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    What are Custom Die Cut Vinyl Decals?

    Customizable die cut vinyl stickers are printed according to your design specifications and can be cut exactly to any desired shape. This means there is no background, bleed, or filler area once you install the vinyl. The “background” will be the surface onto which you apply the sticker and allows you to utilize negative space. So, it’s perfect for lettering, numbering, or any kind of intricate shape or contour cut decal. 

    Our custom die cut vinyl decals come pre-spaced and placed on transfer tape for easy installation directly on your surface of choice. That makes for hassle-free installation, plus ensures a sharp, professional feature for either your home or business!

    This type of vinyl decal or sticker is commonly used for posting hours on storefront windows, installing messages onto businesses walls, and for creating custom decals for work trucks.

    Top Benefits of Custom Die Cut Vinyl Decals

    One of the primary advantages of custom cut vinyl decals is that the design can be intricate and still easily contour cut. Whether you are looking for wall lettering, patterns that loop and swirl, or artwork in non-standard shapes, these decals are one of the most versatile options available. The best part, you don’t have to worry about any background area interfering with your design! 

    The vinyl clings to any smooth surface and the adhesive won’t cause any damage to the underlying surface. That means you can put up die cut messages on any flat surface such as walls and windows to spread your brand slogan or post store hours. 

    A great display to pair with your die cut vinyl decals are our custom floor decals.

    Winning Features of Die Cut Vinyl Decals

    • High quality 3M, Arlon, or Oracle vinyl
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Durable and water resistant
    • Printed with fade-resistant UV inks
    • Contour-cut for lettering and intricate shapes
    • Pre-spaced on transfer tape
    • Easy to install and remove

    Custom Die Cut Vinyl Decal Surface Options

    Our die cut vinyl is incredibly versatile and adheres best to glass, dry-wall and non-porous surfaces. They can also be applied to wood, stone, concrete, and other surfaces.

    If the wall is textured you risk tearing the vinyl and weakening the adhesive which can cause your die cut decal to fall or begin to peel away from the wall.

    If you are not sure whether your surface is suitable or not, give us a call or contact us directly so we can discuss your options.

    Sizing for Die Cut Vinyl Decals

    These custom die cut vinyl decals are entirely customizable, even when it comes to size. Your sizing options are virtually unlimited.
    So whether you need a small decal to post hours on your business storefront or want to cover a massive wall with your company motto, we can work with you to get you what you need.

    For oversized graphics, we print multiple decals that are then pieced together for seamless presentation. There are also ways to utilize empty space between designs to create intricate designs.

    Remember, our custom die cut vinyl decals can also be cut into any shape you like. That includes detailed edge designs and various fonts.


    Our team is available to deliver and install our custom die cut vinyl decals anywhere in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. For certain corporate and enterprise projects our team can fly to your business. 

    Our custom die cut vinyl is also easy to install yourself. We deliver your custom die cut vinyl decals directly to you pre-spaced and set on the transfer tape to guarantee installation is simple and straightforward. 

    1. Prepare your surface. Ensure it’s clean and dry.
    2. Once the surface is ready, mark where your design will be displayed using something you can easily remove (such as masking tape).
    3. Peel off the paper backing revealing the sticky surface. 
    4. Carefully place your sticker onto the desired surface pressing firmly. You should be able to see your design through the transfer tape. 
    5. Thoroughly press the sticker to the surface and make sure to apply pressure across the entire decal to ensure proper adhesion. If desired, you can use a squeegee to more easily adhere the decal to the surface.
    6. After you’ve ensured the sticker is in place without bubbles or creases, gently remove the pre-masked transfer tape. Starting at the top corner, lift slowly and pull down gently to remove the tape. 
    7. The adhesion is instant, but allow up to 24 hours before cleaning the graphic.

    Life Span of Custom Die Cut Vinyl Decals

    Our custom die cut vinyl decals come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 3 year installation warranty.

    Often, die cut vinyl decals and stickers last much longer than 3 years. If located indoors, out of direct sunlight and on a smooth surface that is away from high-traffic areas, these die cut stickers are likely to outlast their warranty. Proper installation and care will only add to their durability and life span.

    Caring for Your Custom Die Cut Vinyl Decals

    The vinyl decals are easy to wash with a damp, gentle rag. Do not use strong cleaners or scrubs that will scratch the surface or cause the decal to peel away from the surface.

    Local Delivery and Installation Services

    We are happy to deliver and install our custom die cut vinyl decals anywhere in San Diego and North Orange County.

    Nationwide Shipping

    Once we have completed your custom die cut vinyl decals, we will ship them to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we will ensure your experience is amazing!


    • What are the best uses for custom die cut vinyl decals?

      Die cut vinyl will not obscure the surface to which it is applied. So, it offers an ideal choice for vehicle and wall lettering. Other common uses are for branding or decals in office spaces that can be used on the outward-facing side of a desk or counter or on glass windows. They are also able to be applied as laptop stickers or to sound gear like amps and speakers. Check out our post Wall Murals & Decals Made Easy covering easy to employ ideas for die cut vinyl decals.
    • How do I decide if die cut vinyl is right for my project?

      Die cut vinyl decals are ideal for:
      • Intricate designs with many loops, holes, and shapes
      • Designs with only a few colors
      • Sizes larger than a bumper sticker
      • When you do not want to entirely cover the underlying surface.
    • Can I reuse my die cut vinyl sticker?

      No. Our vinyl lettering is easy to remove, however it is not repositionable. Once installed, you cannot remove it and reuse it in a different place or on a different surface.
    • What surfaces can I apply it to?

      Any smooth, non porous surface is a good fit for this type of vinyl. It is able to be used either indoors or out. You can apply to surfaces such as vehicle exteriors (cars, trucks and boats), tinted windows, painted walls (particularly painted with oil paint), metal, glass, plastic, and other non-porous materials. Do not use on untreated wood, brick, cinderblock, concrete, most wallpaper, paneling or heavily textured surfaces. We do not recommend applying the decal to recently painted surfaces or wet paint.
    • What happens if there are bubbles when I apply it?

      ​Following the installation instructions and carefully applying should ensure that no bubbles remain. However, when you are applying the decal if you see small bubbles carefully lift the portion just applied and reapply. If large bubbles still remain after you’ve completed the installation, you can puncture the bubble with a pin or needle to release the air. Then press the decal gently to the surface.
    • How do I remove it?

      Vinyl decals can simply be peeled off. The younger or more recently they’ve been applied, the easier it will be. Often a plastic “razor blade” or thin plastic hand tool is used to help lift up and scrape off the decal without damaging the underlying surface. For really old vinyl that has become old and brittle, using a heat gun can help ease the process. The heat will warm the underlying adhesive and make it easier to lift up the vinyl.

    8 reviews for Custom Die Cut Vinyl Decals

    1. Kiana

      These guys did some work for us over here at Quartyard in East Village and it was awesome. Great work and great service. They do a variety of things for us and it’s always a pleasure working with them. Always quality!

    2. Cody Russell, Tunnel Vision

      I have been using Coastal Creative for all of my marketing materials over the past year and would recommend them to anyone for any of their marketing needs. They are great at creating custom work and always deliver on time.

    3. Daniel McEwan

      I was looking to custom wrap some extrusions in a yellow and black finish vs painting which had been our original choice and a nightmare at that. After shopping around for a better price I ended up talking to Coastal Repro who gave me the best deal out of everyone. Not only was he informative and polite but also very professional and followed up immediately with all questions answered. To top it off the quality of work is spot on.

    4. Marina S

      Great vinyl installation! Totally transformed the space! Honest up-front quote, at fraction of wallpaper cost. Fantastic team to schedule and work with. Highly recommend to anyone looking to add a feature wall.

    5. Heather Martin, 18 Doors

      So thrilled with Coastal Creative! They created this awesome die cut vinyl logo for 18Doors new office space. It changed the entire look and feel of the office. Mark, Amanda and Beau were amazing to work with and they turned the project around quickly and professionally. Highly recommend them for any commercial printing needs.

    6. Matthew Turner, Mammoth Resorts

      We’ve done a couple jobs with Coastal. On the last one, we had a scheduled install date during a remodel but plans changed and Coastal was able to accommodate a new, much shorter time frame. Install of a very large interior piece went smoothly and looks great, with great communication the whole time.

      We’ve also done exterior pieces with them, and are very happy with the results.

    7. VTK, Marriott International

      Coastal Creative is an amazing printing company that has the capabilities to create and print whatever your organization needs are. These images represent a 10′ x 40′ wall with marketing collateral about our renovation. A great and cost effective way to hide construction walls while showcasing what’s planned ahead. Great company that can do anything you need for printing and marketing your brand!

    8. Nora Crivello, Westpak

      So impressed with the Coastal Creative team! Mark and his team were flexible, responsive and priced right. Professional and top notch customer service.

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