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Coroplast makes modern, bright, and rigid plastic corrugated signage for both indoor and outdoor use. It is both lightweight and easy to use, while also durable and water-resistant. Choose custom coroplast signs for effective, eye-catching yard signage!

    • Low Cost
    • Durable
    • Lightweight

We use the highest quality coroplast or corrugated plastic material for our custom coroplast signs.

custom coroplast signs substrate breakdown

With two polypropylene sheets held together by the perpendicularly fluted or ribbed interior, you can be confident your sign maintains its lightweight, yet rugged strength. This internal fluting creates the characteristic slightly ribbed texture on the signs facing.

Coroplast uses non-toxic, waterproof plastic material that is incredibly long-lasting and colorfast. The polypropylene plastic surface ensures that your printed sign graphic will not be affected by most oils or water. Plus, all of our coroplast material has a surface treatment that allows inks and adhesives to adhere to it flawlessly.

Using this type of polypropylene copolymer material for your signage also gives you the option of properly recycling your signs once you’ve used them. Coroplast is 100% recyclable under Resin Code 5. You can contact your local recycling center for more information on how to recycle this type of material.

You might have heard of coroplast under a different name. Some of those include “plastic cardboard”, “corrugated plastic”, “pp plate sheet,” or “fluted polypropylene sheet”. So, if you’re looking for one of these products, you’re in the right place!
Aluminum Signs

Do you need something affordable, lightweight, rigid, and waterproof? Then coroplast signs are what you’re looking for! They are ideal for outdoor use, can be moved to a new location quickly, and can stand out in rain and sunlight to make sure customers see your signs.

Coroplast materials are best known as the industry standard for portable or temporary yard signs. Often they are used by real estate agents, for political campaigns, or by landscaping companies. 

The affordability and versatility of coroplast make it difficult not to choose. Plus, it has a tough, easily portable, and even waterproof profile. That means you can depend on this material for indoor and outdoor applications to share messages and catch your customers’ attention. 

While we often associate coroplast signage with homes for sale or election season, these signs are also perfect for special events or conferences. They are perfect for temporary directional signs, special birthday, wedding or anniversary events, or even adding some festivity to a yard or business exterior with seasonal decorations. 

When it comes to durability, our customers looking for lightweight temporary indoor and outdoor signage often wonder whether coroplast signs or foam boards are the right fit. For indoor and outdoor usage, we always recommend coroplast. However, if you are looking for signage that needs to be extremely lightweight and will be solely indoors, check out our foam board options.

  • Cost-effective and versatile
  • Recyclable, lightweight polypropylene material
  • Lightly ribbed surface texture
  • Waterproof, durable, and long-lasting
  • Great for portable indoor and outdoor signage
  • Best for temporary outdoor signage or long-term indoor signs
  • Choose from 2 thickness options: 3/16″ and 1/2″ 
  • Fade-resistant UV inks
  • Laminate finishing option
  • Custom design and cut
  • Double-sided print option
  • Wire-mounting stakes available
  • Incredible range of custom sizes

We offer coroplast signs in a wide range of sizes. We can cut Coroplast down to a specific, custom size or line up sheets together for larger projects. Generally, sizes range from a minimum of 4”x4” to a maximum of 48″ x 96”.

Standard coroplast signs are available in 2 thickness options. The standard 3/16″ and thicker, more durable 1/2″.

Of course, if you have a specific size request, reach out to us and we can work with you to get you what you need.

We print our signs with the highest quality UV inks directly onto the coroplast surface. This produces vibrant, beautiful designs for long-lasting color whether you use the signs indoors or out.

Remember, you can choose to print on either one or two sides. We also offer laminate finish for additional protection for an even longer-lasting design. Often customers do not opt for laminate if they know their signs will be used temporarily or short term.

Coroplast signs can be custom cut as desired, for example to fit a particular installation method.

Installation of custom coroplast signs depends on how you wish to use your signs. There are many different methods to do so whether you are using your sign indoors or out.

  • Some of the popular ways to install, mount or set up your coroplast sign include:
  • Attaching to walls with double-sided tape
  • Sticking to high-quality velcro
  • Setting up your sign on an easel
  • Aluminum stakes, metal H-frame, or wire mounting
  • Suction cups (don’t forget to ask for custom cut holes)
  • Zip Ties

Coroplast is a high-quality, long-lasting material. When used indoors, signs can last 5 years or more with proper care. When used outside, signs can last up to 2 years. Generally, this type of signage is for short-term outdoor use.

While coroplast signs are tough and water-resistant, they are not built to withstand high winds or extreme heat. Avoid leaving signs in a hot car, as they could potentially bend or bow.

Our high-quality UV inks are guaranteed not to fade for 1 year when used outdoors.

Remember, coroplast is also 100% recyclable under Resin Code 5. So when you finish using your signs, don’t forget to recycle them!

Caring for your coroplast sign properly will help ensure that it will last longer and retain a vibrant visual that will catch the attention of those passing by.

The waterproof surface means you can easily clean the surface with gentle soap and water. Do not use harsh or scratchy scrubbers that may damage the printed graphic or design on the surface.

Make sure to clean your sign regularly as the ribbed surface can gather light dust and appear dull. Regular cleaning will keep your sign looking vibrant and stand out to your customers.

Do not store your coroplast signs in hot trunks or scorching hot environments. To optimize the lifespan, store your sign somewhere with stable temperatures or display only in shaded areas (like covered walkways or entryways).

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