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    What is Custom Canvas Printing?

    We use high-quality textured canvas for our custom canvas prints. It’s easy! All you do is choose your design, photo, or graphic of choice, and then we print it directly onto the canvas material using UV-resistant inks. Once the ink is dried, the canvas is either wrapped around a custom-sized wood frame or rolled up and shipped to you.

    The final framed canvas is tightly stretched, professionally finished, and a beautiful display of your artwork.

    Custom Canvas Prints Material Breakdown

    Rolled prints (unframed) are sent to you and offer you the freedom to showcase them as you like.

    Often canvas prints showcase digital photos in a way that mimics the look of oil painting or acrylic painting. The canvas texture, combined with the clarity of the digitally printed ink results in a highly attractive, vibrant visual masterpiece.

    Top Benefits of our Canvas Printing in San Diego

    Canvas prints are long-lasting, durable, and lightweight. We use premium canvas, stretch it over custom-sized wood frames, and print using long-lasting, vibrant inks. Our method and choice of products guarantee that you get the best quality canvas prints! The incredibly lightweight aspect of these prints mean you can hang them easily and on most walls.

    One of the major benefits of canvas prints is affordability. That’s because you don’t need to invest in a special design or even a professional photo. We can take practically any digital photo and transform it into a beautiful canvas print. Of course, if you would like to showcase a specific visual, like your business logo, canvas prints are a great way to showcase your brand! If you’re interested in working with our design team to design an original graphic, please reach out to us directly.

    The canvas itself is incredibly affordable and, at the same time, a top of the line material for displaying art. The gallery-quality canvas we use is timeless, glare-free and you don’t even need a frame. On top of that, the textured canvas weave provides a layer of visual interest that simply looks luxe.

    Another great benefit? Generally, the sizing options for canvas prints are limitless! Feel free to specify exactly what size you’d like. Typically, sizes range from as small as 6” to as large as 16 feet tall and 75 feet long for print only. However, for stretched and framed canvas prints, our team can provide sizes up to as large as 10×10 feet.

    Winning Features of Custom Canvas Printing

    Custom Canvas Printing Features

    • Gallery-quality canvas fabric
    • Durable weaved and textured cotton or linen
    • Either hand-wrapped on wood frames or rolled prints
    • Multiple options for depth (1″, 1.5″ and 2″)
    • Hanging kit included (wire hanger, hooks, or french cleat)
    • Full color, UV inks
    • High-resolution digital prints
    • Interior use only
    • Long-lasting

    Custom Options for Canvas Printing in San Diego

    We can print any graphic, image, or photo onto our canvas.

    With this in mind, you can rest assured that our digital printer can print any digital design you would like us to print directly onto canvas. Since canvas printing reproduces the look of acrylic or oil paintings, it is a great choice for a wide range of designs. Given that, it is particularly a great choice if these prints will be used as long-term art displays. 

    You can choose to print photos, logos, quotes (mottos), custom designs, and more on canvas! If you are interested, our in-house graphic designers can help you craft the perfect design for your canvas printing project. We’ll work with you and your colors, theme, and imagery to ensure the design is on-brand and meets the project goals. We have affordable rates if you are interested in working with our canvas printing San Diego design team. Contact us or give us a call to discuss your ideas.

    Remember to specify if you are interested in receiving your canvas print rolled or pre-framed. 

    • Rolled print: Also called unstretched canvas, is available for faster, and easier shipping. Plus, it allows you to take your print and use it as you would like. Remember, that means we will not include the frames. 
    • Pre-framed print: These prints come pre-stretched around wood stretcher frames and are ready for hanging immediately upon arrival.

    Custom Canvas Rolled and Framed

    Sizing for Custom Canvas Printing

    Canvas prints are available in a vast range of size options. 

    We can print as small as 6″ x 6″ for small tabletop prints. For instance, this would be the perfect dimension for stocking stuffers or small gifts. 

    We can also print huge, wall-sized canvas prints up to 16 feet x 75 feet. These space enveloping canvas photo prints make for striking artwork in offices, lobbies, galleries, or any other large indoor space where you want to make an impression. It’s important to note that at this size, we do not offer pre-framing. 

    Custom Canvas Printing Frame Thickness

    Our pre-framed canvas prints are available in sizes up to 10×10 feet. For pre-framed, stretched prints, we offer a range of thickness or depth options which include: 

    • 1” 
    • 1.5”
    • 2”
    • 3” (Rarely, reserved for extra-large prints)

    For extra-large visual displays or a unique art feature, you can divide your image into multiple printed panels and hang them in varying patterns. The resulting effect adds an extra layer of visual interest. Feel free to reach out to us to get our expert advice on how to best display your printed canvas in your unique space. 

    For any other questions, you have about sizing, feel free to reach out to us directly! There are special order options available. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 

    Lifespan of Custom Canvas Prints

    Our custom canvas prints will last for many years with proper care and placement. Often these prints easily last for 5+ years.

    Displaying your canvas prints indoors, in a controlled environment and away from direct sunlight will can lead to prints lasting up to a decade or more. 

    However, prints that are outdoors, in direct sunlight, caught in an environment that is too humid or where it is exposed to excessive moisture will lead to quicker deterioration.

    In the event that you are looking for artwork that would be better suited for outdoors or indoor spaces that have high humidity levels, check out our custom acrylic prints. These prints are great for either indoor or outdoor and can resist moisture.

    If you want a more precise estimate for the lifespan of your custom canvas print, contact us to let us know where you will display it. We will gladly lend some advice about how to get the most amount of years out of your print.

    Caring for Your Custom Canvas Prints

    Your print requires minimal maintenance. Generally, regular light dusting will suffice. We recommend using a soft feather duster or gentle rag.

    If you need to remove a small mark or the dust seems to cling, you can use a dampened or very slightly moistened and non-abrasive rag.

    Always avoid harsh liquid chemical sprays or any rags or scrubbers that might damage the surface.

    Local Delivery and Installation

    We are happy to deliver and install custom printing projects to all of San Diego and South Orange County for certain projects.

    Canvas Prints | San Diego Made | Nationwide Shipping

    Once we’ve completed your custom canvas print project, we’ll ship it to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we’ll ensure your experience is amazing!

    Canvas Photo Printing Questions and Answers

    • What's the width of the product?

      When you order a canvas print from Coastal Creative, you have the options of ordering it rolled or pre-framed. The benefit of ordering a rolled up print is that it generally makes for faster, easier shipping, and also gives you the opportunity to transform the materials to suit your product. The benefit of odering a pre-framed print is that you can hang it immediately upon arrival. Do keep in mind that, depending on the size of your print, shipping may take longer or require special packaging.
    • Do you offer a guarantee?

      The materials used in the canvas printing process are hugely important in determining how well the image turns out. For this reason, we never skimp on the materials for our canvas photo prints. We use high quality archival canvas and inks made in the United States of America. Here at Coastal Creative, we always use the best materials available to ensure that each large format project turns out as perfect as possible.
    • What's the lead time on this product?

      Where paper or foamcore photo prints have their uses for temporary displays, a canvas print is a long lasting and highly attractive medium for longterm displays. Works that you are truly proud of deserve to be displayed proudly, and canvas is the perfect way to do just that. Both light weight and durable with plenty of sizing options, your art will look amazing printed on canvas.

    4 reviews for Custom Canvas Printing | San Diego

    1. Art Wager Photography

      I met with Mark and Todd last week about getting some fine art prints on canvas for me for display in a local gallery and sale on my site. After talking to them, I had them do five canvas prints, 16×24, stretched/framed and museum wrapped. They look awesome. After I picked them up, Mark even called me to make sure that I was 100% satisfied! Great product, great customer service – highly recommended.

    2. Alex Bryce – Glute Lab

      The design team did a great job, customer service was excellent with a fast turnaround, and installation was quick and painless. We will definitely be utilizing Coastal Creative’s services in the future!

    3. Ryan Kowalski – Crunch Fitness

      Coastal Creative has done a number of graphics and banners for my fitness club and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team at coastal creative works diligently and efficiently. The graphics are brighter and more detailed than our previous displays. The price for the work was also a lot cheaper than the previous companies we used. Mark is professional and always answered my calls if I needed anything or had any questions. We will continue to utilize the services with Coastal Creative and have I no intentions of looking elsewhere.

    4. Maile B

      The team at Coastal Creative helped us with a large canvas we wanted for some time to finish off our dining room. They assisted in editing the picture to our liking, providing framing options we wanted and overall were there every step of the way. It was a great experience and they are all professionals. Highly recommend and they deliver in the San Diego area!!

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