Vinyl College Decals

Don’t settle for empty windows and bland college walls. Instead, get creative and use vinyl college decals to liven things up. 

Vinyl decals can motivate your student body, drum up school spirit, display the desired student conduct, and improve your school’s environment. Make your college a place students enjoy with these 6 vinyl college decal ideas. 

6 Ideas for Vinyl College Decals

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Code of Conduct

College and university students are stuck in a weird space between child and adult. They are still learning how to act and how to be kind and courteous to other students and staff. Unfortunately, nobody has the time to give every student a one-on-one lesson on the code of conduct. 

But with die-cut vinyl, you can create wall decals that display your school’s code of conduct on walls. It can be displayed as text or as pictures and can showcase some basic lessons on manners toward other students, staff, and even themselves. It can also be used to inform them of behavior that is banned in/around the college.  

Your school code of conduct can also be used to decorate classroom walls with decals, as well as dorm walls to remind students what is expected of them when they are in class and outside school. 

With a graphic designer, you will be able to create a beautiful, attention-grabbing code of conduct that gently reminds students about prohibited behavior and how to show kindness to others and themselves. 

Graduating Class

Nothing feels as gratifying as graduating after years of hard work. Honor your graduating classes with a collage decal of all their best moments while at your school. 

This idea can be expanded and used to showcase images of school plays, festivals, and events. Create a collage of all your school’s best moments and showcase it for passing students and guardians to see. 

Art Program 

Art decals don’t have to be limited to nursery wall stickers and decals for daycare windows. If your school has an art program, wall decals are a great way to showcase their talent. If you don’t have an art program, you can still use this decal idea to get your students involved in something creative. 

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Host a competition where students can send in artwork and have it showcased on a massive decal. Choose the art that is the best and most appropriate for your school, and showcase it where it’s clearly visible. 

The great thing about decals is that they work great on interior and exterior walls. You can even choose to show this decal design on an exterior wall, one that is visible from a distance. 

It will be a great way to get prospective students interested in your school and create an environment that feels creative and inspiring. 

School Spirit

School spirit is infectious. While students might not actively be participants in school events or such, there is no doubt that they will subconsciously attach a lot of significance to their school colors and mascot. 

If you have a college or university mascot, don’t hesitate to put them on your walls or school windows. You can even add a massive mascot decal to an exterior wall. Deck the hallways and exterior walls with decals that feature your school colors in a big display of school spirit. 

If you don’t want to have them up year-round, use decals for events that might require some extra school spirit. When the event is near, have decals installed around your school grounds to drum up anticipation. 

School History

Your college or university didn’t appear out of anywhere. Chances are it has an interesting history, especially if it’s been around for a few decades. Maybe even centuries. 

That history is something to be proud of and should be showcased on your walls with decals. You can have it be a basic storyline or even a beautifully designed timeline that fits with your school’s aesthetic. 

Showcase the school’s founders. What were the original aims? If you have a motto, what is the story behind it? Has your school produced any notable figures in history? Who are they and what is their story? 

People love to feel part of something bigger and students are no different. Knowing their school has led people to success can be a big motivator to work hard and add their names to those walls. 

Motivational Quotes

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Motivational quotes are cliche. But most college students have some saved on their phones to help them get to class when they don’t feel like it. 

Create motivational quotes and add them to your college walls and classroom door decals. Make sure they are the first thing students see when entering school grounds and their classroom.  

You can also add these quotes in places students are most likely to need them, like decals for math classroom walls. Make them relevant to the subject the students are studying and factor in some intelligent jokes. 

Just be sure to keep in mind the way the new generation of college students think. They don’t have to be motivational quotes of the super-serious variety. Rather opt for quotes that rely a bit more on humor but still get the message across.  


With vinyl decals and Coastal Creative, you can create a learning environment that students enjoy being in and that encourages student participation

Don’t forget to make every idea your own and get your students involved. Maybe even have your student body vote for the vinyl idea they like most. Motivate their creativity and nurture their growing minds with vinyl decals that suit your college and they get to help choose.

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