Wall Decals for the Office

Wall decals are a great way to bring life to a room, especially a dull office space. They can be functional, motivating, or simply just make a room look better. Easy to install and remove, they’re great for any office space. 

The best thing about them is that you can get custom decals for business spaces made by a professional wall decal company, and you can tailor them to suit your office’s look and need. 

In this article, we will be discussing wall decals for the office. This includes both commercial offices, as well as home offices. 

We will be giving you wall decal ideas for each one, and will hopefully help you find the best ideas for at-home wall decals and wall decals for commercial use

What This Article Covers:

Large Wall Decals for the Office

wall decals for home office

Motivational Wall Decals

A great idea for wall decals in the office would be motivational quotes. Motivational quotes are great to have in an office because they can provide employees with that little bit of extra inspiration that they feel they’re lacking. 

The best part is that you can make it look like a beautiful piece of art, too. By choosing a decorative type of font, and adding a few simplistic pictures to go with it, you can turn this wall decal into an artwork in itself.

Wall Decals to Add Privacy 

Frosted window and door decals are a great way to add privacy to an office without making it feel cut off completely. But this can work great for glass partitions or walls within an office as well.

Office glass decals are a fantastic way to create privacy in a classy manner that still makes you feel part of the office space. This can be done by designing the decals in geometric shapes and having them printed as frosted vinyl.

These wall decals will serve a functional purpose, but will also look appealing in the process. 

Wall Decals to Show Office Times

Wall decals are a great way to put your office times on the show. By customizing your wall decal, you can choose an interesting font to avoid making it look bland and boring, too. 

Having a decal with your office times stuck on the front window or door will look a lot more professional than what a big poster would. 

Having your office hours visible by the entrance of your office, be it the door or window, will deter people from bothering you out of office hours, or continuously asking what your office hours are. 

Window decals used in storefronts and office fronts will make you look more professional and organized. It will make your office look a bit busier and not so empty or bland, which is better for first appearances.

wall decals for the office 

Use Wall Decals as Artwork

Wall decals don’t always need to serve a functional purpose, they can also just be used to make your office space look beautiful and inviting. 

Having different designs of wall decals on your office walls will make your office look better, and not look as boring as it might with empty walls. 

Wall decals are also a great alternative to paintings and posters. This is because you can design them yourself, and they are cheaper. They also look more professional and can help to really bring a room together. 

Wall Decals for Your Home Office

Use Wall Decals to Add Some Scenery to Your Home Office

Although these are still different from wall murals, you get some fairly large wall decals that can add a bit of nature to your home office. 

For example, you can customize your wall decals to be of trees, mountains, the sea, or any piece of nature that you would like. 

This is great for nature lovers who are stuck in their home office all day. These decals add a sense of peace to your office and can help you to feel more calm and happy in your office. 

Use Wall Decals to Motivate You 

Just as motivational wall decals are great to have in a commercial office setting, they are just as beneficial, if not even more so, to have in a home office. 

When you are working from home in your home office, finding motivation can get even more challenging than what it can in the office. This is because you are completely alone and can’t use your co-workers to motivate you. 

Having wall decals in the form of motivational quotes stuck up pin your home office can help to combat this. 

Ideas of some motivational quotes that you could use include “The best preparation for good work tomorrow, is to do good work today”, or “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you”.

There are so many different motivational quotes out there. Find one that resonates with you and that will push you to work harder. 

large wall decals for office

Use Wall Decals Instead of Picture Frames

Having a whole bunch of picture frames hung in your office can make it look quite cluttered and messy. This is the worst thing for productivity, as it is very difficult to focus when you are working in a messy area. 

So, if you are wanting to make your office look more fun and interesting, why not think about using wall decals instead? 

Wall decals are great because they can be customized, and they can also fill the whole wall without looking overcrowded or untidy. They are a great way to add some extra flair and aesthetics to your home office. 

Chalkboard Wall Decals

Having a chalkboard wall decal is ideal for your home office, and with our custom wall decals, your home office can be turned into an engaging and functional space.

The first reason a chalkboard wall decal is so great is that it will allow you to make to-do lists and keep track of the tasks you need to do, both work-related and around the house. 

It can also be used for brainstorming and jotting down work-related ideas as they pop into your head.

Having a chalkboard wall decal can be beneficial if you have a little one. Children can be difficult to keep entertained sometimes, especially if you have things that you need to do. 

A chalkboard wall decal will keep your little one entertained for hours while you attend to important work that you need to get done. 

wall decals for work office


Wall decals can serve numerous purposes. While they largely tie a room together and make it look more visually appealing, they can also serve very functional purposes too. 

This is why they are great for commercial and home offices. If you use them for their functional purpose, there is the added benefit of them adding a bit of fun and beauty to your office. 

Most people spend a large portion of their life in their offices, so why not use some custom-printed vinyl decals to make it a peaceful and inviting space that is enjoyable to work in.

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