Wall Murals for a Children’s Church

Sunday school should be an exciting and colorful environment where kids feel eager to participate. Wall murals for a children’s church can brighten the space and are also the perfect medium for telling a story and reinforcing Christian principles. 

Facilitating a Sunday school is about teaching children the bible message. Like classroom wall murals, using graphics can be a captivating way to convey good values to kids of all ages. 

Every church is unique in how they like to deliver God’s word. It is not necessary to stick strictly with biblical characters. You can also demonstrate lessons with custom printed wall murals of everyday scenes that children are familiar to children. 

This article discusses some inspiring ideas that you can use for murals in your children’s church. 

Wall Murals for Children’s Church

Come, Little Children

A beautiful theme for a large wall is Jesus’ love of children. Throughout the bible, there are references to Jesus’ love for children. Not least of all, in the book of Matthew where Jesus tells His disciples, “Let the little children come to me.”

church sunday school wall murals

A mural depicting Jesus blessing children communicates that children are of great value. In this mural, you can use images of children of all colors, shapes, and sizes and those with special needs. Diversity in the image will encourage inclusion. A wall mural like this that embraces diversity is also a good idea for wall murals for kindergartens.

Christian History 

Adam and Eve

The story of Christianity begins with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. But it’s not just a story of Adam and Eve. It’s about the beginning of the world and all the beautiful things God made. A mural of Adam and Eve can incorporate the sun, moon, and sky. 

The Garden of Eden is full of majestic trees with fruit and birds and is a perfect wall mural for a Christian daycare too. At the same time, the ground is covered in lush grass and flowers and every kind of animal. A Garden of Eden theme, full of interesting critters is great.

The Ten Commandments 

Moses on Mt Sinai in conversation with God and holding the tablets of the ten commandments can make a significant and powerful image. You can incorporate decals with the written ten commandments in this mural.


The birth of Christ is, of course, a crucial aspect of Christianity; however, it is often a scene saved for Christmas celebrations. If you want to keep a mural of the Jesus birth to use at Christmas time, wall mural decals that can be removed easily and reused later may be a solution for you.  

Moses Parts the Red Sea

sunday school wall murals

A mural of Moses parting the red sea is ideal for a passageway or corridor. You can place an imposing figure of Moses on the wall at the end of the passage. The walls on each side of the aisle hold murals of waves full of sea creatures. Each time the child walks through the corridor, they are reminded of how God parted the seas to let Moses lead his people to safety.  


Noah’s Ark is one of the best-known and much-loved stories of the old testament. There is a lesson behind every story. A mural of animals of every kind walking up to board a massive arc is not an image a child quickly forgets. Noah’s Ark is also a popular choice for a Biblical baby nursery wall mural. The animal theme is not gender-specific so ideal for those who do not want to know the gender of their baby. 

Heroes of Faith 

David and Goliath 

Many kids are exposed to bullies these days. The story of a small young David overcoming a threatening giant can be beneficial to building a conversation around the topic of bullying or being intimidated. 

Daniel in the Lions Den 

While there is no shortage of bible stories to fill your Sunday school walls, some impact you more than others. A man surrounded by lions who have no interest in eating him is sure to be an impressive reminder to have faith in God. 


The Miracle of the Loaves and Fish

The loaves and fish story teach the importance of sharing, making it a perfect mural for a Sunday school. When kids look at a mural of a large crowd of people fed from two fish and five loaves, it’s a reminder to share what you have, and God will provide for you. 

Jesus Walks on Water 

One of the most widely told bible stories is that of Jesus walking on water on a stormy Sea of Galilee. It is another example of faith in God at the crux of Christianity. Peter walking toward Jesus on the water portrays a strong message, even without the narrative. 

wall murals for childrens church

Present Day Murals 

We mentioned above that it is unnecessary to stick with biblical characters for a children’s church wall murals. Use present-day scenarios that are familiar to the children. In any scenario build conversation around “what would Jesus do?”

To encourage diversity and inclusion, use a large mural of a children’s park full of kids playing together. Depict children of different colors, sizes, and needs. Murals can create discussions about sharing, caring for nature, and being kind, even to people we do not know. Similar themes make excellent elementary school wall murals for initiating conversation on diversity and inclusion 


There is no shortage of ideas for wall murals for children’s churches. Plus, If you use durable vinyl wall murals from Coastal Creative, you can change your theme when you want to. 

Our high-quality murals can be removed without damaging the wall beneath them. Because they are durable, you can reinstall them in another area. 

If you would like to use murals in your children’s church, contact us to chat with our friendly and professional team to find out how we can best meet your needs.

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