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What are Custom Aluminum Signs?

Custom Aluminum Signs are made using long-lasting aluminum metal sheets. This heavy-duty yet lightweight material is able to withstand rust, rot, and chemicals.

Custom Aluminum Prints Substrate Breakdown

With such a tough exterior, these signs have a remarkably clean, sleek, and sophisticated appearance. They are fitting for much more than road signs! Since they can last up to decades, it’s great to use it as an official outdoor business sign. Many businesses mount or hang their custom aluminum signs on well designed wooden posts, brick pillars, or even directly above their storefront.

Custom aluminum signs include designs cut into the aluminum and custom shapes.

Top Benefits of Custom Aluminum Signs

As one of the longest-lasting outdoor-friendly sign options on the market, the durability of custom aluminum signs is one of their biggest draws. They do not rust or rot like some other materials will. Plus, we can laminate the surface to provide a scratch-resistant finish and enhance the lifespan even longer.

Perhaps an underrated benefit is their thin construct. The incredibly durable aluminum is able to maintain its strength while keeping a slim, sleek profile. This allows your sign to be cut thinly, entirely custom cut, and even drilled with holes without losing shape or form.

If you need a sign for a parking lot or warning on a construction site, custom aluminum signs are the standard. Don’t forget to think outside the box though, that’s where the real benefit lies! Get creative with your custom design, as it’s certain to last a long time and you can easily catch the eyes of your customers for years.

Some of the most popular custom aluminum sign uses include:

  • Real estate signs
  • Permanent retail signs
  • Directional signs
  • Caution signs, warnings, notices, exhibits, kiosks, and more
  • Parking lots: for employee spaces, tow away signs, etc.
  • Decoration, custom message or personalized sign
  • Storefront signage or business sign

If you’re looking for a sign with a more hefty, 3-D structure check out our channel letter signs.

Winning Features of Custom Aluminum Signs

  • Heavy-duty, sturdy aluminum
  • Thin, lightweight profile
  • A variety of colors available
  • Incredibly long-lasting
  • Baked enamel finish for weathering the elements
  • Lamination available for scratch & fade resistant
  • No rusting or rotting
  • Custom cut options include holes, cut-outs, thin lines, and other non-traditional shapes
  • Lettering available
  • Super-sleek exterior finish

Print Options for Custom Aluminum Signs

Printing on aluminum signs gives you complete control over the customization.

Prints can cover the full height and width of your sign. Plus, we offer a full range of colors and graphics to ensure your final product meets your design specifications. Our UV inks will keep your signs looking vibrant and professional for years to come.

Double-sided printing is also available.

Sizing for Custom Aluminum Signs

Common sizes for aluminum signs include: 12″x12, 24″x6″, 18″x24″, 2’x2′, 4’x4′ and more.


Installation of custom aluminum signs is super simple and can typically be done alone.

There are many options available for installation and what you decide is up to the location and purpose of the sign. Be sure to specify if you need us to drill holes for you so you can hang your sign properly. If you forgot, you can easily drill the holes yourself with a standard metal drill bit.

Options include: Hanging, placing on a stand, wall clamps, gluing to walls, bolted to surface, and framing. A mounting kit can save you time and money on proper installation. You can contact us to get our recommendations on the best option for you.

Lifespan of Custom Aluminum Signs

Custom aluminum signs are made of a lightweight, yet extremely long-lasting material that can last for years.

While lifespan will vary depending on the location, these signs can last from 3 years to over a decade or longer.

Getting a laminate will increase the longevity of your sign and add a sleeker, fresh overall look.

Caring for Your Custom Aluminum Signs

Regularly cleaning your signs will help maximize its lifespan and effect.

Aluminum is shiny and eye-catching, but when dirt, dust, and debris build up on the surface it can dull the appearance. Using soapy water and a damp, gentle cloth you can remedy this problem. We advise cleaning your sign on a regular basis.

Do not use strong chemicals because it may affect the quality of the printed surface and appearance of the aluminum.

When choosing where you will showcase your aluminum sign, we advise choosing a place where it will be protected from heavy winds or from heavy objects blowing onto it. These circumstances could cause your sign to dent or warp.

Local Delivery and Installation Services

We are happy to deliver and install our custom aluminum signs anywhere in Southern California.

For certain corporate and enterprise projects we are happy to discuss additional options with you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Nationwide Shipping

Once we’ve completed your custom aluminum sign project, we’ll ship it to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we’ll ensure your experience is amazing!

Custom Aluminum Signs Questions and Answers

  • Are your custom aluminum signs reflective?

    No, our standard custom aluminum signs are not reflective. If you desire an aluminum sign that is reflective, we are more than happy to work with you to get you that customization. Simply specify that you need reflective aluminum material in the design comments or reach out to us directly to discuss your options.
  • Can I drill my own holes?

    Yes, if you have the proper tools and the experience to drill your own holes you are welcome to do so. However, it is often more convenient for us to drill the holes for you and we have the proper equipment to do so without ruining the sign quality. If you choose to drill your own holes, any subsequent damage to the sign voids any warranty that we might have offered for the sign.
  • Can I get custom drilled holes or more than the standard 4 drilled holes?

    Yes, for custom specifications you can simply detail your requirements in the customer comments field or reach out to us directly. Typically, drilled holes are ⅜ inches in diameter, set ½ inch from the edge of the sign, and we drill one in each corner. Depending on your specifications, there may be a small additional fee for drilling and an excess number of holes.
  • What are the sizes of your custom aluminum signs?

    We offer a wide range of sizes. You can design your own custom sign and we are happy to work with you to help you get exactly what you need. In general, our signs range from 4” up to 96” (8 feet). Our biggest sign options are 48”x96” (4×8 feet)
  • Will a full-color custom design mean I have to pay more?

    No, all our signs print in full color. The cost of signs are dictated by sign type, size, and quantity.
  • If I only use one color does that reduce the cost?

    No, all our signs print in full color, and color limitations do not impact the overall cost. The cost of signs are dictated by sign type, size, and quantity.
  • Can I print a double sided custom aluminum sign?

    Yes, all of our custom aluminum signs can be printed as double-sided, regardless of the size. Simply select the double-sided customization option in the order form. If you would like the backside of the sign to be a different design, please contact us directly and send us the design file.
  • Do you print onto the aluminum directly (or is there a vinyl overlay)?

    All our custom aluminum signs are printed directly onto the aluminum surface using vibrant UV ink. This ensures a longer-lasting, fade-resistant, and weather tough printed design. Plus, the overall look is more polished and professional when we print directly on the aluminum. If you are interested in a laminate finish, this will provide an even longer-lasting, sleeker look.
  • Are the sharp edges of the sign dangerous?

    We do advise care and attention to all those handling aluminum signs, as the edges can certainly cut or scratch. In general, we cut our aluminum signs with rounded corners to ensure safer handling. If you would prefer a 90 degree, corner cut, please specify this when you order.

3 reviews for Custom Aluminum Signs

  1. Kate

    This is such a cool way to make interior or exterior signs/art for a room. The aluminum gives a sophisticated contemporary look and having the flexibility to print on or cut out of the aluminum makes this product extremely fun and versatile to design with. Placing it on stand-offs is an even cooler effect. Thank you Mark for allowing us to get creative and introducing us to new and innovative products that push the boundaries in our business. Always a pleasure to work with Coastal Creative!!!!

  2. David Murillo, Job Options

    I’ve been impressed with how well the auto graphics have been holding up. All the decals are still complete and looking sharp. We haven’t had to replace any of the letters yet and everyone has loved the way our vehicles look with Coastal Creative’s designs. They were very simple to install…after a couple YouTube videos lol The signs looked badass after we mounted them on the fence.

  3. Keenan McCollom

    Mark and the team at Coastal have been amazing to work with and even on short notice projects. In both occasions they were extremely responsive and helped me get client prints done in only a couple days. I had a project to print on metal (which I had never done before) and they guided me with design so that the quality of the print would be what I was looking for and I was blown away by the results. Thanks again team and I can’t wait to work together again!

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