The Ultimate Guide to Church Signs

What is one of the best ways churches use to make that first connection with a visitor? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not the building or the steeple. It is actually the sign that most churches have out front.

church signs

The church signs that you normally see outside of churches have been a valuable piece of church advertising for years. Churches use their signs to send messages to their congregation and passersby, thereby demonstrating the community’s values and personality. There are tons of churches who have built reputations in their community, online, and around the globe for the inspiring and clever signs that they place outside of their church. Here is why quality church signs are among the most effective ways to attract new members and engage current ones:

Why Signs Are So Valuable to Churches?

Church signs are a powerful way to connect with members of the church and people outside of the congregation of the church. Not only can they be useful for announcing worship times and other events, but they are a fabulous way for churches to express the values and personality of their community.

For some churches, their roadside signage is one way that they transmit relatable and humorous thoughts. By consistently writing witty messages on their signs, many churches have made a name for themselves in their community and passersby will always pay attention to see if the message has been updated. This kind of clever signage can draw consistent attention, appeal to people in the neighborhood, and encourage them to visit.

funny church signs
Clever signage will ensure that everyone is always checking out your sign to see what funny thing you’ll say next!


One of the central advantages of roadside church signage is that the people within your neighboring community are without a doubt the warmest leads you have for new members. If someone drives past your church regularly, chances are they know someone who attends. With appealing or entertaining signage, you can increase the likelihood that a passerby will one day join you for service

Church Signs for Every Purpose

Roadside signage isn’t the only type of sign that is important for churches. Having sleek professional signage in a number of places throughout the church can generally improve the experience for your members. Here are some instances where you may want to consider using professional signage for your church:

  • On a placard listing service times – If your service times don’t usually change, it is worth it to invest in permanent signage that prominently displays all of your weekly services.


  • Building signage – As a permanent fixture on the building of your church, displaying your church’s name and logo or a cross.
outdoor cross signs
A cross made from aluminum dibond.


  • Seasonal banners promoting special services – Special holiday services on Christmas and Easter deserve special attention! Promote these events with attractive banners that will boost their visibility.


  • To promote new programs like summer camps or support groups – If you are introducing a new program for community members, investing in temporary signage or banners could help you garner more interest.


  • Banners for community events, like Easter egg hunts – Let your members know when you host fun social events! Coroplast signs placed along nearby roads can also encourage people from outside of the community to attend these events.
church event signs
Place signs like these on church grounds as well as throughout the surrounding neighborhood.


  • To encourage members to get involved in volunteer efforts – If your church is involved with local charities or relief efforts, signage can be a great reminder to your members to donate or get involved.


  • Decorative signs containing scripture – Give immortal words a permanent place in your church with beautiful, custom signage from Dibond or Acrylic.
church scripture signs
Scripture can be a welcoming addition to your church reception area.


  • In the reception or daycare center – Indoor desk signage can transform your reception or daycare center with your church’s name and logo.
church daycare signs
Church daycare centers are a great place for fun and attractive signage


  • Church Parking signs – Help ease the Sunday traffic with clear signs about parking.


  • Within the congregation hall – Beautiful indoor signage can make for the perfect backdrop for your services.
church signs
Tasteful signage in your congregation hall can add the perfect finishing touches to your interior design.


  • Church directional signs – Especially if the grounds of your church or large, directional signage is incredibly import to show people where a bible study meets or where choir practice is held.
church directional signs
Directional signs can help your members find you.


But the uses for signs don’t stop there. With the types of signs and materials that you have available to you, you can create signs for anything that you need at your church.

Seasonal Church Signs for Long-Term Use

Distributing promotional posters for an upcoming church event can certainly be effective in getting the word out, especially for one-time programming or to advertise on short notice. For this purpose, services like PosterMyWall offer dozens of stylish templates from which to create flyers. But if your church runs similar programming every year, it may be worth it for you to invest in long-term, movable signage that can be used year after year. If you require new church signs for winter, fall, summer, spring, and other holidays, a set of long-lasting banners that are easy to put up, take down, and store as necessary could be the perfect way for your church to promote its seasonal offerings.

By investing in high-quality and long-lasting movable signage, you can save yourself the effort of needing to design and print new signage year after year. Portable signage solutions like A-frame signs and vinyl banners will remain vibrant for many years and are easy to store when they are not in use.

Church signs come in all shapes and sizes and serve all sorts of uses. If you are wondering what type of signage is the best fit for your church, leave a comment below or call us at 858.880.7771!