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    What are Custom Dibond Signs?

    For the sleek, modern aluminum look with added durability, custom Dibond signs are an incredibly popular solution.

    Custom Dibond Signs Substrate Breakdown

    Dibond brand name signs are stronger and less flexible than traditional aluminum signs due to the high-density solid plastic core. Faced with two sheets of .012” thick aluminum bonded directly to the polyethylene core, the heavy-duty exterior makes this a serious weatherproof surface to withstand rust, rot and chemicals, and other elements. The trusted Dibond name has been the industry’s leading aluminum composite material (ACM) for 15+ years.

    Our Custom Dibond signs are stronger, lighter, and thicker than aluminum. It offers 10x more strength than a sheet of .04” aluminum, making it the 4th strongest sign material we offer (ARMOUR-Wood metal signs are #1). The Dibond material is also remarkably lightweight at only 32 pounds for a full 4’x8’ sheet. Plus, the combination of metal and plastic add a level of thickness for a more pleasing solidity to your sign display.

    The signs are virtually maintenance-free and are great for both indoor and outdoor usage. You can learn more details about dibond sign print options in our Buyers Guide to Dibond Prints.

    Top Benefits of Custom Dibond Signs

    Our custom Dibond signs are fully customizable and durable. They are a great solution for a professional, long-lasting sign for all businesses! You can trust that your sign will resist the elements and showcase your brand effortlessly and elegantly.

    Custom options include the ability to cut your dibond sign into any shape including unique contour cuts and letters. We can cut to the shape of your logo or even lettering cuts for unique and sleek signage.

    When it comes to design, you have many options for your display. Beautiful photo replications can be printed on the dibond aluminum surface for a stunning display. We also offer matte or gloss finish options for adding an extra touch to your finished product. 

    Since Dibond construction is fully weather-proof, it is a great solution for outdoor and indoor signs. Your sign can be mounted with screws, hung in a frame, and is easy to drill into place. Their high strength to weight ratio makes them a great choice for hanging on a wide range of surfaces. 

    Some of the most popular uses for custom Dibond signs include: 

    • Business
    • Digital photo prints
    • Corporate signage
    • Architectural
    • Tradeshow
    • Real Estate
    • Commercial
    • Marina
    • Directional
    • Hospital
    • University
    • Industrial

    If you are looking to find out more about Dibond sign printing and other common sign materials, read more about the comparisons in our blog article: Sign Materials 101.

    As an alternative outdoor sign option, you might want to check out our coroplast signs. On the other hand, for a stunning indoor photo gallery with a more traditional and classic look check out our canvas photo prints.

    Winning Features of Custom Dibond Signs

    • Highly attractive, rigid aluminum exterior
    • Lightweight polyethylene core
    • Fade-resistant UV inks
    • High-resolution digital printing
    • Custom size and cut to any shape
    • Dual-sided printing available for hanging signage
    • Great for mounting, and light enough to be mounted to drywall

    Print Options for Custom Dibond Signs

    Dibond has two print-ready faces in a variety of colors and finishes.

    Our printable aluminum surfaces come in a few options including:

    • Coil painted paint
    • Brushed aluminum – Ultra-premium metal look, modern design
    • Bronzed finish – Premium look

    If you need a custom color for your Dibond printing, please contact us directly for customization. We would be happy to discuss the project with you and advise you on what might look best in your intended space.

    Our Dibond printing process involves the use of solvent-free, non-toxic, and UV fade-resistant inks for long-lasting visual displays. Additionally, you can print double-sided onto Dibond aluminum boards instead of just a single side.

    If you are looking for a sharp, photo-rich display consider print on Dibond. Its brilliant surface can showcase detailed, full-color photographs for a long-lasting visual investment for either indoors or out.

    Sizing for Custom Dibond Signs

    Dibond sheets are available in sizes from 6”x6” to 10’x10’. That means you can create small signage or large outdoor displays in a wide range of sizes. Plus, we can create even larger signs by combining multiple panels of Dibond.

    Plus, we offer Dibond aluminum in a variety of thickness, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm. We have found that our most popular option is 3mm, as it offers the right amount of lightness and durability that fits most project needs. Of course, if you have a specific request for a thicker or thinner Dibond, contact us directly and we can get you exactly what you need!

    Cutting Options for Custom Dibond Signs

    Dibond is remarkable for its ability to be cut into detailed and sophisticated shapes.

    Given its solid interior and exterior, it can be cut to any shape and will not warp or curl at its edges. Plus, it is easy for us to cut it, so we are more than happy to custom cut your custom Dibond sign project into typographic letters and intricate shapes. So feel free to send us a design with plenty of whimsical loops and curls, Dibond can handle it!

    Consider cutting your sign to the outline of your logo, or think about designing creative three-dimensional looks by positioning multiple Dibond signs in front of each other for a layered effect.

    Dibond looks great as hanging signage too and we can also cut holes according to your specifications.


    Installation of custom Dibond signs is super simple and there are many different methods to do so whether indoors or out. Their lightweight profile makes them a good fit for interior walls and their tough construction makes them able to be used for outdoor signage as well.

    Here are some of the common ways to install Dibond signs:

    • Mechanical installation with screws, drills, or nails
    • Hanging or suspending
    • Placing on stand
    • Framing
    • Using standoffs
    • Fixing with very strong bonding glue

    Be sure to specify if you need us to drill holes for you so you can hang your sign properly. If you forgot, you can easily drill the holes yourself with a standard metal drill bit.

    There are many options available for installation and what you decide is up to the location and purpose of the sign. A mounting kit can save you time and money on proper installation.

    Always feel free to contact us directly to get our recommendations on the best option for you.

    Lifespan of Custom Dibond Signs

    Custom Dibond signs are made of a lightweight, yet extremely long lasting combination of materials that can last for years.

    While lifespan will vary depending on the location, these signs can last from 3 years to over a decade or longer. Dibond composite signs will not swell, rust, corrode, rot or delaminate when exposed to water and moisture.

    • Uncoated Economy Grade signs are rated to last up to 3 years outdoors.
    • Standard Grade Signs are coated with a clear, UV Protective Lamination and rated to last up to 5 years outdoors.
    • Premium Grade Signs are also coated with a clear, UV Protective Lamination and are rated to last 6-8 years outdoors.

    If used indoors, any grade of Dibond signs can last decades. The Dibond material itself will last longer than the inks.

    Generally, investing in a laminate will increase the longevity of your sign and add a sleeker, fresh overall look.

    Dibond requires no additional maintenance in order to extend its longevity, but regular cleaning will help keep your sign looking its best.

    You might also be interested in our custom aluminum signs which offer a similarly long-lasting and quality display. For a less expensive and temporary outdoor signage option checkout our coroplast signs.

    Caring for Your Custom Dibond Signs

    During the handling and installation of custom Dibond signs, extreme care must be exercised. The painted finish is not scratch resistant. Although Dibond metal signs are highly weather and fade-resistant, the paint can be easily scratched if you’re not careful.

    When cleaning the surface, only use a mild soapy water solution and the softest cloth you can find. Don’t use dry paper towels as they can put extremely fine scratches in the paint which may be visible up close.

    Local Delivery and Installation Services

    We are happy to deliver and install our custom dibond signs anywhere in Southern California.

    For certain corporate and enterprise projects we are happy to discuss additional options with you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Nationwide Shipping

    Once we’ve completed your custom dibond sign project, we’ll ship it to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we’ll ensure your experience is amazing!

    Dibond Signs Questions and Answers

    • What is Dibond, and how is it different from Aluminum?

      Dibond is a composite material composed of two sheets of aluminum permanently bonded to a high-density, lightweight plastic core. The plastic core adds incredible durability and rigidity while the aluminum exterior creates a striking, professional and weatherproof surface that produces beautiful prints. The end result is similar in appearance to an aluminum sign, but thicker, stronger and more durable. Standard Aluminum, when used for signs, offers a thinner profile and a time-tested, professional sign option. Plus it is fully recyclable and flexible for shaping into distinctive shapes. Primary Differences:
      • Dibond is about 50% lighter than standard aluminum signage material, since it’s an aluminum composite, and not fully aluminum.
      • Aluminum may warp from the wind, while dibond offers a more rigid, impact-resistant option.
      • It is possible to weld aluminum. Dibond cannot be welded.
      • Dibond sheets may allow leaks between panels IF not sealed properly.
    • How heavy is Dibond?

      Dibond signs are heavier than both Sintra Board and Gator Board. However, it still has a remarkably lightweight profile, especially considering its reliable rigidity and weather-resistant durability. The great thing about dibond is it is light enough to easily transport, mount on drywall, and be hung from most ceilings. Dibond will hang in place more securely than most signage and won’t be impacted by a breeze coming from an air condition vent.
    • Are the edges of a Dibond sign sharp?

      The edges of our custom Dibond signs can be sharp and pointy. If you would prefer rounded edges, we can custom cut the edges according to your preference.
    • Is a Dibond sign reflective?

      Our standard Dibond sign material is not reflective, however, if you would like a reflective coating let us know. We can apply a custom finish at an added cost so your sign has a reflective coating.
    • Can I drill holes into my Dibond sign myself?

      Yes. If you drill your own holes and cause damage, we will not repair or replace your sign. If you would like us to custom cut holes for you, please specify in your order.

    5 reviews for Custom Dibond Signs

    1. Matt Guilbert

      As one of the owners of the Regal Seagull, we couldn’t be happier with our sign. I’ll be looking for other things for Mark to do for us that utilize this material.

    2. James Reid

      Mark made two office signs for reception, both were of excellent quality – Thank you

    3. Matt Dorrance

      Working with Mark and his team was a complete pleasure. Very professional team offering friendly service with lots of knowledge about their craft. They made multiple suggestions that ultimately helped create the best possible signs for our three different locations. The signs themselves are top quality and look just the way we designed them. The combination of dibond backing & acrylic lettering created a visually appealing sign that we are proud to display in and on our buildings. Shipping across the country the signs arrived safely without any damage or issues. From start to finish – top notch service. Glad I found Coastal Creative and I would highly recommend them to anyone- they’ll take care of you right.

    4. Eric G.

      I’m a display designer with very high standards of quality. Coastal Creative has printed several custom Dibond panels for me — all with excellent results. From the quality of the work, to the customer service, I highly recommend these guys. I’m looking forward to my next project with them!

    5. Deandre Moore, Beauty Bakerie

      I can’t even find the right set of words to describe how much we loved the work that the Coastal Creative team provided us. As a creative brand, it was important that our office matched our aesthetic and spoke to our creativity. I’m so thankful that we trusted in the team’s vision because we finally have a workspace that fits us visually.

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