Wall murals are an excellent way to liven up your home, office, or outdoor space. Instead of applying another new paint color, many homes and businesses choose wall murals that embody the spirit of their living and work space.


Custom Wall Murals

Printed custom wall murals are an easy, clean, and long lasting choice to bring life and beauty to drab spaces. The options for artwork to be included in wall murals are limitless. You can include photographs of your family, famous artists work, the work of famous photographers, anything that can be uploaded to our computer can be printed.

Buyer’s Guide to Custom Wall Murals and Wall Decals, Coastal Creative
We created this custom wall mural for a client of ours.

If you’re looking for cheap wall murals, it is much more budget friendly to have your wall murals printed custom to your image rather than having a mural painter come and paint directly onto your wall.
With printed wall murals, you’re not limited to only a painted mural, but you can have photographs, logos, and digital illustrations in your mural to match the living space. The only detriment of printed wall murals, is that they do not have the unique imperfections and textures that hand painted wall murals have, although you can reproduce any painting digitally and have it as the subject of your mural. As mentioned, the sky is the limit for your printed wall mural.

Custom Wall Mural Ideas

To get ideas for a new wall mural, look around in design magazines and on Pinterest and you’ll find an array of beautiful ideas. One of the most popular ideas is to make your child’s room a wonderland of imagination and fun.

Wall mural ideas for offices
As usual, Pinterest is an awesome source of more ideas.


Buyer’s Guide to Custom Wall Murals and Wall Decals, Coastal Creative
A great wall mural idea of a world map.

Buyer’s Guide to Custom Wall Murals and Wall Decals, Coastal Creative
A wall mural at Twenty20’s office in LA .

vurb office mural
Wall mural to divide space in Vurb’s San Francisco Office

Quid Loby Mural
Visualizing information in the lobby of Quid in San Francisco, CA

Some more ideas for custom wall murals and decals:
  • Printed painting created by a family member
  • Family portrait from a professional photo shoot
  • Portrait of extended family from family reunion
  • Beautiful photograph of nearby landscapes
  • Professional illustrations and designs
  • Paintings from famous muralists
  • Painting from famous artists from history
  • Cartoon characters for a children’s room
  • Images for the baby nursery


Large Wall Murals

Wall murals can be printed to any size to match any sized room, but when people think of wall murals, they’re often thinking of bigger than life large wall murals that cover the whole wall. These are definitely the most common and most popular types of murals. They leave an impression that will impress any visitors and add a unique presence to the room.

Custom Marriott Hotel Wall mural
Marriott History Timeline created by us


Mural Sizing

Mural sizes can usually be fit to whatever space you’re working with. Your printing company should be able to custom cut and print almost all sizes. Our product page for wall murals gives sizing options from 6” to 240” wide and high, that’s up to 20 feet long. Of course us and other companies can adjust the sizing if it doesn’t fit in that criteria, but most murals will.

Chaotic Moon Office Mural
Class meets chaos at Chaotic Moon in Austin, TX


Custom Wall Decals

Sometimes businesses and homes are looking for something less than a full wall mural that covers the whole wall, and want some small custom wall decals instead. Lots of popular stores like Target and Ikea sell standard wall decals, and these work great if you’re looking for something simple or common. For those who are looking for something unique that speaks to their home, custom wall decals will add a splash of color and accent to a drab wall and bring it to life.
Buyer’s Guide to Custom Wall Murals and Wall Decals, Coastal Creative
Most wall decals, including the ones sold on this site, are made of removable vinyl. These custom vinyl wall decals will not leave any residue or mark when removed, yet they securely bond to the wall and will not lift or curl on the edges.

Office Wall Decals and Murals

Offices worldwide are adding custom office wall murals to their lobbies, boardrooms, hallways, and lunchrooms. They speak to different audiences wherever they are located. Tasteful, representative murals greet visitors and business partners that represent the company culture when they first walk in the lobby, and investors understand what the company is striving for when they meet in the boardroom. To boost employee moral, large wall decals and murals around the office highlighting company events or charitable acts of the company reiterate the company culture, spirit, and goals.

Facebook office wall mural
Image source via Pinterest

Wall decals are popular for the office as well. These are often smaller than wall murals and can be custom cut as well. These are perfect in the hallways or inside offices that don’t have huge walls and aren’t high traffic areas. A fun idea is to reward employees with an oversized wall decal award for being employee of the year or for their 5 years of service.

Office Wall Mural Ideas

Need some office wall mural ideas? For offices in large cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, companies that are proud of being part of a metropolis and large business community will proudly display a full wall mural of their city skyline. It looks impressive and gives the impression of serious business to all who see it. Company activities and events will showcase the humanity of your company and it’s people, so that’s a popular subject as well.

Inspiring wall mural design
Image source via Pinterest

Facebook Hack wall installation
Image source via Pinterest

Beats Conference Room Mural
The Beats office is appropriately referred to as “The Mothership”

Here are a few more office mural and decal ideas:

  • Photos of company fundraising events
  • Photos of company athletic events
  • Photos of office outings and day tours
  • Photos of prominent customers using product
  • Photos of everyday customers interacting with product
  • Images of the inside of your factory or production plant
  • Images of employees working inside your production plant
  • Interpretive illustrations of your company’s identity
  • Professional artist rendering of your campus or office interior
  • Custom wall graphics of your company logos


Wall Mural and Wall Decal Installation

Your printing company will be able to install the wall mural in your space and cover everything for you. Our company offers everything from conception to installation, so we have you covered for mural installation. Your installation partners will come out beforehand to measure your mural space, get the exact dimensions and perfectly print and cut the mural to match. The installation process will vary depending on the space but usually is only a few hours.