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    What are Custom Frosted Glass Decals? What is Etched Glass Window Film?

    Our custom frosted glass decals use translucent vinyl to mimic an elegant “frosted” or “etched” appearance on surfaces such as glass, mirrors, and more. Their transparency is enough to let light into your space while the subtle opacity ensures effective privacy.

    Entirely customizable, the frosted glass decals can display branding, advertise or share business information. Unlike traditionally etched glass and mirrors, using frosted glass decals means you can remove the vinyl whenever you want.

    Our frosted glass decals blend in nicely with existing design and decor and can be customized with your logo, product details, business information, and more. Often businesses use custom frosted glass decals on storefront windows or glass-walled boardrooms and offices.

    Top Benefits of Custom Frosted Glass Decals

    High-quality frosted glass decals mimic the appearance of etched or sandblasted glass or windows at a fraction of the cost. If permanent window frosting is out of your budget, adding custom frosted glass decals is an easy way to achieve the same look. These decals will maximize light in your space while also creating an added layer of privacy.

    Another benefit of using frosted decals is that it creates an upscale, sophisticated look. So, it’s a perfect fit for a wide range of business owners. From doctors to lawyers, to retail stores, offices, and more, adding a frosted glass feature to your business will leave a strong impression on your customers.

    Especially important in rental spaces, custom frosted glass decals are easy to remove and will not damage underlying surfaces.

    For another upscale, non-invasive, and cost-effective option to catch your customer’s attention, check out floor decals. You might also be interested in installing a beautiful custom wall mural to leave a lasting impression on visitors to your office or business.

    Winning Features of Custom Frosted Glass Decals

    • Adhesive back vinyl suitable for non-porous surfaces
    • Semi-translucent vinyl allows natural light through
    • Obscures vision with frosted appearance
    • Sophisticated “etched glass” look
    • Custom design and sizing
    • Contour-cut for lettering and intricate details
    • Perfect for short-term and long-term projects
    • Durable for both indoor and outdoor use
    • No damage to original surface
    • Easy to install PLUS we offer installation services

    Custom Frosted Glass Decal Surface Options

    Our vinyl frosted glass decals adhere best to glass, mirrors, metal, windows, and other non-porous surfaces. Sometimes customers also apply frosted glass decals to laptops or desks. 

    Ideally, you should install the decal on a smooth surface for optimal visual impact. Plus, when the underlying surface is textured you risk tearing the vinyl and weakening the adhesive. 

    If you have a question about whether your surface is suitable or not, give us a call directly so we can discuss your options.

    Sizing for Custom Frosted Glass Decals

    Frosted glass decals often are designed for covering office walls or wide storefronts. Our sizing options are virtually unlimited, but common sizes range from 6” to 240” wide and high. So whether you need a small frosted glass decal of your logo or a large panel to ensure privacy, we can work with you to get you what you need in the size you desire. 

    For big surface areas, we can print multiple decals that are then pieced together for a seamless frosted glass look. There are also ways to utilize empty space between designs to create sophisticated and elegant frosted glass designs. 

    Our custom frosted glass decals can also be cut in any shape you like. That includes curved edges, reverse cut, and any other die-cut designs.


    Our team is available to deliver and install our custom frosted glass decals anywhere in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. For certain corporate and enterprise projects our team can also fly to your business. Because this translucent vinyl must be installed seamlessly and smoothly for maximum impact, we recommend either professional installation or a thorough review of the installation process before you install it.

    If you are installing these decals yourself, you may need an additional person to assist you depending on the size of your frosted glass decal. Decals with logos, typography, or die-cut features will come pre-spaced and pre-masked with transfer tape for simple installation. 

    Installation Process
    1. Prepare the surface. Thoroughly wash and clean. 
    2. Ensure your surface is completely dry. 
    3. Mark the position on the wall where you will put the decal. 
    4. Use masking tape to adhere the top edge of your decal exactly where it should go. The tape will act as a hinge. This way your placement is stable and in the right spot. 
    5. When the surface is entirely ready, remove part of the backing from the decal, starting at the top edge. 
    6. Using a squeegee, apply pressure to adhere the graphic to the surface, working slowly from the top down.
    7. Continue peeling the backing slowly down the decal continually applying pressure to adhere the decal to the wall surface.
    8. If bubbles or wrinkles appear, gently lift the portion of the decal away from the window and re-adhere. 
    9. Once you have firmly adhered the entire decal, run the squeegee over it one last time to reinforce the adhesive. 
    10. Begin to gently remove the pre-mask pulling from the bottom corner up at a 90-degree angle. 
    11. Once you’ve removed the premask, lay the premask liner over the decal once more and run the squeegee one final time over the liner placed on top of the decal. 
    12. If working with multiple panels or pieces, repeat the process for each until you’ve completed your frosted glass design. Make sure to verify the precise position with each section to align your image correctly. 
    13. The adhesion is instant, but it may take several days for the adhesive to fully bind to the glass or underlying surface.

    Life Span of Custom Frosted Glass Decals

    Our custom frosted glass decals are long-lasting yet easily removable. 

    When using these decals indoors on a clean glass surface they can last for several years before you will start to see peeling and fraying. 

    If you already know where your custom frosted glass decals will be displayed, let us know. We can provide you with an estimate of the average lifespan according to your specific situation. 

    Remember, you can easily remove your decals at any time, simply peel off and discard.

    Looking for a wall surface display? Our custom wall murals are a long-lasting but easily removable office display for you to check out.

    Caring for Your Custom Frosted Glass Decals

    Since frosted glass decals are transparent, the underlying surface has a big impact on the final look. So, the first step in caring for these decals is to ensure you install them properly on an appropriate surface. Any dirt or moisture trapped beneath the decal will weaken the adhesion and visual quality.

    After proper application, your frosted glass decals can be lightly cleaned with a damp cloth. Regular cleaning and dusting will ensure that dust and dirt doesn’t get embedded in the edges and diminish your decals lifespan and overall appearance.

    Do not allow your decals to be exposed to excessive moisture, do not power wash, and do not use harsh chemicals.

    Local Delivery & Installation Services

    We are happy to deliver and install custom frosted glass decals anywhere in San Diego and North Orange County.

    Nationwide Shipping

    Once we have completed your custom frosted glass decals, we will ship them to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we will ensure your experience is amazing!

    Etched Glass Window Film Questions and Answers

    • How long does Etched Glass Window Film last?

      Applied indoors to a clean glass surface, frosted window film can last for several years before peeling and fraying along the edges. The application is really quick since it requires no adhesives. The removal process is even quicker – just peel off the etched window decals and discard!

    7 reviews for Custom Frosted Glass Decals & Etched Glass Window Film

    1. Philip R

      Great product and great shop. We used them to get a custom etched window vinyl job for the company and it turned out beautifully. Fast turnaround and great guys to work with A .

    2. Paul Evasick

      Long Island Marriott loves the work Coastal Creative did to dress up our hotel entrances and public spaces. Mark and his team are true professionals and the personal touch Mark adds goes a long way in making a lasting relationship. We will be back for more graphics in 2018 to further improve or décor!! The graphics have taken our spaces to a new level.

    3. Ryan Kowalski, Crunch Fitness

      Coastal Creative has done a number of graphics and banners for my fitness club and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team at coastal creative works diligently and efficiently. The graphics are brighter and more detailed than our previous displays. The price for the work was also a lot cheaper than the previous companies we used. Mark is professional and always answered my calls if I needed anything or had any questions. We will continue to utilize the services with Coastal Creative and have I no intentions of looking elsewhere.

    4. Brett Gottlieb, Comprehensive Advisor

      I just walked in and it looks amazing…Thanks a bunch we are very happy. 

    5. Sara Florin, Now or Never Comics

      Coastal Creative exceeded my expectations! Stacey has been prompt to reply and has made excellent suggestions for the right materials for my projects. She also helped complete a rush order in time for my business to open. I can’t wait to do more projects with Coastal Creative to add the finishing touches to my small business!

    6. Dari DeSousa, Marriott

      Coastal Creative has been such a great business partner for us over the last several years! Their team takes a simple idea of mine and translates that to amazing visuals! They have a great team, easy to work with, solid communicators and will absolutely deliver a product on time. Their support for our CMNH golf tournament with the San Diego Marriott Business Council has been world class! Thank you Mark and Todd!

    7. Bianca Reyes – Villa Park Landscape

      Coastal Creative was great to work with! We decided to add frosted vinyl to our office glass and they were the perfect company for the job. Stacey helped us with quote revisions and design to get the right look in our office. After the estimate and proofs were approved we were able to get the job installed the next week. The installation crew was quick and clean. I will definitely work with them again in the future!

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