Using Media Backdrops to Create Excellent Visual Content

This is an exciting age where anybody with a craft and an internet connection can start an online business. Crafters, bloggers, vloggers, salvagers, and endless other creatives take to the web to market their goods and talents. In this sea of options online, it should surprise no one to hear that the key to standing out is excellent visuals. The subject matter is important, of course, but any brand that is hoping to truly engage viewers and customers needs to see the whole picture. That means paying attention to the backdrop itself.

Compare the following photos of baked goods, one taken with a photo backdrop and another without. With the product front and center, the layouts of the two the photos are more or less the same. And while we will give the benefit of the doubt that both bakers are equally talented and both treats equally tasty, there is no denying that the cupcake looks infinitely more appealing than the pie.


Ugly product photography
Not a good look, even if it is a good pie.


Now that looks yummy!
Now that looks yummy!


Quality backdrops can do a great deal to boost the quality of your visual content as well as your page’s overall experience. A good backdrop helps bring focus to the product and helps achieve optimal lighting. And once you have developed a consistent method of using backdrops in your visuals, they can help to establish an air of professionalism and emphasize your brand’s unique character.

Media backdrops and step and repeat banners are most commonly used at tradeshows and other marketing events, but their ease of use and versatility means they make for excellent backdrops for anyone who sells or publishes online. Portable, easy to setup and breakdown, and able to be printed with most any image, these backdrops can take your online marketplace or portfolio to the next level. Check out these neat ways to use media backdrops and step and repeat banners on Etsy, Ebay, Youtube, and more.


Youtube Video Backdrops

Are you a YouTuber looking to add an air of professionalism to your channel? Step and repeat banners make excellent signature backdrops for you to film in front of. Whether you’re filming a news segment or an original song, a branded background will give your video a sleek look. Plus, should any clips of your video every be shared elsewhere, viewers will always be able to find your original video with the help of your logo in the backdrop. Viewers pay more attention to the content of a video than they do to your channel name, so including your brand within the video itself is important in boosting your name recognition.

Step & Repeat Background for YouTube Videos
Amplify uses a step and repeat banner as the video background for their travelling news room pop-up.


Etsy Product Photos

When selling goods you’ve made by hand, you want your unique character to shine through in your product photos. A simple white backdrop is perfect for minimalist shoots, but perhaps you want your product Etsy photos to show a little more personality. Using a media backdrop or step and repeat banner, custom printed with any image, pattern, or design that you like, your product photos will have a look distinct from any other shop.

Investing in your product photos is perhaps the most important thing you can do to boost your sales. Online shoppers consistently prioritize great product photos over detailed product descriptions and customer reviews when making a purchase. Consumers trust what they see more than what they read, so making sure that you present them with appealing visuals is essential to e-commerce.


Lightweight, portable, and printed with any design you like, a media backdrop can add the perfect amount of character to your product photography.
Lightweight, portable, and printed with any design you like, a media backdrop can add the perfect amount of character to your product photography. (Source)



Ebay Furniture Sales

You may be surprised to learn that a great deal of furniture photography does not take place in a perfectly decorated and lighted apartment. Many large furniture retailers build out a range of sets that can be reused for different pieces. If your home isn’t Pottery Barn catalog-ready, and you don’t have the luxury of building rotating sets, a fabric media backdrop may be the perfect solution to help your pieces get more bids. Printed in a variety of sizes, media backdrops can set the stage for large and small units alike.


This chair looks a lot more regal in front of a backdrop than in the middle of your cluttered living room.
This chair looks a lot more regal in front of a backdrop than in the middle of your cluttered living room.


Blog & Instagram Photography

Your followers love your page because of your unique and consistent voice. Using high quality visuals that match this voice is crucial to keeping your readership coming back for more. Not to mention, great images are the single most important thing you can do to attract new readers. On average, articles with relevant images attract 94% more visitors than articles without them. No matter the subject of your blog or Instagram Feed, the images you use can help you tell your story, and the right backdrop will make a huge difference.


Selfie in front of a step and repeat banner
Believe in your selfie, which looks a lot cuter in front of a step and repeat backdrop.