Simple Outdoor Wall Murals

If you’re looking for an easy way to transform your outdoor space, then simple wall murals are for you. But how do you know which design to choose?

An extravagant mural can be distracting or look cluttered, while a simpler piece can add the perfect touch to your space. The right mural is a great way to add a little dash of color or design to an outside area at home or at the office.  

So, as custom printers, we’re here to give you a bit of design inspiration. Our guide includes several ideas to help you choose from the best custom wall murals  for your space. 

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Simple Outdoor Wall Mural Ideas

outdoor wall murals ideas

Color block

Choosing a color block design theme for your outdoor wall mural will draw the attention of those walking by. It’s a clever way to attract potential clients into your store or to lift your garden space. Color blocking doesn’t even need to be too bold to achieve this.

Choose two colors that complement each other and that are dominant against the background color. This way, you’re keeping it simple yet the mural will still be noticeable. 

And just like that, you’ve transformed your blank slate into something interesting and inviting. There are many color combinations to choose from, which means you can echo pretty much any color scheme you have outdoors.


Whimsical murals have loads of character and add to a carefree atmosphere. This playful art is perfectly suited to a garden, or any business with a focus on fun and creativity. 

The whimsy you’re looking for may come in the form of a cat with an unusual, extra twirly tail, or birds with extra-long legs. Exaggerated features that make the drawing exciting. To keep it simple, use smaller, singular designs. Place them in unusual or unexpected spaces that aren’t front and center.

Like with any outdoor wall mural, make sure you weatherproof your wall mural when putting it up.

Abstract Murals

With an abstract style, you have freedom because accuracy is no longer necessary. Shapes, forms, lines, and colors are used to create unique, eye-catching art.

Abstraction shows a unique approach to reality and encourages participation and imagination. It makes for an intriguing outdoor wall mural.

For inspiration, you could look at other abstract art out there before coming up with your own design.

Rainbow Stripes

outdoor wall mural ideas

Rainbow stripes can be a popular outdoor wall mural for the garden and is a definite favorite amongst kids. This kind of mural is simple, yet enchanting.  

This simple outdoor wall mural creates an ambiance that gets the creative mind working. A pastel striped rainbow is all you need to brighten up a wall and grab attention.

Murals for Outdoor Staircase Walls

We don’t often realize how much time we spend walking up and down the stairs. Adding murals to stairways can be a unique way to bring life, personality, and character to the space.

Using a mural for your staircase can definitely make the entryway appealing. This is a clever way to introduce the theme of your business as it sets the tone for what’s to come. To do this, you could use your business’ logo or some other associated design.

Just make sure to waterproof your garden wall mural if there isn’t any protection from the rain.

Cubism Murals

Cubism displays multiple versions of the same object at the same time by splitting the shape of the objects portrayed. People love this art form for its distinctive look and feel. 

This is great for outdoor wall murals.  The art is sophisticated and minimalist at the same time. Endless combinations of colors, lines, and shapes make cubism an excellent option for almost any outdoor space.

Inspirational Word Murals

exterior wall simple outdoor mural

Inspirational words are great to look at if you’re looking for freedom of expression and inspiration. This can be great for personal space, advertising purposes, or even for activism. It’s an excellent choice for elevated outdoor wall murals.

With words, you have the opportunity to communicate with the public and increase foot traffic to your business. If your outside mural is within your property, it can liven up your space and act as inspiration for work or art.


Simple outdoor wall murals are a great way to bring personal style, inspiration, and imagination to your property. Whether you’re looking for wall art for your home or business, Coastal Creative can bring your ideas to life. 

Right from the get-go, we’ll make sure your wall art is perfectly suited to your space. From conception to installation, we ensure our customers are satisfied! Get in touch with us today to get started on a piece that you, your family, or your customers, will love. 

Simple Outdoor Wall Murals FAQs

How long do outdoor wall murals last?

Our outdoor wall murals will last around two years before they begin to show wear and tear. To keep your wall mural looking in tip-top shape for as long as possible, we recommend taking steps to weatherproof it. This can include sealing it, laminating it, or simply placing it somewhere that it doesn’t get a lot of exposure to the sun or rain.

What material is best for an outdoor wall mural?

While wall murals come in many forms, we think that the best material to use, indoors or outdoors, is vinyl. Not only is it easy to install and remove, but it’s also easy to add extra protection for outdoor use and to care for it.

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