The Best Wall Murals For The Living Room

Are you redecorating your living room? Wall murals are a simple and user-friendly solution to boring or problematic walls. 

In this article, look at ideas for the best wall murals for living rooms, and what works best for different types of living rooms. 

Printed vinyl wall murals are easy to apply, and are customizable to fit your living room spaces. And when you are ready for a change, simply remove them and choose another for a fresh, new look.  

Best Wall Mural Ideas For Your Living Room

Best Wall Mural Ideas For Your Living Room

Decorating the walls of large living rooms using conventional wallpaper or paint is time-consuming. Not to mention the paint fumes and mess. And who has the time for all that? 

A big difference between wallpaper and wall murals is that our murals are so easy to apply, especially with the help of our team of experts, and come without all the mess. Here are some ideas for the best wall murals for different types of living rooms.

Keep It Simple For Small Living Rooms

Small living rooms can be a challenge, as they can quickly feel cluttered. To ensure that our product meets your requirements, wall mural installation experts will come to your home to measure the space for your mural. 

Keep colors soft and light, or opt for a monochrome look. Black designs against a white wall are a good example of monochrome design. In smaller spaces, smaller murals positioned away from the bulk of furniture will be best. 

Try Minimalistic And Airy Designs 

To freshen up the space and make it seem larger and airier, go for a minimalistic design on the upper section of walls. 

A simple trail of leaves, or birds in flight, would be perfect. This would also be the best wall mural for bedrooms that are small. It adds a touch of charm to small spaces, and draws the eye upward, making the room appear larger. 

And when the time comes for a style revamp, or you need to move house, no problem. Applying and removing wall murals is also far easier and quicker than repainting.

Bring The Outdoors Into Large Living Rooms

Best Wall Mural Ideas For the Living Room

To create a connection with the outdoors, why not bring lush forest or tropical plant scenes into your living room? You don’t have to cover every inch of your walls with graphics so that it’s busy. . Instead, strategically placed designs will add visual interest to the room. 

This is also a great option if you don’t have space or the right light conditions for a large indoor plant but want to bring a touch of nature inside.  A vivid wall mural of ferns or tropical plants might be the answer.

Large empty spaces are ideal for wall-size photo murals, Or a wall-size forest scene. This will give your living room a tranquil atmosphere, and you’ll feel like you have your very own piece of paradise right there in your home.

Choose A Theme For Open-Plan Living Rooms

This is where our custom wall murals will be the most beneficial. In an open-plan apartment, it is important to create zones of interest. This is easy to achieve by choosing a particular color, print, or theme for each area.

There are so many types of wall murals to choose from, so you are sure to find the solution for any awkward spaces. Open-plan living rooms can look very disjointed unless pulled together with a decor scheme. 

For a cohesive look, choose a theme that lends itself well to this type of space. This can be either an image theme or a color theme. 

Color Theme

One of the simplest ways to introduce zones into an open-plan space is by using a different shade of the same hue in each zone, for a monochromatic effect. 

Alternatively, complementary hues that are in harmony with one another will add color without being too overwhelming. 

If you decide to be bold and go for contrasting colors, bear in mind that softer shades would be best for a more harmonious overall feel. 

Nautical Or Beach Theme

The Best Wall Mural Ideas For Your Living Room

A wall-sized beach or ocean scene would be perfect against the wall that runs the length of the living area,  with smaller nautical or beach life-inspired designs in the kitchen or dining areas. 

And remember, murals are not restricted to walls.  We have the best peel and stick wall murals to liven up any area of your home. 

Smaller murals can do duty on cabinets or pillars, and in little nooks that otherwise would look bare and out of place. Decorating with wall murals is fun and easy, and will give you the versatility you’ve been looking for in decor. 

In Conclusion

Decorating your living room walls can be fun. Any space will come to life with a burst of color or an attractive image or print. 

But you don’t have to resort to traditional wallpaper or paint. Murals will give you the new look you desire in a fraction of the time without the fuss.

So now that you know how you can bring your living room to life with wall murals, don’t delay.  Contact us today for your custom wall murals for your living room walls and other spaces. 

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