Types of Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are an exciting way to decorate something or advertise your business. However, the range of different types can sometimes be overwhelming. 

We’ll break down the different types, along with some suggestions of how you can use them. There’s a whole world of vinyl decals to explore, and we’re excited to be a part of your journey. 

We’ll start off by trying to understand the difference between permanent and removable vinyl decals, then look at some of the different material options. Finally, we’ll provide a selection of different types of vinyl decals.

What This Article Covers:

Permanent vs Removable Vinyl Decals

vinyl decal types

When choosing a vinyl decal, it’s important to know the difference between permanent, removable, and semi-permanent vinyl.

This allows you to make an informed choice. If you are using vinyl decals for seasonal decoration, then you want to make sure that you get something that is easy to remove. 

A general rule is that indoor vinyl decals are removable, whereas outdoor vinyl decals are more permanent. 

If you’re buying some Easter decorations at the store, chances are that they’re removable. However, if you’re getting custom vinyl decals, then you can choose how permanent you want the vinyl to be.

By choosing your materials carefully, you can get a vinyl decal that can last for as long as ten years, even if it’s outside. 

Almost all window decals can be removed, but some take more work than others. Make sure you know exactly what type you are using. 

Different Vinyl Materials

different types of vinyl decals

Vinyl is a synthetic material made with either resin or plastic, but did you know that there are many different kinds of vinyl?

Vinyl comes in a variety of different finishes allowing you extensive creative freedom when it comes to choosing your material. We at Coastal Creative print on many different kinds of vinyl so you can let your imagination run wild. 

The type of vinyl used for your order depends on your specific needs and design vision. 

The most commonly used vinyl is calendered vinyl, which is easy to produce, works well on flat surfaces, and is long-lasting. 

Cast vinyl starts out as a liquid and is more useful when it comes to vinyl decals that are on a curved surface. 

If you’re looking for serious longevity, then you might want to consider ControlTac which can last for 10 years, even outside. 

You can get vinyl with metallic or iridescent finishes, allowing a sparkle that will definitely catch the eye of a passerby. This makes it a great option if you’re using a vinyl decal for advertising or a storefront.

You can also get realistic-looking wood grain vinyl for a more natural look. Reflective and fluorescent vinyl is often used in road safety signs as it is bright and reflects light back, making it highly visible even at night. 

When it comes to choosing a vinyl decal, you can trust us to know what material best suits your unique request. So you can focus on the design aspect, and let us worry about the technical stuff. 

Window Decals

different types of vinyl decals for windows

One of the most common kinds of vinyl decals is window decals. Windows make a great surface for decals, and they allow you to use otherwise empty space.

Window decals can be especially great if you are a physical store with large storefront windows. These windows can become a place to advertise your business and information about it. 

One very useful way to use vinyl window decals is to indicate your operating hours. This provides useful information for potential customers. 

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a design is that it needs to be visually interesting so that it captivates the attention of whoever sees it. 

Another great option to make your business really stand out is backlit channel letter signs. This is a good option if you want to take your brand recognition to a whole new level. 

When it comes to custom vinyl window decals, the most common are ones on clear vinyl, where your design is done in color. However, there are also some other options when it comes to vinyl window decals. 

Frosted Window Vinyl Decals

different types of vinyl decals for window

With frosted window decals, you get an image made out of white that looks like frosted glass. This isn’t always the best for advertising but can be a lovely way to decorate.

The slight opacity also means that they’re great for increasing privacy in an office environment with a lot of windows. 

You can even mix it up and have your image in the negative space, silhouetted by the frosted white part of the decal. 

These are often used as seasonal decorations, like snowflakes for Christmas or pumpkins for Halloween. 

Perforated Vinyl Decal

Another option that provides even more privacy is a perforated vinyl decal. These vinyl decals are designed so that a person looking in from the outside can’t see through the decal.

However, this is a one-way effect, so someone inside can see what is going on outside. These are a great option when you want something fun and colorful, but also some privacy. 

Perforated vinyl decals can be more expensive because they require more work to make than traditional vinyl decals. 

Perforated Vinyl Decal

Car Decals

Your car is a great place to put vinyl decals. If you’re using it for advertising, it’s a great tool to get your brand noticed by people.

When your company vehicle is out driving, it can also serve as a moving advert for your business. You can get very creative with the vinyl decals that you put on your vehicle.

The obvious choices are the name of your business and your logo, but you could also include some interesting, eye-catching graphics.

types of Vinyl Wall Murals

Another good idea is to include contact information for your business. This could be a phone number or even your website. 

People seeing your vehicle will recognize your brand more easily and be more likely to choose your goods or services. 

Car vinyl decals don’t just have to be all business. Because vinyl is a cost-effective material to use, you could use it to personalize your car. 

This could look like getting the logo of your favorite sports team, or a phrase that is meaningful to you. 

There is no end to your options when it comes to choosing a car vinyl decal. The sky truly is the limit. 

Vinyl Wall Mural

Vinyl wall decals are still in style and are a great way to bring a pop of color into your home or office.

Because of how customizable they are, you can do anything you want with your custom vinyl wall murals.

You can use wall murals as a form of advertising for your business as well as contribute to the ambiance of your office or store.

Because of their great versatility, you can also use wall decals to decorate your home. You can have big or small pieces of art or specific designs put up on your walls. 

Removable wall decals are also a great option for renters, as you can have exciting wall art that isn’t permanent. There are many designs, and you can choose between classic wall decals or modern decals for walls

different vinyl decals for window

Floor Decals

While we tend to think of vinyl decals on walls or windows, there is also the floor as an option. Floor decals can be used as a fun way to help people navigate their way to your store.

They can also add a nice splash of color and interest. Floors don’t have to be blank or boring. Vinyl decals on the floor can also be a good way to extend your branding.

They can help to cement your logo or slogan in the mind of customers. Because of the durable nature of vinyl decals, you will not have to worry about replacing your floor decal too often.

Because they are being walked on, you will have to replace them at some point, but they will definitely last for a while, especially if you choose premium vinyl decals.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better sense of the types of vinyl decals, you can decide what kind you want to use. Whether you choose a permanent or removable design, make sure to use our high-quality vinyl and top-notch printing services.

You can continue to look at some cool window decals or the most popular wall decals.

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