The Best Wall Murals for the Bedroom

Are you redecorating your bedroom, creating a baby nursery, or adapting your child’s room now that they have become a teen? Wall murals are a fast and easy solution to spruce up plain or blemished walls. In this article, we look at the best wall murals for bedrooms and why they are ideal for any bedroom. 

A colorful and creative mural will liven up any space. You don’t have to be adept at painting, nor do you have to hire a professional artist to create the design space you want.  

Printed wall murals are easy to apply and customizable to fit your needs and tastes. Keep reading to discover how wall murals can transform every bedroom in your home into a place of magic and wonder. 

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Best Wall Mural Ideas For The Bedroom

best wall murals for the bedroom

You are not limited to paint or wallpaper when decorating your bedroom walls. And if you are wondering how much a wall mural costs, then the answer is that it is surprisingly affordable. 

If you have several bedrooms in the home, there are different criteria for decorating each one. So let’s look at how you can use a custom wall mural to make each member of the family’s bedroom special and more inviting. 

1. Fluffy Clouds And Soft Pastels In Babies’ Nurseries 

Traditional ideas for babies’ rooms include fluffy clouds and cherubs. Baby animals like little bunnies in a woodland scene are another excellent choice. And once you know what color scheme you will use for your baby’s nursery, you can decide on the colors to use in your mural. 

Softer colors and pastels are better suited to babies’ rooms, as they are more restful and calming. Opt for tranquil colors and pretty natural images if you want your baby to be content and fall asleep more easily. Avoid overly complicated designs in bright colors.

We know that you want the very best for your baby’s nursery. You don’t have to despair if you cannot find what you want in the limited range of murals and wallpapers in decor shops. A custom wall mural offers you the chance to choose the print, colors, and design of your mural, as well as the dimensions. 

2. Cartoon Characters & Superheroes For Kids’ Rooms

When it comes to children’s rooms, decorating with wall murals is a fun way to liven up their space. 

A cartoon character print is a fun idea for a wall mural in a toddler’s bedroom. Choose your child’s favorite Disney or cartoon character. Young children often like bright colors, and most cartoons are vibrant and colorful.

Alternatively, a much-loved superhero from their favorite Marvel movie would be a great idea for slightly older children. Have they got a particular favorite? Scenes from the movie posters would be much appreciated by tweens.

Any child, regardless of age, will be happy that you were proud enough of their artwork to make a mural out of it.

What is The Best Wall Mural For The Bedroom

3. Sports Images For Teenagers’ Bedrooms

Of course, kids grow up, and their tastes change. So the time will come when you will be removing wall murals and replacing them with more age-appropriate ones. 

Consider your teenager’s hobbies and interests when choosing a new wall mural for their room. Be sure to include them in the process so that they will have a space that they truly love. Ask them what their favorite colors are. And don’t overlook their sports heroes and pop idols.

Does your teenager play sport, or are they interested in sports? Perhaps your son is a fan of motor racing, biking, or skateboarding? Does your daughter love ballet or other forms of dance? These are all possible themes for a wall mural in their bedrooms. 

4. Large Custom Photo Murals For Main Bedrooms

The main bedroom can be a difficult room to decorate. This is because, in the case of a couple, two people’s tastes have to be considered. This is why we suggest that you first discuss your ideas for a mural with your partner. 

Do you have an appreciation of the arts? Incorporate paintings by famous artists from history in your mural. Are you an artist? Display your artwork in this way. Your interests, hobbies, and talents can be drawn from for inspiration. The possibilities are endless.

If you have vastly different interests and hobbies, and cannot even agree on a color theme, fear not. An ingenious solution to this problem is to choose something that you both can agree on, such as photos of the two of you or the family. 

Main bedrooms tend to be larger than the rest of the household’s rooms, but that is not a problem with a custom mural. Large empty spaces can be given new life with wall-size photo murals.

Don’t fret about the installation of your custom wall-sized photo mural. Wall mural installation experts will come out to your home to measure the space where you want to position your mural. 

It is essential to get precise dimensions so that your mural can be perfectly printed and cut to size. Of course, the installation time will vary depending on the dimensions. But the process ordinarily takes no more than a few hours. 

5. Classic Landscape Prints For Guest Bedrooms 

Of course, not all bedrooms in your house are in constant use by the family. Do you have a spare bedroom? Are your children all grown up and gone off to college? 

You may decide that you want to convert the unused bedroom into a guest bedroom. But it needs to look inviting, too. Let’s look at the best choices for murals for guest bedrooms. 

As various people typically use guest rooms, it’s a good idea to use gender-neutral colors and classic prints in them. Murals such as nature scenes, landscapes, and wildlife prints always go well. 

The the most beautiful Wall Murals For The Guests Bedroom

Few people would be offended by a scenic landscape print, making it an excellent choice for a mural design in your guest bedroom. A sunrise or sunset image would also be ideal for a guest bedroom.

When deciding on the best wall murals for living rooms or guest bedrooms, choose designs and colors that appeal to most people. Try to stick with colors that most people like. Blue or green are favored amongst people of all ages and genders.

6. Color-Themed Wall Murals To Match Your Bedroom’s New Decor

Are you renovating your home and wanting a whole new look for your bedroom? We can provide you with the very best peel and stick wall murals to quickly update your bedroom look. 

Not only will they give your bedroom a fantastic new look, but they can also be customized to suit your new color scheme. And installation is fast and simple. Redecorate your blank bedroom wall with no mess and no fuss.

Don’t bother with dripping paint or difficult-to-apply wallpaper. Choose a mural in the colors of your choice. Whether you opt for a graphic print you’ve seen or something of your design is up to you. 

The best wall murals are ones that the room’s occupants will not tire of easily. So choose the favorite colors, patterns, and prints of whoever will be using the bedroom. 

If it is your bedroom that you are decorating, and you don’t need to consider anyone else’s preferences, the sky is the limit. But rather than selecting an image or print that is the latest trends, choose something that has meaning for you. 

If you cannot single out any particular design, go for one of the classics. A beautiful floral or botanical print, for example. 

Why Do Murals Work So Well In Bedrooms?

They Bring Out The Best In A Room 

Say you have walls that you want to feature or touch up – a mural is a way to go. You can easily highlight a particular wall feature or nook or just camouflage a problem area on a particular wall.

Easy To Install With No Lingering Paint Odours

Another advantage is that, unlike paint, a wall mural is quick and easy to install with no strong smell or harmful vapors. So if you want to decorate the walls of your baby’s nursery without the risk of paint fumes, choose a wall mural. 

What is The Best Wall Mural For a Bedroom

Customizable To Complement Your Decor

You may not realize it, but there is a big difference between wallpaper and wall murals. Store-bought wallpaper is not specially catered to your tastes and covers the entire expanse of the wall. A mural can be any size or shape you want and designed to complement your decor. 

Provide An Eyecatching Facelift

Unlike wallpaper, a mural is quick and simple to apply and remove. So you can easily update the look of the room, for example, your nursery as your baby grows. And if you know what type of image you’d like, you are halfway there. Virtually any image can be recreated as a custom wall mural. 

In Conclusion

Well-chosen and artfully placed wall murals can liven up any area of your home, especially in the bedroom. And now that you know how convenient, practical, and attractive wall murals can be, we are sure you’ll want to add one to your bedroom wall. 

With the guidelines above, you’ll create an inviting bedroom space for every member of the household. So contact us for your custom wall murals for your bedroom today. 

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