Banners are effective marketing tools for all types of businesses. Whether you want to draw attention at a conference, trade show, local festival or special time of year, well-placed banners are a great way to do it. They are an effective marketing display that every business owner should have in their toolkit.

banner stands and rolling banner stands

What are Banner Stands?

Banner stands are portable, eye-catching, and very easy to use. They are all in one solutions that can be customized to the business owner’s specifications to promote the brand and draw in customers. Most everyone loves them because they are a self contained, all-in-one marketing display. Properly displaying a banner requires a stand that holds the banner in place and ensures visibility.

Banner stand displays
Banner stand displays.

Sturdy stands come in a variety of styles for indoor or outdoor use. Indoor banner stands stand out in the middle of a crowd while outdoor models are perfect for grabbing the attention of customers as they pass by your physical location. Stands vary in size and style from standard rectangles to poles with sturdy bases designed to hold flag-shaped outdoor banners.
Banner stands mockup
Modern banner stands

Before you look into buying a banner stand for your trade show or store needs, consider the location, sizing, traffic flow, and quantity of stands. It’s much cheaper and smarter to do thorough planning and research beforehand and buy the banner stands in bulk to save on costs when ordering from most companies.

Retractable Banner Stands

For quick setup and easy transport, retractable banner stands are a smart choice. If you’re in a business that takes you on the road, traveling from one convention to another, you need a stand that goes where you do without hassle. A retractable banner stand unfolds quickly and displays your banner with ease. For maximum visibility, choose a double-sided model. These include images on both sides of the banner that can be seen from across a room. When it’s time to take your display down, simply retract the banner and slide it into a compact carrying case along with the stand.

Retractable banner stands.
Retractable banner stands.

Retractable banner stands are also known as roll up banner stands or roll up exhibit displays. They are essentially all in one portable banners that can be displayed anywhere you like without the need to hook them up or attach them to any other foreign object. Banner stands are ideal for trade shows, indoor displays, or retail displays because they have a small footprint and are very portable. Most retractable banner stands are spring-loaded and take a very short time to set up. Some of the higher end models don’t even need a spring to work.

Scrolling Banner Stands

If you’re looking to maximize advertising space without investing in a big display, try scrolling banner stands. Rather than displaying a single image or even a double-sided banner, these stands include a simple motor that continually rotates a large amount of text and images from top to bottom or bottom to top. With a stand like this, you can include a great deal of information about your business along with bold images to entice customers. The addition of movement makes these stands especially attractive and helps your advertising really stand out. When not in use, scrolling banners can be packed up in a handy carrying case. Take yours anywhere you know you’re going to need an eye-catching display.
Scrolling banner stands can be customized with any of your designs and artwork. You can tastefully create a story with the scrolling images to engage and interact with the audience. You’ve probably seen something similar to these at the mall when they have standing banner advertisements on the other side of the directory that scroll – that’s what these do. What makes scrolling banner stands stand out as opposed to the static banner stands is the movement that catches the human eye. When your potential customers are walking in your area and they see a scrolling banner they are sure to look and see what’s going on with your media. Although these tend to be more expensive than standard banner stands, they’re worth the cost because of the additional attention they draw.

Trade Show Banner Stands

Trade shows are full of companies, each competing for the attention of potential customers. In this environment, it’s essential to have the proper type of stand for your banner. Trade show banner stands vary in style and may include retractable and scrolling models as well as telescopic poles and flexible tension stands. Stands in the shape of an L or X are also common and provide sturdy support for your company’s professional-quality banner. Keep in mind that most businesses at a trade show will have a display of some kind. The banner stand you choose for your setup should be unique as well as practical and ensure that your banner can be seen even among dozens of others.

Roll Up Banner
Roll up banner stand for trade show.

Although the banner stands used at trade shows are mostly the same used at other locations, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you have a limited space to work with at a trade show. Most of the time you’re limited to your booth space and you can’t be placing banners out in the aisles where people are walking. You have to work with the space you have in the booth, so you may not have the space for a double-sided banner stand, but only a single sided one. Also with this limited space you may want to opt for something more eye-catching to compete with the other companies, in which case you would be keen to choose the scrolling banner stand over a static one.
The second thing to consider at trade shows is the amount of traffic you’ll be receiving throughout the show and how many potential customers will be visiting your exhibit. You’ll want to draw attention from afar with the banner stands to bring people into your trade show booth, but also design the layout in a way that does not block the customers walking and sight paths when they get to your exhibit. Be aware of the height and width of the banner stands and how they complement the rest of the trade show displays in your booth.

Finalizing the Design

With customizable graphics and eye-catching colors, banners demand attention and help increase the visibility of your business. Different banner stands work well in different venues, so be sure to choose the one that best fits your needs. Thoroughly consider the design of the venue and what your long term needs of the banner stands will be. These roll up displays are an important part of your overall offline marketing strategy so choose them carefully and earn new business.