Wall Mural for Retail Store

Are you in the market for a new wall mural for your retail store? Tired of empty space or a bland shopping experience? Then now is the time to distinguish your retail store from others with a wall mural. 

With custom-made wall murals, you have infinite choices when it comes to decorating your retail store. Wall murals enhance customers’ shopping by creating a memorable experience they are bound to return to. 

Let’s get you started on your retail renovation journey with 6 ideas for retail store murals. With this guide, you’ll be able to add character to your store, increase social media interactions, and create a brand that is instantly recognizable with custom wall murals. 

6 Ideas for Retail Store Murals

retail store wall mural

A Social Media Photo Opportunity  

We live in the age of social media and instead of fighting the change in times, leverage this by creating a wall mural that draws attention. A wall mural that stands out and advertises your store on online platforms. 

A great example of murals trending is street art. While not a printed mural, street art has garnered a big online following with people actively hunting for the next best place to take a photo. 

And if you think putting one inside your store is strange, don’t. Many wall murals that make their rounds on social media can be found in strange locations from big industrial buildings to the back wall of a small, hole-in-the-wall coffee shop. 

Your business can do something similar by creating a standout wall mural that social media users would want to add to their feeds.  This will draw in foot traffic as social media users flock to get their pictures taken with the image. 

Add a promotional offer to sweeten the deal. Let users tag your store and post about their experience for a small discount. And if the art you chose isn’t doing the trick or customers aren’t as excited about it anymore, you can always swap it out for a different wall mural with Coastal Creative. 

Beautiful Product Displays

Your retail wall space is the perfect place to display your products with custom photo wall murals. You can make your product displays as creative as you want and align them with your brand. Create collages of your best merchandise or dedicate whole walls to one product. 

The best part of product displays is that they don’t only have to be indoor murals. You can add these wall murals to the exterior of your store or stand out with a display trade show mural the crowd will gravitate towards. 

Checkout Instructions & Maps

It might seem silly but if your retail store has self-checkout, online purchasing with in-store pickups, or occupies more than one room, creating a wall mural dedicated to showing customers how to get around or find what they need is a great idea. 

It also doesn’t need to be boring. With the right designer, you will be able to craft a wall mural that is pretty to look at, reinforced your branding, and is informative. 

Add Art to a Dull Display

retail store wall mural

If you don’t have a solid brand identity, don’t own a big store, or want a smaller option, you can always just opt for a little bit of color. 

Retail stores with empty walls can feel a little stark and bland but some art will spruce up the whole place. If you sell children’s clothing, add some bright kids’ art to the walls. If you sell merchandise to skaters or teens, add a wall mural with your store name ‘graffitied’ to the wall. 

You can get as creative as you want. Add a personal creative touch to an otherwise bland wall in your retail store.  

Create an Immersive Experience

A wall mural doesn’t strictly have to be on only one wall in your retail store. Instead, you can get creative and create a theme for your store that is showcased on all your walls, your ceiling, and even your bathrooms. 

These themes can be anything from an ethereal fairy theme to showcase softer clothing to a dark, grunge look to better display grungy merchandise. Create an immersive shopping experience with themed wall murals that span your entire store. 

Tell Your Brand Story 

Most shoppers prefer supporting businesses they have a personal stake. With a wall mural, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand and tell your story – what inspired your business there and how it reached the point it is now. 

A branding wall mural is also a great way to show customers how your business works at being sustainable. 

An increasing number of shoppers are moving toward sustainability. They want to know how your business handles its carbon footprint, how it cares for its employees, and how it gives back to the community. 

Use this type of wall mural to show customers why supporting your business is a good choice for them, the community, and the environment. 

wall murals for retail store


Custom wall murals offer retail store owners the creative control to create an immersive, themed, and brandable shopping experience. 

It’s a technique utilized by many more prominent retailers to distinguish themselves from competitors. and with Coastal Creative as your partner, so can you. With these ideas for wall murals for retail stores, you can get started on your journey to providing clients with a better shopping experience.

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