Wall Mural for Pediatric Dental Office

A wall mural for a pediatric dental office may be just what you need to put your young patients at ease. 

Imagine if a trip to your dentist meant a fascinating outing to a treasure island or a jungle full of wild animals? Many children feel intimidated and fearful when visiting the dentist, but an inviting atmosphere can reduce their anxiety. 

Wall murals are an excellent way to keep young patients distracted and relaxed and help turn their visit to the dentist into a positive experience. 

A themed pediatric dental office creates a welcoming environment for kids and makes visits to the dentist fun. 

At Coastal Creative, we know that you want your pediatric dental office to be a relaxing and stress-free place for youngsters to visit. Our custom vinyl wall murals are the perfect way to transform your office into a child-friendly space.

With that in mind, here we share eight fun and creative wall mural ideas to incorporate into your pediatric dental practice. 

8 Ideas for Kids’ Dental Office Wall Murals

pediatric dental office wall murals


Using kid-friendly graphics to help children understand dental treatments can make them feel less anxious. 

Adding a colorful mural full of infographics makes excellent educational wall murals for classrooms as well as for pediatric dental offices. It’s a great way to teach youngsters how to take care of their teeth and promote oral hygiene.

For example, you can Include characters that demonstrate how to brush and floss those gnashers and add fun facts about teeth.

Bayou Theme 

A swampy wetland can be as serene or as busy as you want it. Tranquil bayou scenes in muted colors make popular murals for nursery walls. But for a dental clinic, you might want to add enough detail to keep young eyes and minds busy. 

There are loads of critters and creatures that you can add to a wetland scene. For a lot of diversity, use a split-level image underwater and on land. A bayou theme works well right from the reception area and up passageways. Make-believe, you hop on a riverboat to be taken to a secret hideout in the trees. 

Unforgettable Underwater

An underwater theme makes an excellent wall mural for dental offices and murals in children’s hospitals

Cool green and blues have a calming effect. Undersea themes that include coral reefs and submarines or mermaids and undersea castles are sure to keep any young mind occupied.

There is no shortage of possibilities for underwater themes and the larger your walls the more elaborate the theme can be.

You can create restful environments full of lazy whales and bubbles or brightly colored sea beds loaded with sea creatures and half-buried treasure. Imagine if sitting in the dentist’s chair meant going on an undersea adventure. 

kids dental office wall murals

Treasure Island

Follow the map to find the treasure. Make your patient eager to get into the dentist’s chair by displaying a map of the hidden gem in the waiting room. A mural of a tropical island full of palm trees, parrots, and pirates keeps youngsters’ minds busy while they try to spot the hidden treasure. 

Outer Space Exploration

Take a trip through the galaxy while you get your teeth checked. Constellations, colorful planets, astronauts, and aliens can add endless interest to your dental clinic. Explore the craters on the moon or meet the Martians on Mars. Galaxy themes comprising images of planets orbiting the edge of the brightly colored Milky Way make eye-catching scenes for large wall areas. 

Fairy Forest 

Whether it’s a wall mural for a kindergarten or for a pediatric dental office, there’s nothing quite like a fairy forest to transport your mind to a happy place. Paths through the woods lined with toadstools and fairies. Knights and dragons surround castles in the background. If you have a wall to fill, there is no limit to the number of fantastic creatures that can inhabit your mural. 

Seek and Find 

Seek and find themes are loaded with detail to provide positive distraction. There is almost no end to the themes that you can portray. From cities and streets full of cars to jungles with hidden treasure, seek and find themes can keep a child distracted for the length of their dental visit. 

Give the child a challenge to find different objects hidden among the maze of detail. Here are a few ideas for seeking and finding themes

Busy Town Mural: The variety of subject matter that you can add to this theme is astounding. Inhabited apartment blocks, shops, restaurants, food carts, roads, cars, trucks, and hundreds of people. 

Zoo wall mural: Use your whole wall for touring the zoo. From the large lion enclosure to a giant tortoise and exotic pink flamingos. Add balloon sellers and people having picnics for even more detail. 

Noah’s Ark: This is a beautiful theme for Sunday school wall murals. But Imagine how mesmerizing a vast wooden ship full of every kind of animal can be in your dental office. Surrounded by a sky full of birds above and the sea full of sea creatures below, Noah’s ark mural is a brilliant way to keep young kids engaged.

Amusement park: Every kid loves an amusement park. Think swings, rides, and game stalls galore, and hundreds of people engaging in all sorts of activities. An amusement park mural is a perfect place for hidden objects for kids to find. 

pediatric dental office wall mural


Theme wall murals create a fun and inviting space, relieving the anxiety of visiting the dentist. 

A relaxed child leads to relaxed parents, and fun custom wall murals in your practice could be an excellent marketing tool. Word will get out about who had the most fun at the dentist’s and give your patient referrals a remarkable boost. 

Coastal creative custom wall murals offer solutions for any budget, whether you want to refresh the look of your rooms or create a whole new look. Contact our helpful team today to transform your pediatric dental office into space kids are excited to visit.

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