall mural depicting the causes of global warming, like landfills, deforestation, and air pollution, promotes awareness and conversation around what actions we can each take to make a difference. Environmental awareness is an excellent theme for wall murals for every school.

High School

High School is the phase when youngsters start to look toward their future. They need to be inspired and motivated to persevere with their studies and embrace good core values. 

Inspiring Leaders

A mural depicting inspiring leaders, traditional heroes, and modern-day innovators can be hugely aspirational for young adults. Include images of scientists, successful entrepreneurs, and achievers. Add motivational quotes for impact. 

Graffiti Core Values 

Featuring core values in places that can be a constant reminder is always a good idea, but you want them to make an impact. A colorful graffiti wall could be an excellent way to grab attention. 

Ideas For Specific Subjects 

Some classrooms are used for a specific subject, especially in high school. Subject-specific wall murals are an excellent way to liven up the space and keep students motivated. 

Math:  create a mural of times tables, equations, and geometry interspersed with mathematical instruments like triangles and compasses. 

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Science, a large format print of the periodic table, is sure to grab attention. Plus, it will help your students memorize the elements. 

History There are endless possibilities for history class murals. Featuring a timeline showing important historical events can be colorful and exciting. 

Geography, A custom wall mural of a world map can be made to fit an entire wall. It’s an easy way for geography students to grasp different countries and where they are. If world maps do not inspire you, there should be loads of breathtaking scenery from around the globe that you can use. 

Computing: bring your tech space alive with HTML code, circuit boards, and symbols. If code is not your thing, perhaps images of computer screens with attractive screen savers will work to liven up your classroom.  


Bright and eye-catching classroom decor does not have to be confined to kindergarten wall murals.

Classroom wall murals are an excellent way to bring any classroom to life while instilling good values and enhancing learning at the same time. 

There is an endless variety of styles and ideas that you can use, and at Coastline Creative, we can customize design, color, and size to your needs. 

Contact us today to see how we can accommodate your idea for your classroom mural.

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