Wall Murals For Business

Utilizing business and commercial spaces is a great way for companies to make an impression. It can be tricky to get a leg up on your competitors, though, and giving your office or commercial space a makeover can be daunting. 

Wall murals for business are a modern, easy, and cost-effective solution to your problem. They are easy to put up, and take down, and can be customized to suit any commercial space or workplace. To help you transform your business from drab to fab, our Coastal Creative experts have listed their top ideas for business and commercial wall murals. 

What This Article Covers:

Ideas For Business Wall Murals

Sleek And Stylish

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Every business is unique and has its own idea of what a workplace should be. So it stands to reason that everyone will have a different idea about wall murals for businesses. For example, walking into a Google office will look entirely different from walking into a lawyer’s office. And for a good reason. 

Simple linework with a splash of color, or using a colored wall mural as a feature wall are both great design ideas that can bring your office to life without too much distraction in your workspace. A stylish wall mural with a simple, two-toned color design can help to give your workplace a facelift without having to compromise on your overall professionalism. 

Sleek wall murals can also be as simple as a uniform-colored wall that accents your office space. These murals work well for law firms, psychologists’ offices, and any other business that needs to maintain a professional look.

This design idea also works great for home office wall murals, as they can help to keep your space looking fresh and stylish without being too busy. 

Bold And Modern

With the popularity of more casual, relaxed working environments, you may want to use a workplace office wall mural to bring an element of playfulness, imagination, and inspiration into the space. 

While bold color and graphic designs aren’t for everyone, they have the ability to lighten the mood and ensure that your employees are happy and productive. After all, nobody wants to look at the same four grey walls every day. 

For an easy modern look, you can use geometric or abstract designs. Alternatively, you can brighten up spaces like the break or conference room with a creative office wall mural that incorporates different aspects of your company. 

Bold, modern wall murals work well for creative professions, such as design firms, art galleries, and entertainment-based companies. They also give your business an opportunity to stir creativity, inspiration, and imagination among your staff. 

Match Your Brand

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When it comes to commercial wall murals, you should always try to stay true to your brand. For example, a wall mural for a doctor’s or a dental office should be something calming and serene to keep patients happy. Instead, these commercial properties should cater to what your business represents. 

This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on your space. An interior design office can use custom wall murals to showcase its creativity and design capabilities, while an antique store may want a more demure, classic wall mural to enhance the overall look of the business. 

Display Your Business Name

When it comes to custom wall murals, the world is your oyster. This is particularly helpful for marketing your business. You can print your company’s logo, business slogan, or mantra onto your wall mural for constant advertising. 

Of course, this idea is best for a statement wall in your business, or even on an external wall. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your customer or client with a barrage of advertising. But, using your space to advertise can encourage patrons to use your service or buy your product. 

Why Use A Wall Mural For Your Business?

Business wall murals do more than just transform your space. Instead of just improving your company’s aesthetics, you can use murals for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, murals leave a lasting impression. This can help to set your business apart from everyone else and will bring customers and clients coming back. Using a mural in a reception area or lobby can help to create a visual representation of your company. By creating a good visual impression, your client’s overall impression of your business will improve, as well. 

Secondly, wall murals are fantastic for marketing. As we mentioned above, murals are great for use in commercial spaces. They can help to market your business through advertising a product or service, or by providing information to your clients. For example, restaurants can use a custom wall mural to showcase their menu and other offerings. 

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Wall murals also have the ability to boost employee morale within an office. By designing a mural with your company logo or slogan, your employees will develop a stronger unconscious bond with your company. 

Similarly, you can use a wall mural that resembles a collage to improve creativity and inspiration. For example, having a collage of words like “connect” and “inspire” in your conference room can help to keep employees motivated.


Whether you’re using a sleek, modern mural to foster an air of professionalism or stirring up inspiration with a bold, geometric design, wall murals for business can help to set the tone of your office space. Not only do wall murals make your business look incredible, but they can be used as a way to overhaul your employees’ working environment. 

At Coastal Creative, we’re serious about interior decor. With tons of experience, our professional team is happy to help you transform your business or commercial space into a sleek and stylish workplace. Your mural is sure to help you create a lasting impression and get your employees and clients inspired.

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