Spa Wall Murals

A spa is an ultimate destination for relaxation and renewal, and this extends from the actual treatments to the decor and environment of the place. The ideal spa wall mural is a key component of this experience. 

A wall mural should suit the environment of a place, so a spa should ideally have imagery and design that lends to the calm and serene environment that guests seek when visiting. 

You may opt for a lighter effect, or a darker facility, depending on the treatments offered and the mood you want to achieve. 

We look at a few key ideas for spa wall murals that can inspire your design, or be used as a template for what you want your spa walls to look like. 

8 Ideas for Spa Wall Murals


wall mural for spa

A marble custom-printed wall mural is a quick way to upgrade the look of your space into a luxury facility. 

Marble is a trendy pattern that is often found in fashion accessories and home decor for an elegant touch. 

The colors can be customized by you, but the classic option is white with black detailing. To elevate it into a full glamorous look, you can add in a few touches of gold and/or silver. 

A wall mural can be incredibly lifelike, making it seem like your walls are made out of hard marble which will certainly turn a few heads. 


Similar to marble, agate is a popular and classy option for any space and fits in well with a spa area. 

Agate is a type of gemstone that is usually made of a circular pattern that incorporates different shades. 

Again, you can choose the colors that best suit your spa space and the rest of the decor, or simply choose colors you like and then center the rest of the decor around this. 

This incorporates a natural element that suits the clean and organic feel of a spa, allowing guests to connect with nature. 


A spa fits into a balanced, relaxed lifestyle and this can be incorporated into a wall mural design.

To showcase your treatments to guests, you can feature a wall mural that shows a person getting a massage in a tasteful design, such as lying on a spa bed with hot stones down their back. 

Lifestyle designs also work well in other settings, like wall murals in hair salons to promote an image that boosts your brand.


wall mural for treatment room

Green patterns and textiles are generally associated with nature, especially depicting leaves, forests, or any type of foliage. 

With the spa being a good place to reconnect to these surroundings, incorporating greenery into a spa wall mural creates a calm environment. 

You can opt for a leafy pattern, or even a mural with overlapping trees or bushes. Alternatively, you can get creative with detailed images of leaves with droplets of water sitting on the surface, linking to natural images of hydration. 

Another creative design is incorporating the element of grass, which sounds simple, but can be a bright and unique way of bringing nature into your spa. 

This soothing imagery also works well as a retirement home wall mural, to create a peaceful environment. 


When you are trying to bring the outdoors inside, the best way to do this is with a scenic spa wall mural.

You can get creative with this. Options include mountain ranges, forests, meadows, jungles, etc. These options are perfect for a spa because they all depict serene areas or environments which then aid in creating a calm atmosphere for guests. 

If you want something a little edgier or more unique, then you can even opt for a city landscape. This can be where you are located, or even a place that inspires the services or decor of your spa. 

The scenery works well on a mural for an exterior swimming pool wall, for a good backdrop to the body of water. You can transform a pool area into a beach or lake setup.

Rock Wall

Rocks and stones are natural elements that have strong links to the spa experience, with the most obvious connection being the use of hot stones during massages. . 

You can put together a mural with overlapping stones or rocks, or incorporate them into a larger scenic or lifestyle image. A popular option is smooth pebbles on a mass scale, as this mimics a natural graveled area. 

This also works well as a wall mural in a hospital, for a simple and elegant design in a clean space. 

treatment room wall mural


Guests visiting a spa are looking for renewal and rejuvenation, and there is no better symbol for this than water. 

Whether it is through floatation therapies, treatments, or facials, hydration plays a big part in pampering. Adding water as a focal element to a wall mural carries this theme from the treatment rooms through to the decor. 

This can be done with imagery of waterfalls, lakes, pools, and or the ocean, which also has a calming effect. Another approach is with a droplet effect, or a detailed focus on moving or still water, which sounds simplistic but has a big impact. 

Water goes well on a wall mural for a gym club, as hydration also plays a big part in a workout routine. 


With many calming options to choose from, you are spoilt for choice with spa wall mural designs. 

The design you go for should slot in well with the rest of the decor of the spa, to blend in well with the overall feel rather than stick out. 

Once you choose the design, all you need is a reputable wall mural provider to design and create your mural and install it into your space for the perfect spa statement.

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