Restaurant Wall Decal

A successful restaurant needs good food, and also a good ambiance. For this, a restaurant wall decal is a simple way to take your eatery interior to the next level. 

A wall decal is an easy addition to any space that adds a touch of personalization and character to the room, and it can be designed specifically to suit your restaurant’s brand and identity.

We look at some of the best ideas for restaurant wall decals that you can use as inspiration for your design, to elevate the look of your business. 

8 Ideas for Restaurant Wall Decals

Menu Items

restaurant wall decal

If you have a pretty set menu of food items, you can incorporate the menu onto the wall decal for an informal, interesting setup. 

If you foresee the need to change the menu daily, such as adding new items or changing the prices, you can do it with a blackboard-style large custom wall decal. But the wall decals are not difficult to change out, so even a normal design will work for regular changes.

This way, you can use the entire wall as a place to write the menu, make changes as and when you need to, and add interesting pictures and designs that change regularly. 

This can also work as a decal on a cafe window, for those passing by to see what is on offer.

Food Art

When it comes to pictures of food, actual camera images can be a little on the nose, but art versions look unique and contemporary. 

This can be paintings, animations, or graphics of food items or ingredients that are featured on a wall decal. You can go for color, or stick to a black and white theme. 

Try to keep it relevant to the cuisines you serve. For example, an Italian restaurant might look to do designs of pizza and pasta, or ingredients such as tomatoes, cheese, and basil. 

You can add the food art onto your unique outdoor wall decal to give potential customers an idea of what you serve.

Kitchen Sayings

Having short and sweet one-liners across your wall engages the customers, and brings a smile onto their faces while dining at your establishment. 

This can be quotes about food by well-known figures, food-related jokes, or general thoughts or puns about food. If you want to make it personal, you could get a quote or saying from each of your staff members to include on the decal. 


restaurant wall decals

If you want to keep it simple yet trendy, going for a bold pattern that fits in well with the rest of your decor is a stylish way to bring the space to life. 

First, consider what type of restaurant you are going to. If you want something retro, a colorful pattern would do, but for a modern restaurant, you may want to opt for a marble or agate effect which has also become popular as elegant wedding vinyl decals

Historic Photos

Food always has a rich history, and incorporating it into your decor is unique, and piques the interest of your diners. 

If your restaurant has been around for a long time, you could print old pictures of the restaurant and its patrons on the wall decal for a look back in time. 

If you are a newer restaurant, you can still incorporate the theme by focusing on the history of the food itself that you serve. For example, a timeline of Indian food in the region that you operate.

Historic photos also work on decals for bar windows, especially if the bar has been around for some time. 

Country Themed

If your restaurant serves a foreign cuisine, you could make the origin country the overall theme of your restaurant, and wall decal. 

This includes using the flag colors in a specific pattern, or even doing a collage of images of that country, or symbols that represent it. 

For example, if you own a French restaurant, you could bring in the Eiffel Tower as a focus of the decal, or do a collage of French art which also works well as a wall decal in an art room

Tile Effects

wall decals for restaurant

Tiles are a great way to stylize a space but can be pricey and require extra labor. But with a wall decal, you can achieve the same effect without the actual tiles. 

A mosaic tile effect would work well with Moroccan-style decor, or a black and white checkered tile effect would fit in a retro diner. 

The tile effect can even be used as a creative outdoor vinyl decal for the restaurant, to carry the theme throughout. 


To really wow your guests, you cannot go wrong with a spectacular landscape on your wall decal as the central focus of your restaurant decor. 

If you serve local cuisine, you could use a specific area or landmark in your city as a symbol of pride and authenticity. 

For other cuisines, incorporate a specific landmark from that country, or find images of a typical street or environment that would remind patrons of actually being there. 

For example, a colorful lit-up Tokyo street or a row of cherry blossom trees would bring vibrance to a Japanese restaurant.

Landscapes work well on wall decals in a cinema, to transport moviegoers to different worlds. 


When it comes to restaurant wall decals, you can and should be as creative and unique as possible to make a bold statement in your decor. 

A good quality wall decal requires a professional company to create and install it for you so that it looks pristine in your restaurant. 

The most important thing to consider is relevance and suitability. Pick a design that goes well with the rest of the space, and has a connection to the type of food you serve, for a personalized touch.

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