Trade Show Wall Murals

A trade show is a big opportunity for any company to promote their goods and services, and bring in new customers. The design of the stand is important to attract people, and so trade show wall murals are a key element. 

You want your business to stand out amongst others, so a striking wall mural is a great way to catch the eye of those passing by and convince them to find out more about your business.

In this article, we’ll look at some ideas for trade show wall murals, and how to implement them for your trade show stand.  

8 Ideas for Trade Show Wall Murals

trade show wall mural

Logos and Slogans

One of the biggest parts of your business identity is the logo, name, and slogan if you have one. These are generally what people will recognize straight away, and associate with your brand. 

At a trade show, you want to stand out and be as visible as possible to your target market, so a custom-made wall mural wallpaper that showcases these elements well will bring people to your stand.

Together with the logo, name, and slogan, you should have an eye-catching image that suits your business identity and what you offer. 


If you want to go for more of a traditional mural, simply using images that engage people always works well. 

Be creative with the images you use. If your business has done marketing photoshoots, which are often found on wall murals in retail stores, use these pictures as they will be good quality and look professional even when blown up to size. 

Pick images that have a strong connection to your brand identity. For instance, a car dealership could use images of their latest vehicles on the road, or a modern image of the inside of an engine. 


To make a wall mural more personal, nothing works better than a collage. 

Compile various images that build up an identity of your business. This could be pictures of staff and/or customers, products, events, or historical pictures – or a combination of all of the above. 

The images can be displayed in a casual, overlapping design that is akin to someone’s personal photo album or scrapbook. 

This personal touch is a great way to relate to customers and build their trust in you, making it more likely for them to want to buy your product or acquire your services. 

wall mural for trade show


There is little as aesthetically pleasing as a scenic custom wall mural, which is sure to grab the attention of anyone passing by and coax them into visiting your trade show stand. 

If you go for a scenic landscape, make sure that it is relevant to your business and what you can offer potential customers. 

Perhaps you want to feature the landscape of the city in which you are mainly located or the scenery of a place where some form of production takes place. For example, an orchard for a fruit brand, or an ocean for yachting services. 


When it comes to wall murals, you do not have to stop at a printed design. Why not add another dimension to it with texture? 

This could be a fabric that is applied to the mural, a reflective service, a built-in mechanism, and so on. 

Again, keep it relevant to your business. If you are promoting garden services, you may want to add artificial leaves to scenic imagery. For a clothing business, add real fabric to dress designs for a realistic effect. 

If you do go for this option, ensure that the texture is good quality and installed as a wall mural for indoors to avoid wear and tear. 


While images may generally be thought of as the best way to draw the attention of passers-by, text that is thought-provoking can be just as effective. 

Creating a wall mural featuring interesting quotes will naturally bring people closer, and get them interested in what it is you offer. These can be clever or motivational quotes, or you can opt for the lighter side with funny sayings. 

If you struggle to find good quotes, a quick way to collect them is to ask each employee to provide their favorite one. This also adds a personal element to the mural. 

Photo Opportunity 

wall murals for trade show

Not many people will pass up the opportunity to capture a fun and unique image for social media, so creating a mural that encourages this will not only draw people in but can offer a marketing opportunity. 

This can be a mural with a spot for someone to stand in front of for an interesting picture, such as a crown or big angel wings.

With this, you can add an instructional line or two to encourage people to post the image on social media with a particular hashtag, and tag your business account. Incentivize this with a competition or giveaway. 


If you want people to flock to your mural (and in turn, your stand) then providing entertainment will get the job done. 

A big whiteboard or blackboard mural with prompts that encourage people to write or draw on it is a good simple way to make it interactive. For example, if you are a music business you may want people to write down their favorite songs, together with their names. 

An alternative is having pop-up images that require people to open a flap, or slide a lever, as this gets people close enough to chat to you and find out about what you offer. 


An eye-catching wall mural at a trade show is the best way to attract new customers and grow your business effectively. 

To ensure your wall mural is installed properly and looks professional, it is important to get a custom wall mural company to do it for you. 

There are many design options to choose from, but you should ideally select one that suits your business and what you offer. Make it creative, engaging, and relevant to your brand.

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