Salon Wall Decal

Are you looking for a way to transform your salon wall into something your clients will love, but you have a limited budget and inspiration? 

Well, you have come to the right place, because we are going to show you how to use a salon wall decal to achieve this.

Any salon wall decal, whether it be a hair or nail salon wall decal, can provide an opportunity to create a feature wall that can uplift the entire interior design of the space.

You can choose to incorporate marketing or branding elements or provide some important information to clients as seen in wall decals for medical offices.

Whatever you want to do, there are a large variety of wall decal options to choose from.

To ensure you find the most appropriate one for your salon, we have already listed some of the most popular options for salon wall decals below.

9 Ideas for Wall Decals for Hair Salons

wall decals for hair salons

Floral Wall Decals

When someone enters a salon, they usually want to feel at peace and enjoy their time there. After all, it is a self-care experience for most people. 

So, opting for a wall decal that creates a tranquil atmosphere will only benefit you. Floral wall decals are a great way to achieve this. 

You can choose to feature large flowers that make a statement or smaller flowers that repeat across the design. 

But, these types of decals, often seen in feminine nail salon window decals, tend to lend a ladylike quality to the space so it may be most appropriate if your salon caters primarily to female clientele.

Black and White Wall Decals

Some salons want more edge and less feminity in their design. If this is the case, a black and white decal is absolutely the way to go. 

Black and white wall decals often feature simplistic designs, based on simple outlines, that are both versatile and modern in design. 

For example, black trees against a white wall are a very popular choice in these types of designs.

Feminine Patterns Wall Decals

wall decals for hair salon

If you like the feminine atmosphere that a floral wall decal can bring, you might also want to consider a feminine patterned wall decal. 

These can include any type of flowy pattern that have a more feminine quality to it, such as ribbons or trailing vine plants. 

To take this to the next level, you can even repeat the pattern on a patterned salon window decal to ensure that the space is tied together as a whole.

Graffiti Wall Decals

If you are looking for a design with even more edge, you can opt for something more artistic such as a graffiti wall decal. 

There are a variety of these striking designs to choose from and it is sure to give your salon a modern and industrial feel. 

Perfect for a salon in the city or one that likes to stand out amongst the crowd. Like customized pediatric wall decals, these types of wall decals emphasize bright colors to attract the eye.

But be careful, the color schemes of graffiti designs can easily clash with brightly colored furniture so be sure to balance a more s†riking feature wall with more neutral furniture and design elements.

Salon-Themed Wall Decals

Of course, you can also opt for a wall decal that ties in with the theme of your business.

For example, wall decals for dental offices may feature designs incorporating teeth or toothbrushes. 

In a salon, you may want a wall decal that features pictures of salons or people undergoing treatments there or patterned designs with a salon theme.

Quotes Wall Decals

salon decals for walls

Ever seen motivational quotes on college walls or custom gym wall decals? That’s because quotes are a great way to create an inviting feel and enhance your business brand. 

If you have a quote that is of particular interest to your business journey, service, or life, you may want to feature it on your wall as a way to enhance your brand image. 

As a bonus, you can play around with font color and size to ensure that your quote becomes a beautiful design feature on your wall.

Name and Logo Wall Decals

If you want to take a page from branded barbershop window decals, which often focus on practicality, you can choose a wall decal that features your name and logo. 

This is a great way to feature your name and brand without having to invest in expensive signage. 

Some window and wall decals that feature business names, such as gym window decals, even include contact details in the design as well. 

This means that everything your client needs to know is in one place and can easily assure customers that they are in the right place.

Important Information Wall Decals

Informational wall decals serve less of a decorative purpose and mainly seek to get an important message across. 

For example, informative vinyl swimming pool decals may be used as a way to provide instructions on how to use the pool. 

Similarly, you can print the information you want to share with clients on a wall decal and put it on your salon wall. 

Just don’t get too carried away with the design of this type of wall decal. You need a font that is easy to read if you want to get the information across. 

Photo Wall Decals

beauty salon wall decals

Customized photo decals can be photos from anywhere that you want to feature on a wall. 

You may want to make this business appropriate and stick to pictures that relate to your business. 

Or, you may choose to give it a more personal feel and feature photos of your family or travels as a way to create a more homey feel.


By now it should be clear that salon wall decals are a great way to elevate your salon and use any wall to its full potential.

If you have an empty wall that you don’t know what to do with, you may want to get a wall decal on there to use it to its full potential. 

And why shouldn’t you? These can be a great decorative element to elevate your salon and enhance the space. 

Also, custom-made wall decals are an easy way to apply your favorite design to a wall at a fraction of the cost of other options, such as painting a wall or hanging up frames.

Simply choose your favorite, submit your design for printing and have it applied to the wall of your choosing. And voila, you have a new feature wall that will take your salon to the next level.

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