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University is a space for learning, discovery, and fun for those on campus. While education is the focus, the environment is also important to keep students engaged. Because of this, the right university wall mural is crucial.

The decor of any other space in a university can affect the mood and general experience of a student, and a mural is the perfect way to add a bit of creativity and excitement to an area. 

We look at some of the best ideas for university wall murals, as well as some tips on how to create a wall mural for a university that will be popular with the students. 

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21 Ideas for University Wall Murals

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City Landscape 

A city landscape custom printed wall mural can display any particular city or any type of city landscape. 

You can feature the city in which the university is located, which brings in a sense of identity and pride in its area. This can be done with a completely accurate design of the city skyline, or feature a few familiar and iconic landmarks. 

Alternatively, it could be a general city landscape of no one place in particular, for a modern and cosmopolitan feel. 

A very unique design could incorporate landmarks from multiple capital cities, for example, into one skyline. This would work especially well in a geography department or lecture room. 

Nature Landscape 

Moving away from the modern influence, connecting to nature is a different type of landscape that can also have a positive impact. 

A wall mural with a natural landscape printed can incorporate any elements of the outdoor environment. For example, an ocean, or a jungle.

To make it more personal, you could draw on a significant part of nature in the city or country where the university is located. For example, a lake inspired by Lake Michigan in Chicago, or an ocean in Miami. 

Incorporating nature into decor has a calming effect on those using the room, so it would be well suited as a dorm room wall mural, library, or study room.


Trees are seen as a symbol of strength and growth, so it is a powerful image to use on a mural.

This can be designed as one big tree that sprawls across the wall, or as multiple trees forming a forest landscape. It can be a bright sunny design for a cheery effect or a darker mysterious design for a calming effect. 

For a direct link, this would work well in an environmental or biology department. However, trees are universal and can work just about anywhere. In a library, it can pay a clever homage to the papers that make up a book. 

Motivational Quotes

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While the university experience is enjoyable, it can also be very challenging, especially when it comes to passing exams and modules throughout the year. 

Students need motivation when working hard on an essay, studying for an exam, or pulling an all-nighter. Having motivation quotes around can be just the right pick-me-up for these scenarios. 

You can use general quotes like “Keep it up” or “You can do it”, but often using iconic quotes from famous figures is inspiring and thought-provoking. Try to use people who are relevant to education, or the particular department in which the mural is located. 


A unique and interesting wall mural idea is a map that spans an entire wall. 

You could opt for a map of the city in which the university is situated or a broader map of the country or continent. Alternatively, a global map can also be used. 

For a more personal touch, a map of the university is an option. This is also helpful, especially for new students who need help getting around the campus. Featuring this in a general reception area, or a common student area would work well. 

To make a map a bit more playful, certain landmarks on the map can be illustrated as a ‘popup’ element’. 


Animals are loved by all, and they make for a fun, entertaining addition to any wall mural.

This can be used for aesthetic or entertainment purposes, using images of interesting animals on a mural. Alternatively, it can be educational, especially if used in a relevant department like zoology or veterinary sciences. 

You can have an entire ecosystem as a design, or focus on a few animals or one particular animal. 

Think about what animals can symbolize, and what message you would like students to receive. For example, lions can mean bravery, while elephants symbolize strength. 

Photo Collages

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Using pictures in an overlapping photo collage wall mural is a great, personal touch to any space. 

These can be pictures of the university and its students for a relatable design. A unique compilation would be using images from the university’s archives, for a historical collage. 

For other design options, you can use pictures of big events, significant figures, iconic pictures, and so on. 

You can also do collages with images relevant to a specific department, such as pictures of various plants for botany. 


Mountains are majestic, powerful elements that can make a strong yet scenic statement on a wall mural.

You can incorporate specific famous mountains, like Mount Everest or Mount Kilimanjaro, to signify challenging obstacles that can be overcome. 

Alternatively, you can just use general mountainous scenery that is aesthetically appealing and provides an all-important connection to nature. 

Use bright colors for a vibrant scenic mural, or natural tones for something more subtle. 


Marble is a trendy and classy design that goes well in most spaces, and can fit in well in certain areas of a university. 

Marble is a very subtle design, so it works well in a room or space whether the decor style is intentionally muted and simple. This can be a reception area, a conference space, or a dining area. 

It adds a modern touch to any room. The marble is classically white with black tones or black with white tones, but you can play around with colors for something more unusual. 

Sports Highlightswall murals for universities

In many places, sports form a vital part of the identity of the student body and the university itself.

To amplify the importance of sports in a university, incorporating it onto a wall mural is the way to go. 

This can be done by depicting a particular sport that the university is well known for, or a mix of different sports that are played by the students. 

It is also an opportunity to use actual pictures of students or teams in the university who have made notable achievements in sport, with a collage of games, trophy ceremonies, squad pictures, and so on. 

This can use imagery from over the decades so that it also has a historical aspect to it. 


In education, history plays a crucial part in the content that is taught to students. 

A wall mural can incorporate this concept in several ways. It can be a collage of historical images, a design that depicts a historical event or issue, a person or place of historical significance, and so on. 

This can be used specifically for a history department but works just as well anywhere else. Incorporate the history of the university or the particular subject or area of study in question. 


Pillars are famously a symbol of stability, which is a key component of a successful student. 

They can also often be found in historical, or older, university buildings. If you have a more modern campus, you may want to link to pillars for a connection to tradition. 

You can use animated imagery of pillars, or incorporate actual images of pillars in specific places, or relevant buildings. 

This has the unique effect of connecting the old with the new, especially when using imagery of traditional architecture in a modern space.

Great Minds 

wall mural ideas for university

Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Stephen Hawking are all examples of people who made great strides and discoveries in their fields of expertise. 

Along with them, many other inspirational figures serve as role models to young students. 

Featuring individuals like this on murals is a good way to honor them, and also motivate students. 

To incorporate two elements, you can feature an image of the person along with a famous quote that they have said, or even a short passage explaining what they have done. 

Exotic Architecture

Exotic mosaic tiles or old bricks on a mural is a simple way to transport students to another country, all within the university’s walls. 

Incorporating varying design elements into a mural can create a realistic-looking wall that looks like the architecture found in various places around the world. 

This is not only a good form of escapism, but can also increase appreciation and awareness of different cultures which is an important part of education as a whole, to mold students into global citizens. 


A timeline is a good way to display the linear history of something in particular and makes for a unique wall mural. 

You can show the timeline of the university, zooming in on notable moments during the displayed period with a worded description and accompanying imagery. 

Alternatively, you can incorporate a timeline of something that links to a specific area of study. 

For example, the timeline of human evolution for a science department, or the timeline of the legal system for the law department. 


Stars and galaxies are both beautiful and awe-inspiring. Because of this, they make a great wall mural design.

They can be incorporated as a diagram of the universe or just a general image. This can feature planets and stars, or have a greater focus on the starry constellations alone. 

This works exceptionally well in departments with a focus on astronomy or science, but can also be generally informative in common spaces like the library. 

Iconic Art

Wall mural ideas for universities

Art is a huge source of inspiration for all areas of study, exemplifying the result of hard work and creativity. 

Using iconic artwork from famous artists does not only look good but also serves as motivation for students. The imagery of pieces like the ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘A Starry Night’, or ‘Guernica’ by Picasso are all examples of what can be used. 

You can focus on one particular image, or use various images on one mural. 


Stationery is a classic form of design for wall murals in education institutions, and for good reason, too. 

Incorporating stationery items like pencils, pens, highlighters, and erasers onto a wall mural creates a scholarly look that seamlessly blends in, especially within study rooms or lecture theaters. 

It does well to keep the focus of students on what is most important at university, which is their academic work. 

These can be fashioned in several ways, such as large imagery of one or two items, or a collage-style design of many items. 


If a university has been around for at least a few decades, it is likely that it is home to a few notable alumni members who have gone on to do and achieve great things. 

Compiling a list of these people and then featuring them on a mural is a great way to show and remind students of what they can achieve if they put their minds to it. 

It is also a good way of promoting and honoring the excellency of the university, its support staff, and its lecturers. 

A good way to do this is to feature an image of the person while they were a student at the university, with a small written description of what they have gone on to do after graduating. 


When you think of an item that sums up education, a book is usually one of the first things that come to mind. 

Books are relevant to every area of study and play a big part in a student’s career for research and educational purposes. 

Most universities will have a big library where students can check our books, but the design of lined up books on a shelf can be brought to life in wall murals in other areas. 

You can play around with how the books are displayed on a mural, but the most popular design is multiple books organized on a shelf or surface. 

You can just have various colors and textures for detail, but if you want to engage students, you can even fashion some (or all) of the books featured in real-life publications with the title and author. 

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5 Tips for Creating a Wall Mural for University

Get Student Input

Arguably the most important opinion you can gather about a university wall mural is from the students who will have the most experience with it. 

If you are looking to install a large mural, consider getting students’ feedback for ideas. 

You can set up a box for them to submit their thoughts and ideas, or send out a survey via email. It might help to provide 4-5 options that they can choose from with a poll vote. 

Getting an idea of what the majority of students would like to see incorporated into the decor of a space on campus means that there will be general satisfaction among them once it is 


For a truly personal mural, you can even ask students to submit their designs in a competition, from which you choose the best one to be featured.

Ask for Staff Suggestions

Another important group to consult is the staff on campus, as they are the only people who spend even more time in the designated areas than students, considering they are generally there for many years, rather than 3-4 years of studying. 

Again, set up a suggestions box or send out an email for feedback. Providing finite options makes it easier to decide on the most popular choice at the end of it. 

The staff who work within the particular space in question can tell you what would work best there, as they know what the right type of lighting, mood, and environment is needed for optimal productivity. 

Prioritize Lighting

One of the most important considerations to make when choosing the right mural is how it affects the light in a room or space. 

For example, in a lecture room, you may want to go slightly darker in the design as it generally provides an environment for bright PowerPoint screens to stand out clearly to students in the front. 

In a study area, you will want to go lighter, as it creates a brighter and more focused environment for students to work and maintain higher energy levels. 

To lighten up a room, neutral tones like white and beige are best to use. To darken a room, either deep tones like black or charcoal, or intensely bright colors like green to red work well. 

Choose Relevance

wall murals for your university

While you do have many options of designs to incorporate into any given space, try to keep it relevant to the particular area and which students most frequently use it. 

If it is a room or area that is located in a specific department, try to incorporate the subject matter into the design. This engages students and shows care and consideration for the content they learn. 

Bring historical elements, diagrams, imagery, and/or related symbols or words into the design for maximum effect. 

This might require a bit of research, but again, asking the staff and students who specialize in that subject will help to gauge what is appropriate and fitting. 

Keep it Fun

While you may use elements that speak to the content of particular study areas, which often veers onto the serious side, there is value in trying to keep it light and fun, too. 

Students spend their days learning their subjects through books, journals, and lectures, so being surrounded by the same content formally can often have more of a negative effect. 

Add animation and unique and unexpected design elements to keep it light and enjoyable. 

Bright colors are also a way to lift the mood of a room but try not to go overboard with a very busy design as this can be distracting to students trying to study or work within the space. 


When it comes to a university wall mural, the design options are endless. You can tailor it to suit the particular needs of students and departments within the institution. 

When it comes to picking the right one, try to go for something relevant to the area where the wall is located, as well as the staff and students who spend the most time there – after all, you want them to be happy with the final choice. 

You can get designs from the students or staff themselves, or come up with a rough idea of what you want, and then consult with a professional wall mural company. They will create and install it properly so that you have a custom mural that lasts a lifetime.

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