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What is Ultraboard Printing?

Ultraboard printing projects are printed on heavy-duty, all-plastic Ultra Board panels.

Ultra Board material is composed of a dense, polystyrene foam core and laminated on each side with a styrene print-ready facing.

The high-impact surface is lightly pliable yet resistant to dents, scratches, and warping. Plus, it is incredibly easy to custom cut with a variety of cutting tools. Ultraboard will retain crisp edges whichever way you cut it.

Its lightweight profile and moisture-resistant surface make it an excellent choice for a wide range of signage and presentations. Since the Ultra Board surface does not allow moisture to penetrate, inks and paints can be screen-printed, digitally printed, or even painted directly on the surface.

Ultraboard comes in both black and white.

Top Benefits of Ultraboard Printing

Ultraboard printing offers you the ability to print on a highly flexible material with an incredibly flexible range of cut, print and usage options.

The top of the line Ultra Board material is durable and long-lasting. Often ultraboard printing is the top choice for permanent indoor display signage, museum-quality exhibits or photo displays. Ultra Board can also be used for seamless wall murals, with individual panels measuring up to 5’ by 10’.

One of the most sought after benefits of Ultra board is its ability to be cut into a wide range of shapes without negatively impacting the final look of your project. The ease of cutting Ultra Board makes it a stand-out material for routed lettering.

Ultra Board panels also offer a plethora of print options. When it comes to ultraboard printing, you can choose screen printing, digital printing, pressure-sensitive photo mounting, or painting.

Winning Features of Ultraboard Printing

  • Dense polystyrene foam core for incredible durability
  • High-quality litho grade, polystyrene facing
  • Resistant to warping, dents, water, and bends
  • Lightweight & portable signage
  • Long term indoor use
  • Fade-resistant UV inks
  • Double-sided print option
  • White or black options available
  • Entirely customizable printing capabilities
  • Direct digital printing and direct screen print surface
  • Easily custom cut to your unique design specifications

Ultra Board vs Other Sign Materials

Confused by similar sounding products, and don’t know which to use? Have no fear! We’ve put together this handy table which shows common sign materials compared, with links to our other product pages you can check them out!

 Name   Cost   Weight   Durability   Exterior   Finish   Outdoor Use? 
 Gator Board   $$  Very Light  ***  Wood Veneer  Glossy  No
 Foam Board  $  Ultra Light  **  Paper  Matte  No
 Ultra Board  $$  Very Light  ***  Plastic  Glossy  No
 Sintra Board  $$  Light  *****  PVC  Low Gloss  Yes
 Coroplast  $  Ultra Light  ****  Plastic Sheeting  Low Gloss Yes
 Dibond   $$$  Light  *****  Aluminum Sheeting  Metallic  Yes

Sizing for Ultraboard Printing

We offer ultraboard panels in a wide range of sizes. Our largest panel is 5’x10’. Of course, if you have a specific size request, reach out to us and we can work with you to get you what you need. For example, we can put together full wall murals by printing on multiple panels to create a large impact print for your indoor space.

Standard Sheet sizes include 48″x96″, 60″x96″, 50″x100″, and 60″x120″.

Ultra Board comes in several thicknesses, from 3/16” to 3”. The thicker the foam board, the stiffer, and more stable it will be. The primary advantage of thinner options is that it is super easy to cut while still maintaining stability and form.

Cutting Options for Ultraboard Projects

Our print experts have all the tools to make sure your project is cut exactly to your design specifications. Whether we need to use a circular saw, router, i-cut, scroll saw, or even by hand-cut or die-cut we can get the job cut just right.

The beauty of ultraboard printing is that it allows detailed and intricate shapes and designs to be cut hassle-free. If you are considering signage that is typographical, ultraboard printing is an excellent way to get the maximum impact as cuts will be clean and warp-resistant!


Installation of ultraboard printing projects truly depends on how you intend to use it.

There is a wide range of possibilities for how you employ your sign and options for displaying it are just as numerous. The lightweight profile of ultraboard material makes it a good fit for interior walls and or even for hanging on ceiling supports.

Here are some of the common ways to install ultraboard printed signs:

  • Mechanical installation with screws, drills, or nails
  • Fixing with very strong adhesive or bonding glue
  • Hanging or suspending with rope, string, or bungee cords
  • Stand-alone, rigid signs
  • Life-size cutouts
  • Museum exhibits
  • Suction cups or velcro
  • Framing or set in an easel

Be sure to specify if you need us to drill holes for you so you can hang your sign properly.

Lifespan of Ultraboard Printing Signage

Choosing ultraboard printing for your indoor project will ensure a long-lasting, practically permanent display.

Ultraboard is designed to be used indoors only. So when installed properly and cared for, they are able to last for many years. We use high-quality UV ink guaranteed to resist fading for 5+ years.

Ultraboard is not recommended for outdoor use. When exposed to sunlight, moisture, and excessive humidity, it may experience slight degradation.

For a similar product that is more durable check out our gator board signs.

Caring for Your Ultraboard Print Project

When it comes to ultraboard printing, the first rule for your print is to use it indoors. While the facing can endure outdoor weathering, the internal foam can degrade from exposure to the elements.

Ultraboard’s polystyrene facing is one of the most durable materials. However, inks used on the print surface must be cared for gently so that the printed design is not damaged.

It is also important to maintain proper temperature and balance when showcasing or storing your ultraboard print. If conditions placed on the material put uneven pressure on it there is potential for bowing, especially for thinner boards in larger sizes. Even printing or coating more than 50% of only one surface of the panel can encourage bowing, so we recommend applying a similar coating to the opposite side.

Should your sign bow, Inverting panels on a flat surface for up to 24 hours can allow the bowing to fall away. Generally, thicker panels will resist bowing more easily.

When cleaning the surface of your ultraboard signage, only use a dry, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use any liquids or cleaning solutions.

Should you need to store your signs, place them carefully in an upright position, away from sharp objects, and do not place any objects on the surface of the board.

Local Delivery Services

We are happy to deliver our ultraboard printing projects anywhere in San Diego.

For certain corporate and enterprise projects we are happy to discuss additional options with you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Nationwide Shipping

Once we’ve completed your ultraboard printing projects, we’ll ship it to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we’ll ensure your experience is amazing!

Ultra Board Prints Questions and Answers

  • Is there a difference in ultraboard vs. foam core?

    Standard foam core board consists of a foam core inner, faced with either paper or a paper-based lining. It is very common for temporary displays, especially homemade. Ultra Board is a type of foam core board with a distinct construction consisting of a super durable, ultra-light foam core and pliable, plastic polystyrene facing. The ultimate differences are that the Ultra Board product is warp-proof, water-resistant, and built for long-lasting durability. In contrast, traditional foam core has a paper exterior that can easily and rapidly degrade when exposed to light, humidity, and typical wear and tear.
  • What’s there to know about ultraboard printing vs. gator board printed signs?

    Visually, ultra board and gator board prints look nearly identical. Plus, they have a very similar weight profile, cost, and durability. The difference between the two lies in the exterior coating, so often it is a matter of visual taste:
    • Ultra Board is finished with a light, slightly pliable layer of plastic coating.
    • Gator board is finished with a rigid, stiff wood veneer.
    The plastic coating on ultra board prints tends to have a slightly glossier look and a bit more glare. Wood veneer used for gator board still has a certain level of gloss. The difference is the gator board finish is more of clay faced gloss and the ultra board has a thicker, plastic shine. Another physical difference is that the ultra board will bend slightly when pressure is applied to both ends, where the gator board material will remain taut. That’s why often gator board material is a better option when building a 3-D display that requires a firm structural foundation.
  • Can ultraboard signs be used outside?

    No, ultraboard printed signs are not designed for outdoor use. Only choose ultraboard printing for indoor projects. For signage more appropriate for outdoor usage, Sintra board signs are a weatherproof alternative that would be a great fit for outdoor application. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss what sign material would be best for your project.


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