Removable Decor for Commercial Spaces (that Won’t Cost You Your Deposit)

Physical location is super important for small businesses. Where your business sets up shop and how the space looks are crucial to attracting and retaining clients, customers, and the right employees. Designing a retail or office space that is inviting, comfortable, and on-brand isn’t just about looking good, it’s about your business making its mark.

As exciting as the prospect of a complete floor-to-ceiling renovation may be, the reality is that most small businesses and companies rent their spaces rather than owning them. If you plan to move in a few years to accommodate business growth, a permanent, customized build-out of your space may not make a lot of sense. Firstly, permanent fixtures are expensive and can’t be taken with you in a move. Secondly, your lease agreement may not be particularly forgiving should you leave the scars of installation behind as you vacate the premises.


Temporary decor ideas for renters

There are lots of reasons to eschew permanent decor in your commercial, office, or retail space, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo customizing the space entirely. Aside from hanging a variety of prints in your space, there are plenty of design solutions that can appear permanent all the while being easily removable. From removable wall decals to signage that can be packed up and taken to the next location, business owners who rent have lots of options in designing a temporary space that can contribute to the success of their brand.

Removable wall decals

Wall murals and decals are go-to interior design feature for commercial spaces of all kinds. Not only do wall decals give you a vast canvas to fill with branded imagery, they are also incredibly practical: they don’t block electrical outlets, take up floor space, require extra cleaning, or interrupt the flow of foot traffic.

If you want to install a wall mural or wall decal in your commercial space, it’s very important to consider how compatible the installation is with your lease. A hand-painted mural commissioned by an artist may be unique and beautiful, but you may sour on the project when you have to spend hours scraping and repainting upon leaving the space. Some printed murals, too, are installed with super-strength adhesives that not only make removing the mural difficult, but also leave behind unsightly residue.

Lucky for business owners who are renting their space, removable wall decals are a lease-friendly and lower-cost alternative to permanent ones. Printed on non-gloss vinyl with low adhesive backing, a removable wall mural is typically designed with an intended lifespan of 5 years, but can also be laminated to extend its lifespan. Temporary wall murals are also a great solution if you plan to remodel in the next few years, or if you frequently change up your displays.

Temporary wall decals need not be a compromise on quality. Despite the non-permanence, quality vinyl and top-notch inks will go far in making your removable wall murals look both striking and lasting.

removable wall decals
Removable wall decals look great, require minimal installation, and will come right off when you need them to.

Removable window stickers

Does your commercial space include glass? Whether for street-facing store windows or for glass-panneled meeting rooms, window stickers are a great way to maximize both lighting and space.

Frosted glass is incredibly elegant, but the installation process is both lengthy and expensive: windows or panels already in the space will need to be removed so that the etched ones can be installed. Furthermore, permanent frosted glass is not something that can easily be dismantled upon moving.

But the frosted effect can be imitated with etched glass window decals, which can be applied to the glass fixtures that already exist in your space. These removable window decals can be applied to glass meeting rooms to create a bit more privacy while still allowing light to shine through. Removal is just as quick and easy as application. A low-adhesive backing means you can peel the decal right off without any scraping that may damage the glass beneath.

removable window stickers frosted glass
Natural light and privacy: the best of both worlds with etched glass vinyl.


Etched glass decals also look similarly attractive on storefronts and allow passersby to peek inside. But temporary window stickers can also be opaque or perforated, allowing you to incorporate full images or bold colors into the design. Whether for seasonal window displays or used as an alternative to traditional signage, removable window graphics are a great solution for temporary designs.

removable window stickers
Try combining opaque and translucent elements in your removable window graphics.

Movable signage

Signage is a very agreeable design solution for even the most particular of leases. Most permanent signs can be removed and reinstalled with minimal damage to the surface to which it is affixed or the sign itself. This means that signage is one branded design element that you might do well to invest a bit more time and money into – you will likely be able to take it with you to the next space!

There are many different common sign materials, and which one you should pick is dependent on lots of use and environmental factors. But for the kinds of permanent signage that may be used to hang your logo at your storefront or in your lobby, dibond is a great choice for sign material. It is lightweight enough that you won’t need to bore massive screws into the wall to affix it, and weather-resistant enough that it can be installed outdoors. Such a sign will look elegant and completely permanent, but can also be taken with you to your next location.

dibond signs
With dibond, removable can still look very sleek.


Self-standing signage (like A-frame signs) and hanging banners are other display options that can easily be packed up and taken with you to a new space. If you intend to keep these displays for several years, ensure that you pick a printer that uses both high quality materials and inks.

Indoor hanging mesh banner
Banners are a great solution for designs that need to changed out or moved regularly.


Have questions about how removable wall decor and other temporary signage solutions could work for your space? Give us a call at 858.880.7771 and we’ll be happy to offer our expert advice based on your budget, space, and needs.