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    What are PVC-Free Wall Decals?

    PVC-free wall decals are decorative decals or stickers that are safe and eco-friendly. We use responsibly sourced HP PVC-free wallpaper. The material is sourced from well-managed forests and contains 10% recycled content. It is environmentally safe, odorless, and printed with GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM inks. Plus, it is easy to install and remove from walls by simply using water.

    PVC-free wall decals are perfect for a wide range of uses including nurseries, schools, doctor offices, areas for kids, and a great solution for any business that wants to go green or offer a safer environment for their customers. It’s also great for in-home nursery rooms or any child’s room!

    This innovative new product is the top choice of healthcare facilities and eco-conscious businesses around the world. This wallpaper is every bit as vibrant and rich as standard materials used for wall murals.

    Top Benefits of PVC-Free Wall Decals

    Looking for a non-toxic wall decal solution? PVC-free wall decals are the top choice for ensuring health and safety. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is incredibly important for keeping your customers, clients, and products healthy while indoors. Simply stick one of our PVC-free wall decals on your wall to safely update a blank wall!

    Our PVC-free wall decals don’t have phthalates. Most wall decals are made using PVC that contains additives like phthalates that help to soften plastic and make it more flexible. However, phthalates can cause adverse health effects. For example, many studies show that phthalates have endocrine-disrupting properties and can have a negative impact on health, especially in young children.

    If you are looking to go green, PVC-free wall decals are the way to go. Made with only FSC®-certified paper from responsibly managed forests and containing paper with 10% recycled post-consumer waste, PVC-free is the responsible choice.

    PVC-free decals are mold and mildew resistant, so you can use them in a wide range of locations including humid areas like bathrooms with no problem.

    Both water-resistant and flame resistant, our PVC-free wall decals are sure to last. If used indoors (away from the sun) they have a 20+ year lifespan and if on a commercial window display (in the sun) they can last up to 3 years.

    We can custom print any graphic or photograph to PVC-free wallpaper to use as a wall mural or decal. We use vibrant GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM inks that leave a beautiful matte finish.

    Best Uses for PVC-Free Wall Decals

    Here are some of the best uses for PVC-free material:

    • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
    • Special-needs facilities
    • Schools and daycare centers
    • Eco-conscious businesses
    • LEED Certified buildings
    • Adult-care facilities
    • Kids bathroom
    • Child’s room
    • Playroom

    Just like any of our custom wall decals, our PVC-free wall decals are incredibly versatile and can fit a vast array of needs. You can custom design a full, wrap-around wall mural that stretches the length of a long hallway. Or, you can print a catchy motto or inspirational quote to display on your wall or storefront. The options are completely unlimited!

    Looking for a custom cut? We are happy to custom cut your PVC-free wall decal however you’d like it! You can create your own custom PVC-free stickers in any custom shape!

    With incredibly easy install and removal, you have the flexibility of updating your space according to your needs. You can display a new business offer, post business hours, or transform rental walls without the hassle of paint.

    Do you need an eco wall decal to remind customers to practice social distancing, wash hands, or wear masks? PVC-free wall decals are a great non-toxic solution that won’t take up any additional space. Post them on store walls or on bathroom doors to reinforce the message. You can even pair the reminder with a floor decal for measuring out the 6 feet!

    Winning Features of PVC-Free Wall Decals

    • FSC® Certified material
    • GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM Certified wallpaper
    • Meet AgBB criteria
    • Odorless material
    • HP Latex Ink with the ECOLOGO and GREENGUARD certifications.
    • Vivid color, high-definition detail
    • Ultra-smooth, matte finish
    • Quick installation and removal with only water
    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • Flame and water-resistant
    • Made with at least 10% post-consumer recycled materials
    • Indoor display permanence up to 20 years
    • HP Warranty

    Sizing for PVC Free Wall Decals

    PVC free wall decals are incredibly versatile when it comes to size options.

    Our printing capabilities cover a wide range from 6” to 240”, wide and high. The material itself comes in a wide range of sizes with a max width of 4.5 feet. However, for coverage greater than that, we can easily piece together several pieces to create a seamless mural or wall display.

    Remember, these decals can wrap around corners or even extend onto the ceiling, so make sure to calculate the size correctly according to your wall design.

    For similar sizing options check out our custom wall murals.


    Our team is available to deliver and install our PVC-free wall decals anywhere in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. For certain corporate and enterprise projects our team can fly to your business.

    We highly recommend professional installation for any large projects greater than 10 feet. Contact us for more information.

    For smaller projects, PVC-free wall decals are easy to install yourself. We deliver your custom wall decals on easy to remove the backing to guarantee installation is simple and straightforward. All you need is water!

    Generally, we recommend a few other tools to make the process as easy for you as possible including a sponge, spray bottle (filled with water), razor knife, and plastic squeegee.

    Installation Steps for PVC-free Decals

    1. Make sure your decal is at room temperature.
    2. Prepare the wall surface. Ensure it’s clean and dry.
    3. Once the surface is prepared, mark where your design will be displayed using something you can easily remove (such as masking tape).
    4. With your decal printed side face-down, spray the back of your PVC free decal material with water. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. During this time you can spray additional panels if necessary and time permitting.
    5. After five minutes, you can carefully lift your panel. Line up the top edge to where your panel needs to go. Carefully press the decal onto the desired surface pressing firmly to secure the decal to the wall.
    6. Thoroughly press the sticker to the surface and make sure to apply pressure across the entire decal to ensure proper adhesion.
    7. If desired, you can use a squeegee to more easily adhere the decal to the surface and press out any air pockets or bubbles.
    8. Using the damp sponge, gently clean the surface and edges of the decal to clean it of any excess adhesive.
    9. If you have additional panels or decals to install, you can move on to the next and repeat the process.
    10. Trim any excess decal material with the razor knife, if necessary.
    11. The adhesion is instant, but allow up to 24 hours for full adhesion.

    Feel free to contact the Wallcovering Installers Association if you are interested in having an outside professional install your decal.

    Life Span of PVC-Free Wall Murals

    The shelf life of the material is listed by the manufacturer at one-year, but fully installed murals will last several years, depending on the conditions. More exposure to outside elements can degrade the material faster, but in a closed indoor environment, the PVC-Free wall murals will last many good years.

    Guidelines from HP:

    • Operating Temperature 15 to 30° C / 59 to 86° F
    • Operating Humidity 15 to 80% RHSUB

    The manufacturer HP lists permanence as follows:

    • Display Permanence (Indoor home or office) 20+ years, away from direct sun with HP Latex Inks
    • Display Permanence (Commercial in-window) Up to 3 years, unlaminated with HP Latex Inks

    For a full data-sheet, please see the PVC-Free Wallpaper data sheet.

    Caring for Your PVC-Free Wall Murals

    These custom wall decals are easy to wash with a slightly damp, gentle cloth. Do not use strong cleaners or scrubs that will scratch the surface or cause the decal to peel away from the surface.

    Local Delivery and Installation

    We are happy to deliver and install our PVC-free wall decals anywhere in San Diego and North Orange County.

    Nationwide Shipping

    Once we have completed your custom PVC-free wall decals, we will ship them to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we will ensure your experience is amazing!

    Etched Glass Window Film Questions and Answers

    • How are frosted decals different from clear or opaque?

      Frosted glass decals offer you the best of both worlds. Like clear, they allow light to filter through and like opaque they provide a certain level of privacy and can add a powerful visual element to your space.
    • Will the decal impact the transparency of my storefront window or glass office walls?

      Yes. Our custom frosted glass decals are designed intentionally to alter the transparency of existing glass. The vinyl mimics an etched or frosted glass design, so it lowers the transparency, allows light and shadows to filter through, while obstructing clarity.
    • How does color look when it’s printed on the frosted decal?

      Colored prints on our custom frosted glass decal will appear semi-translucent and allow light and shadow through.
    • Do you offer frosted lettering?

      Yes. Our custom frosted glass decals can be custom cut in any kind of shape or design you desire, including letters or numbers.
    • Can I cut my decals in any shape or design?

      Yes. When we say custom that means you are able to customize the cut, color, style, and size according to your preferences. The opportunity to customize includes reverse cut, printed, and even blank. We will work with you to bring to life whatever design you dream up. Feel free to contact us directly in order to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.
    • Am I able to order a blank sheet of frosted vinyl material?

      Yes, if you would simply like to install a blank sheet of frosted glass vinyl simply order this product, specify the size you desire, and do not add any design elements to your order.
    • Are custom frosted glass decals the same as etched glass vinyl or stickers?

      Yes. There are many different names for this product that include (but are not limited to):
      • Etched glass decals
      • Frosted window decals
      • Frosted transparent film
      • Window etching decals
      • Transparent decorative film
      • Privacy window film
      • Adhesive privacy film
      • Transparent window stickers
      • Frosted adhesive vinyl
    • Will exposure to sun, rain or other elements have an impact on my decal?

      The design of our decals makes them suitable for both indoors and out. However, with time and continued exposure to natural elements, your decal will begin to naturally degrade. Decals used indoors tend to outlive decals used outdoors. However, both uses are appropriate for our custom frosted glass decals.
    • Will frosted glass decals or lettering ruin or damage my window?

      No. You can be sure that the adhesive is strong, however, these decals are remarkably easy to remove. When you are ready to remove them, you can simply peel them right off. Sometimes, if decals are left on for extended periods of time or if they have been exposed to extreme temperatures the adhesive will leave a residual. This residue is easy to remove with a cleaning solution and razor blade without harming the window quality.

    1 review for PVC-Free Wall Decals

    1. Kate, Savannah Design Group

      We have used this application twice and it is amazing! Gives a teenagers room a complete “Pottery Barn” look for the right price and scale. We did a Tennis and La Cross Mural. Mark explained how to install this product and it was just as easy as he said. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a large wall graphic with vivid colors as well as a crisp clear image for their office or home.

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