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Digitally printed custom wall murals can completely transform and update any space. Whether in your home, office, or business, custom murals can meet your unique needs and preferences. Our matte wall vinyl features vibrant colors using fade-resistant UV inks to bring your vision to life. They are designed to easily adhere to non-porous wall surfaces and are simple to remove whenever you want.

  • Custom designed graphics
  • For walls of any size
  • Easy to install (and remove!)

Custom wall murals are the perfect solution to liven up any space. Designed for easy installation, these high-quality murals are printed on vinyl adhesive for a hassle-free upgrade. You can choose any photo, art, or graphic design you like to fit any size wall.

Whether large or small scale, these wall murals function much like wallpaper. They can easily transform and enhance the look and feel of your space. However, they are entirely customizable according to your preferences. Plus, they are easy to install, remove, and perfect for displays that might need to be changed frequently.
We print with fade-resistant UV inks and our designers are happy to help you make your design come to life!

Murals painted directly on a wall that is ruined or outdated are trickier to replace.

One of the biggest benefits of a custom wall mural is that they are incredibly durable while also inexpensive to replace or change. It’s less labor-intensive and time-consuming to install a vinyl wall mural than hand-painting one of the same size.

Caring for wall murals is also much easier as they function much like normal walls. Hand-painted walls can be tricky to clean because you risk ruining the artwork. You don’t have to worry about that with wall murals printed on easy-to-clean vinyl.

Plus, wall murals can add a stunning and creative element to any space. Check out our post with inspiring wall mural ideas or learn about creative ways to update your office with wall murals.

See wall decals for more minimal, intricate wall print stickers or background free options.

  • Adhesive back vinyl for non-porous surfaces
  • Fade-resistant UV inks
  • Custom design and sizing
  • Perfect for short-term and long-term projects
  • Fitting for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to install PLUS we offer installation services
  • High-gloss lamination available for added protection against weather, UV light & scratches

Our vinyl custom wall murals adhere best to dry-wall and non-porous surfaces. They can also be applied to wood, stone, concrete, and other surfaces.

However, if the wall is textured you risk tearing the vinyl and weakening the adhesive.

If you are not sure whether your wall surface is suitable or not, give us a call directly so we can discuss your options.

Wall murals often are designed for covering spacious stretches of walls. Our sizing options are virtually unlimited, but common sizes range from 6” to 240” wide and high. So whether you need to fill in a small nook or cover a vast wall, we can work with you to get you what you need.

For big walls, we print multiple decals that are then pieced together for a seamless mural. There are also ways to utilize empty space between designs to create neat panels or grids of graphics for extra edge.

Our custom wall murals can also be cut in any shape you like. That includes curved edges and die-cut shapes.

Our team is available to deliver and install our custom wall murals anywhere in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. For certain corporate and enterprise projects our team can fly to your business.

Custom wall murals are also easy to install yourself. You may need an additional person to assist you depending on the size of your mural.

  1. Prepare your wall surface. Thoroughly dust and clean.
  2. Ensure your wall is completely dry.
  3. Mark the position on the wall where you will put the wall mural.
  4. When the surface is ready, remove part of the [color?] backing from the vinyl, only a few inches.
  5. Apply the exposed adhesive back of the mural to the wall and press down firmly to adhere.
  6. Continue peeling the backing slowly down the mural a few inches at a time. Smoothly apply pressure to adhere the mural to the wall surface.
  7. If wrinkles appear, gently use your fingers to encourage the air and wrinkles to smooth out. Don’t use too much force in order to allow the trapped air to dissipate. The mural is not repositionable so take extra care not to allow wrinkles.
  8. If working with multiple panels, repeat the process for each panel until you’ve completed your mural. Make sure to verify the position to align your image correctly.
  9. If necessary, cut back any excess material around ceilings, trim, and wall edges using a straightedge and sharp blade.
  10. The adhesion is instant, but allow up to 24 hours for maximum adhesion.

Note: Do not apply to a freshly painted wall. If you’ve recently painted the wall you would like to install the mural on, for best results allow the wall to dry and cure for 3-4 weeks before installing a wall decal.

Where you install your custom wall mural will have a large impact on its lifespan.

These murals are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -20°F to +150°F. However, weather conditions for outdoor murals can greatly affect their longevity. Generally, outdoor murals can last up to 2 years before they begin to show wear and tear. Indoor murals can last up to 5.

Adding lamination to your mural will extend this length of time. Proper dusting and cleaning will also help extend the longevity, plus it will keep your mural from accumulating dirt and prevent it from looking faded.

Properly dusting and cleaning your custom wall mural will help extend its longevity and appearance.

Regularly dust your wall mural, especially around the edges. If debris gets under your mural it will compromise the adhesiveness.

Only use dampened gentle sponges or cloths and lightly scrub to remove build-up of dirt and debris. Do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals that contain alcohol, bleach, citrus additives, or ammonia. These types of products can erode the inks and the material. Simply using soapy water will do the job and keep your wall mural surface clean.

Once we’ve completed your custom wall murals, we’ll ship them to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size, we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we’ll ensure your experience is amazing!

Once we have completed your floor decals for concrete order, we will ship them to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we will ensure your experience is amazing!

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