A-Frame Signs

Custom lighted outdoor signs are an outstanding way to draw attention

Custom lighted outdoor signs are an outstanding way to draw the attention of your clients. We can help you design, fabricate and install your high-quality exterior lighted signs today. All of our sign cabinets are UL rated, using rustproof aluminum backs and returns, LED lights and high quality Lexan and molded plastic faces.

  • Increase outdoor visibility
  • Long-lasting rustproof aluminum
  • Rustproof aluminum backs and returns

A-frame signs, custom made in San Diego

  • Sturdy, lightweight, and portable
  • Filled with your choice of sand or water
  • Made using premium PVC plastic materials
  • Insert pocket makes for easy changing of graphics
  • Great for long-term use

A-frame signs go by several names, including sandwich board signs and sidewalk signs. You have probably encountered many of these signs walking around any shopping or restaurant district. Made from two hinged sheets of plastic or metal, A-frame signs get their name from the shape they make when propped upright. Sandwich board signs are usually placed on the sidewalks outside of businesses. Since A-frame signs are double sided, they are visible to two directions of foot traffic. They often act as way finding signs, helping direct customers to the entrance or parking, or act as advertising for the business. Sidewalk signs are especially useful for business’s whose storefronts aren’t especially visible from the street.

Our custom A-frame signs are made from high-quality PVC plastic. PVC is at once sturdy and lightweight, making it ideal for signage that needs to be taken inside at night. We print your graphic or message using fade-resistant UV inks. Feel free to send us an existing design or message, or work with our professional graphic designers to create the best custom A-frame sign to suit your business needs.

Due to their light weight and ease of portability, A-frame signs are incredibly versatile. They can be placed in any number of locations to help catch the eyes of passersby. Here are some examples of how to use sidewalk signs to catch the attention of potential customers:

  • On a nearby street corner to attract the attention of foot traffic from multiple directions.
  • Near your parking lot to let your customers know you offer parking, and also to keep others from taking those spots.
  • Write a clever message to encourage photographs and laughs, and to show the personality of your business.
  • Promote daily specials, seasonal deals, or special events.
  • To help customers find their way to your business, especially if your storefront is a bit off the beaten path.

Sidewalk signs have the special advantage of being both incredibly sturdy and very lightweight. It is your choice whether your sign is filled with sand or with water, both of which provide enough weight to keep your sign upright even on a hill or in windy weather. We do not recommend the water option should you intend to use your custom a-frame sign in sub-zero temperatures, as the water may freeze and cause the plastic to crack.

Custom prints on sandwich board signs typically last up to a year if used outdoors on a daily basis. The plastic and filling can last for 5+ years with proper care, but exposure to the elements typically begins to show on the graphic after a year of outdoor use. If used indoors exclusively, the graphics typically last up to four years. Luckily, A-frame signs come with interchangeable insert pockets. So once the graphic begins to fade, it can easily be swapped out for a new graphic without having to replace the entire sign. This makes sidewalk signs an excellent investment that will continue to show returns for years to come!

Once we have finished designing and printing your project, we will gladly deliver your custom A-frame sign anywhere in San Diego or North Orange County.

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