Wall Mural for Retirement Home

If you are looking for a way to liven up your retirement home and make it fun for your residents, then you are in the right place.

Here at Coastal Creative, we can assist you in transforming any space by creating an outstanding wall mural for the retirement home. We also offer installation services, which will come in handy when you need to tend to the residents in the retirement home. 

The design you desire is in your control because we can create a custom mural for you, or you can upload a design you have in mind. The right mural can add light to the residents’ and the staff’s day. But where do you start?

In this article, we have 15 superb ideas for you to choose from below that could help a resident feel more at home. We also have a few amazing tips to keep in mind when you create a mural. You just need to keep reading.

What This Article Covers:

15 Ideas for Wall Murals for a Retirement Home

ideas for wall murals for a retirement home

Cafe-Themed Mural 

A cafe-themed mural is a fun feature in a retirement home dining hall. The character it would add is delightful and sweet.

As it is a retirement home, you could design an old-fashioned cafe mural. This means you should stick to vintage themes. One example would be to print vintage chairs and crockery on your mural.

Another addition to an old-fashioned cafe mural could also be big, traditional windows. Try using cafe-style scenery such as vibrant blue skies and birds on the windows to truly set the scene. 

Vintage colors such as browns, creams, and dark shades of red or green would be best for an old-fashioned cafe mural. 

Disco-Themed Mural 

A disco-themed mural is one way to bring life into a retirement home. 

In the 1970s, disco was the epitome of nightlife and provided excitement to everyone around the world. The interesting and bold outfits of that time can be an inspiration for your desired mural.

You can dedicate the disco mural to the iconic artists of that time, such as ABBA and the Bee Gees. Our custom photo wall murals will do the trick in capturing these icons in their element. 

You can also dedicate the mural to the well-known instruments used in the disco era or the famous disco ball. 

Colors that would go great for this mural would be dark blues and silver to show how disco-influenced nightlife in the 1970s.

You can use pinks and yellows to show the dimensions of the disco ball if that is the mural you desire.

The disco-themed mural should be placed in an area where it indicates that lively activities are taking place. It would be a perfect gym wall mural, or entertainment center mural. 

Floral Mural

Floral murals are beautiful anywhere, and they can remind anyone of the sweeter things in life.

Floral murals can take on many different designs, and we can put your vision into a breathtaking design. 

Singular flowers for a mural are great for bold flowers, such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, and roses. For floral murals dedicated to many different species of flowers, you should choose flowers that complement each other in color tones.  

ideas for wall murals for retirement home

You can choose to go as realistic as possible or go with an abstract design.

Realistic designs are fantastic conversation starters. Residents, visitors, and staff alike can admire the mural as if it was a Van Gogh painting. 

Simple and abstract designs are lovely in retirement home settings because they are not distracting. 

In most cases, soft colors will be best as it renders serenity, which is ideal for retirement homes. Soft colors generally fall in line with how soft and caring the elderly can be.  

Golden Oldies Mural 

A mural dedicated to an era of the retiree’s early memories is undoubtedly the best type of mural to have in a retirement home.

A golden oldies mural can range from anything related to pop culture from the 1950s to the 1980s.

You can use popular song lyrics to inspire your mural, as well as the popular artists themselves. There are many to choose from.

Queen, The Beatles, and Simon and Garfunkel are just a few of the spectacular artists of that time. 

Use their influence and iconic moments to inspire the retirees in the home. You might find that it does wonders to their mood. 

Colors you could use in your color palette should include gold. It is the main color that should be featured in your mural.

The other colors should be inspired by the design you want, whether they are based on one artist or dedicated to all the artists in this era.

If you choose to go with a golden oldies mural, we promise to make it iconic as the era was. 

Honorary Mural

An honorary mural can be used to honor anyone in the retirement home. Whether it be an important resident or staff member. 

You can also expand this wall with honored figures from outside the home, such as family members or famous persons.

You can create this honorary mural using a painted or vinyl image. You can also use name plaques to form a mural to honor the distinguished persons.

Combining both these features could create a better mural. You could have an image for the mural and cover it with the names of the honored persons. 

An honorary mural would be a wonderful addition to a retirement home. Residents have contributed many years of their life to society and the staff is there to help the residents. 

You should also keep in mind that an honorary mural is not exclusive to distinguished who have passed. It can include anyone who has made a significant impact on the retirement home.

Interactive Mural 

An interactive mural is a remarkable mural idea, especially for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in the home.

Interactive murals can take on many different forms. Examples of popular interactive murals are umbrellas in the rain for someone to stand under or wings for them to stand in between. 

These make for funny pictures, and it starts a conversation. 

You can also have a black mural and leave paint for the residents to paint themselves. 

retirement home wall murals

Art has been proven as an effective therapy for dementia residents. It stimulates their mind and body, and it can trigger memories. It also provides an amusing activity for everyone in the retirement home to participate in. 

The elderly should be granted every opportunity to express themselves in their space. It will make it feel more like home if they can look at a wall and think that they have participated in painting it.

Dementia patients in the home can also benefit because they are given the opportunity to express themselves. For this reason, it would thrive as a mural for a treatment room. 

Nature Mural

Nature murals depict curiosity, which is something that everyone possesses, even in old age.

They are used frequently as patient room wall murals in hospitals, so we can use them in treatment rooms or rooms with dementia patients.

Nature can be shown in many ways. We can use fields of flowers, or natural landmarks. These include waterfalls, mountains, and many more.

Animals could be another feature in the nature mural. It may be best to use real imagery because it is more mature than abstract or character imagery. 

Nature murals in retirement homes can be quite impactful. If an elderly person cannot spend their day outside, they can at least enjoy the scenery from the inside.

Religion Dedication Mural

A religion dedication mural would be a good idea to dedicate a space for those residents and staff who would like to honor their religion in the home.

You could have multiple murals dedicated to the religions of all the residents in the home. This will ensure that all residents feel recognized in their retirement community. 

You could have special verses on the mural, as well as religious symbols. You could also use the various religious figures or famous paintings on the mural to enhance the aspects of the religion dedication mural. 

Combining the religions into one mural is also another idea you could consider. It will encourage acceptance and community in the home. 

Religion is a safe space for many people, especially the elderly. This is why a mural dedicated to it could promote how safe the retirement home is.

Landmark Mural

ideas for wall mural for retirement home

Landmark murals are appropriate for any space, and there are so many that you can choose from.

They could transform a space in the retirement home. It could also help residents and staff view the retirement home in a different light.

Landmarks from Europe could make the retirement home seem like more of a vacation home. 

The Greek Islands’ scenery is unmatched and could uplift the mood of anyone walking through the retirement home’s halls.

Venice streets have the same effect. It adds a remarkable elegance to the space. 

We can use images of specific landmarks to create this atmosphere for the home. 

If you want to use this theme, consider dedicating the entire space to the cultures of a country. You can use their landmarks as the main feature to elevate the mural.

Landmarks are always beautifully depicted in murals. Who better to appreciate their worth than the residents in the retirement home?

Remembrance Mural 

A remembrance mural is different from an honorary mural. It should be used to remember a figure in the retirement home community who had passed. Residents and staff alike. 

It is always a sad occasion when a member of the retirement home community passes, so this is an exceptional way to remember them.

A remembrance wall can be created in many ways. One way would be printing vinyl images of the passed retirees to create a pictured remembrance wall.

We could also print their names under the pictures, or just have a mural of their names. 

It is best to have a solid background color to draw in the features of the wall. They must stand out to be as impactful as it is intended to be.

Remembrance murals are important in any community. It keeps the memory of the passed person alive. Residents and staff in the home will never forget their friends or colleagues with a remembrance mural. 

Renaissance Mural 

A renaissance mural is a classic mural for any space. 

It uses paintings from the renaissance period to enhance your space into something more supreme.

Most people have a great appreciation for this era, and it would be a striking feature in any retirement home. 

It also provides a dignified atmosphere, and who is more dignified than the elderly? 

While these pieces might be complicated to paint, they’re perfect as a printed vinyl wall mural. 

The renaissance period has many paintings for you to choose from. You can opt for the most popular being The Last Supper or The Birth Of Venus, amongst many others.

The Last Supper would be a quaint feature in the dining hall. The other paintings could be used in entertainment areas to add lavish flare to the room.  

Sky-Themed Mural

ideas for wall murals for retirement homes

A sky-themed mural is a serene mural ideal for small spaces or ceilings. It brings calmness to the room and it makes the space appear bigger.

You can opt for the traditional sky-themed mural, which is the baby blue skies and white clouds. These are commonly used in bathrooms and other small spaces.

You can also opt for a sunrise or sunset theme for a sky-themed mural. This will also reflect new beginnings in the retirement home community because the sun is a symbol of new beginnings.

Sky-themed murals can have many other additions included such as birds to symbolize freedom or distant valleys or houses.

Tree Mural

Trees are a well-known symbol of life.

It is a great stand-alone mural and it does not need any additions because the message of life is very profound.

One example of a tree mural you could include is the tree-of-life. It is a beautiful image to include as a retirement home mural. 

It symbolizes individuality, which tells residents that they are still their own person. Whether they are sick or not in their old age, they still add value to the community. 

You could opt for a detailed image of the tree of life or an abstract one. 

Tree murals are very common and there are many trees you could choose from for a mural. 

Apple trees are simple and a common choice. A forest of trees is another great option because of how captivating it looks as a mural.

You could also use images of cherry blossoms or palm trees to magnify the space you are using for the mural.

Underwater-Themed Mural  

Underwater themes are terrific for wall murals for swimming pool exterior walls

Believe it or not, retirees love swimming, and it has a lot of health benefits. It is gentle on their joints and increases their flexibility, amongst many more. 

An underwater-themed mural could aid in motivating them and it could make the bland swimming pool area more appealing.

You want to use sea-like colors in the mural, such as blues and greens. Reds and oranges could also be used as pops of color. We can also incorporate sea life if you desire that.

If you do not wish for a sea-like themed mural, we could make the underwater mural theme more subtle.

We could incorporate murals of the beach, with sand and lifeguard stands. We could also print an image of a beach for the mural.

Sunsets at the beach are quite popular and they may be more desirable for the elderly. Who would not enjoy the sight of a sunset as they swim?

Word Art Mural 

retirement home wall mural

Word art murals are very versatile. You can use them in retirement homes, as a street-art mural, or as a wall mural in a salon

You can tailor the design to anything you want to be displayed on your walls. You can use simple word art or graffiti to add more character to your space. 

For retirement homes, you can have inspirational quotes, song lyrics, or religious scriptures as the feature. You could also print all the names of the residents for the space to be more personal to them. 

This mural will also be another great form of interactive therapy for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.

Reading and recognizing their names or song lyrics could mean wonders to their treatment.   

A word-art mural can be its own feature, or you can use it to complement the other ideas we have highlighted for you. 

Word art can be paired with bright or bold colors depending on the statement.

Tips for Creating a Wall Mural for a Retirement Home

Ensure Minimal Disruptions and Scheduling Conflicts

When setting up wall murals, you must keep the daily routine of the residents and staff in mind. 

Try to be very flexible with your scheduling to ensure minimal disruptions.

You also need to ensure minimal disruptions because the retirement home is home to all the residents. This means that you should not block off main areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens for lengthy periods.

Ensure That the Resolution of Images for Vinyl Murals Is of High Quality

wall murals for retirement home

For vinyl-printed murals, you must use high-resolution images so that the printed image on the mural is as accurate as possible. 

You will achieve this by using a professional camera and photographer if you need one. 

High-resolution images also aid in making designs realistic. It will leave the viewers of the mural in awe. They will swear that the mural was painted and not printed. 

Have an Appropriate Color Scheme

If someone is in the same space for the rest of their life, that space should feel calm and happy.

You can achieve these emotions by using appropriate color palettes because of the effect colors have on people’s emotions. 

As we have mentioned before, the elderly are generally soft people. This means soft colors might be the way to go. 

Soft colors also create an atmosphere of peace, which is what you would like to feel in a retirement home. 

Warm colors are another great option, as it creates a healing and comforting atmosphere.

Loud colors and creations might create an opposite effect, and the elderly may feel on edge in their space. It may also disrupt the daily flow of operations, as well as the staff’s emotions. 

Know How the Size of Your Vinyl Images Affects the Final Product 

When you use printed images to create a mural, you must consider how the size of the image affects the space it is being set up in.

Oversized images make spaces appear bigger, so this may be a good option when creating murals for small rooms. 

Oversized images for murals work best for statement pieces, and it gives the room more character. 

Know the Interests of the Retirees 

Retirees will be looking at the four walls of the retirement home for the rest of their life, so you must know what they like to ensure that it is pleasant when they walk through the halls.

You can acquire this knowledge by speaking to nurses and retirees themselves. Ask them what they want to see on the walls of their home, or what would bring more life to the area. 

You want to give them something relatable and, in some cases, nostalgic. You can do this by using images of icons from back in the day or popular color schemes of specific periods.

Customizing your creation to their tastes is the best way to connect with them. 

wall mural ideas for retirement homes

Understand the Lighting in the Room

The lighting in the space you put up your mural has a significant impact on the final product. 

You need to consider the angle of your painting and the light source available in that space. Whether it is natural light or artificial light, it will have a significant impact on the final product. 

Natural light will enhance the colors in your mural, it does not alter them. Artificial light has the opposite effect – it does alter the colors you use. 

Artificial light produces yellow and white light, which could result in the colors appearing dull. 

You also want to be aware of furniture or anything else that could disrupt the available light source.  

Disrupting the light source could impact the final product by creating unwanted shadows or washing out the colors. 

Remember to Work with What You Have 

You may have limited space to work with or asymmetrical walls to paint on, which could affect the vision you already had.

It is essential that you do not become discouraged by these factors. You should find a way to work with what you have available.

Evaluate the space you have for the mural. This includes the wall dimensions and the current color of the wall.

Horizontal or vertical wall dimensions will affect how you structure the desired image for your mural. You will need to determine how to detail the image, and how you will print or paint it on the mural.

The current color of the wall you will paint your mural is another factor you will have to consider. If you do not want to repaint the wall, you must use complementary colors in your mural. 


As you can see, there are many ideas you can choose to create the desired mural for the retirement home. 

There is also a lot of variety in these ideas as they bounce from classical inspiration to discos and cafes. 

There is something on our list for you, and we can make it happen with a simple call.

Our tips for creating one are also something you should keep in mind. You need to consider many important factors, such as ventilation, color, and interests.

These factors are important because they consider scheduling and lighting, and it protects the space of the residents’ home as well.

You must ensure that the design you choose is appropriate for the space and that the residents approve of it. 

wall mural ideas for retirement home

Retirement Home Wall Mural FAQs

Are vinyl murals challenging to set up and remove?

No, they are not! They are extremely easy to set up, and it only takes a few hours to do. 

The adhesive backing is the reason for the quick installation. All you need to do is remove the backing and then firmly press the vinyl onto the wall.

It is also quite simple to remove because you just need to peel it off. Our vinyl murals also ensure that it does not peel any of the paint on the wall itself. 

How long do vinyl wall murals last?

The longevity of our vinyl murals depends on where they are displayed and the weather conditions in that area. 

With these factors in mind, our outdoor vinyl murals last up to two years, and our indoor vinyl murals last up to five years. 

What are the benefits of vinyl murals?

Vinyl murals require less labor to set up, which is an incredible bonus. Setting one up does not disrupt the daily flow of the residents’ activities. 

They’re also easily removable, so if you ever feel the need to change your mural, you can do so without too much trouble. This means that you can keep the minds of your residents active with a new mural every five years or so.

If done right, murals will also boost the mood of your residents.    

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