Salon Window Decals

Do you want to freshen up your salon’s curb appeal or draw attention to your brand? Then using salon window decals could be the perfect way to achieve the look you want. 

Dated signage and faded designs convey that your business may be outdated too. A poorly maintained building exterior might cause clients to wrongfully assume that the exterior reflects your overall approach to work.

Large custom window decals offer several benefits for your salon. An attractive exterior entices the right type of client to your salon. Plus, an updated and trendy look will enhance your employee’s workspace.

Salon window decals are a salon’s primary form of advertising, and custom vinyl decals are an excellent way to communicate what your salon stands for. They are also perfect for creating privacy in a public space while informing clients about the work you perform. 

Top 7 Ideas for Beauty Salon Window Decals

Subtle Preview

beauty salon window decals

Perhaps your salon has an elegantly decorated waiting area that can entice clients. But you still want to retain a degree of privacy from the street. 

In that case, slightly obscuring the interior with your logo, signage, and business hours might be all you need. Your signage will catch the eye of passerby’s while giving them a glimpse of something beautiful inside that they may feel they are missing out on. 

Silhouette Decal

Ideas for silhouettes are almost limitless, but an outline that describes your business is an excellent idea for a salon window decal. 

A hair salon, for example, can use a silhouette of a head with flowing lustrous hair—print long hair with flowers or butterflies to create a more imaginative design.

A figure of a hairdresser holding scissors and a hairdryer describes a hair salon business clearly. Similar images make suitable barbershop window decals; for example, use a figure of a barber holding scissors and a razor. A profile of a hipster man is ideal for a barber shop too. 

Svelte figures may be appealing for a slimming salon. At the same time, an outline of slender hands and nails is a good choice for nail salon window decals.  If you are looking for calm, you might use silhouettes of bamboo and zen stones for a tranquil day spa.

salon window decal

Lighthearted Quotes 

A lighthearted quotation on your salon window could be fun if you have a salon appealing to youth. You can make the lettering bold and colorful or keep it monochrome but add an eye-catching focal point to draw attention to the words. Quotations don’t have to be limited to the windows. They make amusing salon wall decals as well.

If you want to make a bold statement, print the quotation on perforated vinyl decals that cover the whole window. Some fun quotations include;

“Life may not be perfect but your nails can be.”

“Beauty comes from inside; inside the beauty salon.”

“Hair – because personality is not the first thing people see.”

Of course, inspiring or fun quotes don’t have to be limited to salons. Words of motivation make inspiring exercise room wall decals, and words of encouragement can make excellent wall decals for medical offices.

Frosting for Privacy

If you like the idea of frosted glass to offer your clients privacy inside your salon, consider frosted glass decals. Etching or frosting directly on glass is permanent, which will be costly to replace if you want to change your look later. 

If you rent your salon space, your landlord will most likely prohibit you from making permanent changes to the premises. Custom frosted glass decals look like expensive sandblasted glass and are entirely customizable. 

The privacy that frosting offers make them ideal dental office window decals and suitable for any business where privacy is necessary.

Frosted decals create an upscale, sophisticated look and offer design flexibility. Add your logo and business name to the frosting to keep your look simple. Alternatively, you can create an etched appearance with any pattern or design.

salon window decals

Oversize Images

Turn the whole window into a full-color opaque printed display using perforated window vinyl decals. Perforated vinyl window decals maintain privacy from the street while providing those inside with an unobstructed view of the outside. 

Large format perforated decals are the perfect canvas for clearly visible graphics. Showcase your services or products or choose an image that reflects your salon’s interior decor or mood. 

Try bright colors and abstract designs for a modern trendy spot or window decals for a gym, or use calming images of nature to depict a haven of tranquility. 

Minimal Elegance

Color affects mood, and you can invoke the right environment without using images. Here is another opportunity to use perforated vinyl window decals. Cover the window in a single color that matches your overall theme and the interior color scheme. 

A subtle ombre can work too. Add your logo or salon name in a single color for a discreet upscale effect. 

window decals for salon

Don’t Forget the Dogs

Salons are not just for humans. There are plenty of pet parlor owners looking for fresh ideas to spruce up their salon image. 

Pet paw prints might not be an original idea, but they are popular and versatile. Use a circle of paw prints around your salon name, or use one giant paw print with your salon name printed inside it.

Silhouettes of different-sized dogs and cats lining up along the window make a fun design. If you want to add color or more interest, print decals of different dog and cat breeds in color.


There are hundreds of possibilities for window decals using our transparent, opaque, frosted, or perforated vinyl. At Coastal Creative we custom-make decals in designs, colors and sizes that fit your needs. 

With so many options to enhance your salon appeal, we know we can achieve the look you want.

If you are ready to give your salon a facelift using window decals, contact our expert team today to experience our first-class customer service and high-quality products.

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