Restaurant Wall Murals

Restaurant wall murals are a great way to spruce up the interior of your cafe or diner. This art can help you make a good first impression on your customers. It can also set the tone of your space, and enhance the atmosphere you’re trying to create. 

Your customers must enjoy the mood of your restaurant. This means they’ll come back, which is great for your bottom line. 

If you want to give your restaurant a makeover, wall murals are easy and affordable. With Coastal Creative, designing, printing, and installing wall murals is a breeze!

5 Creative Restaurant Wall Murals

restaurant wall mural

Culinary Themes

For any restaurant, linking wall art or custom wall murals to your menu is important. For example, a cafe wall mural may depict images of what customers can expect – light meals, coffees, and various drinks.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you can also use murals in different areas of your establishment. This can create different zones, and change the atmosphere in any given area. For example, if you’re looking to enhance a high-end feel, consider creating a winery wall mural in the bar area. This will give their bar a more luxurious and relaxing feel. 

These murals should aim to connect the type of food that your restaurant serves with the artwork depicted in the imagery. 

Think about some relaxed burger bars, and what they have on their walls. Many of them use images and designs depicting burgers or other relaxed dining foods. This artwork helps to create an association between the establishment and the food. 

Menu-Inspired Wall Murals

Another popular idea for restaurant wall mural designs is to use menus as a background for the dining area. By displaying your menu, your establishment can give customers a better understanding of what’s offered. It can also serve as marketing for certain menu items and specials. 

This idea could be perfect for pub wall murals in the bar area of your restaurant. Have your drinks advertised behind the bar on a menu mural! This is a great way to inform your guests of drink specials, in-house specialty drinks, and other offerings. 

Using a menu as inspiration for a wall mural is not only useful, it can be striking! These murals can serve as feature pieces – meaning they draw the eye. These can be used to enhance the color scheme of the space.

Colorful Wall Murals

wall mural for restaurant

Restaurant wall murals are particularly susceptible to dirt and grime. For this reason, it’s best to use bright, bold colors rather than muted colors. If you’re looking for an eye-catching piece, consider bold imagery and designs rather than having a one or two-toned wall mural. 

Colorful wall murals can cover any imperfections you may have on your walls. These marks can come from simple wear and tear, or something like children scribbling on the wall. 

Wall murals for clubs are often used to cover up grimey spaces on club walls. This gets the job done, and also gives the establishment a fresh look.  

Colorful wall murals are easier to keep clean. On the other hand, light-colored hues and plain murals tend to mark easily. 

Venue-Specific Wall Murals

Many restaurants also act as venues for wedding receptions and parties. Customers can book out restaurant spaces for a number of special occasions. If you offer this service, you may want to think about using murals in specific venue rooms. This can help to brighten up the space and create a more comprehensive theme. 

One great idea is to create a wall mural for parties in a private room used for celebrations. The murals can be designs of cakes, balloons, and other related imagery. Another potential idea is using romantic wedding wall murals in spaces that cater to wedding receptions.

Other popular venues like hotels, bars, and clubs often use themed wall murals. These murals help to establish the tone of the venue and to signal to customers what they can expect. If you own a fine dining establishment, your decor will be very different from an 80’s themed diner. 

Wall Murals That Reinforce Your Brand

Wall murals for hotels often depict images of relaxing environments and scenes to emphasize the experience they provide. Hotels are associated with vacations, rest, and an overall calming atmosphere. When these establishments use imagery or artwork associated with unwinding, they are reinforcing their brand as a whole. 

Wall murals can also directly promote your establishment’s offerings. For example, movie theater wall murals often depict specific movies, fantasy worlds or actors. While this doesn’t promote the brand of the theater, it does promote what they offer. Murals such as popcorn, video cameras, and 3D glasses also help customers understand what the theater provides.

Restaurants can also make use of murals to reinforce their brand. For example, spaces that serve Italian food could use images of Italy, pasta or pizza. Similarly, restaurants that specialize in French cuisine may use images of the Eiffel Tower. They may also use other imagery associated with France – such as croissants.

wall murals for restaurants

Coastal Creative prints and supplies custom printed wall murals that are easy to install and remove. This makes it more efficient than ever to promote specific offerings and specials within your restaurant. For example, you may run a month-long special for certain dishes. Use wall murals to promote these specials while they’re on – and simply remove or replace them afterward.


Restaurant wall murals can create inviting and interesting spaces that intrigue and excite your customers. This helps bring more clients into your establishment and works to ensure the return of those who have already been there. 

Restaurant wall murals could make use of culinary themes, bright and vivid colors, and their menus as inspiration. These murals aren’t just pretty pictures, they also work to reinforce your brand.

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