Popular Window Decals

One of the easiest ways to breathe life into a drab wall is with a cool window decal. It’s also one of the cheapest and most unique ways to beautify your windows. Investing in window graphics is also becoming an increasingly popular way to reach potential customers if you have a business.

Of course, window decals can also be used in offices, cars, and other places. Since there are so many types of vinyl decals on the market, we decided to provide you with a list of the most popular window decals to help you get started.

What this article covers:

What is a window decal?

popular window decals

Much like a classic wall decal, a window decal is a printed image that is attached to a wall or window. Unlike a mural, a decal doesn’t usually cover the entire surface of the wall or window, while a mural does. Both wall decals and murals use the same printing and application methods.

  • Custom Window Decals Highlighting Your Company’s Logo

Presenting your brand in a consistent manner is an efficient way to increase awareness of your business. What’s more, you can easily achieve this with a window decal. To make your store stand out, you can put your business name and logo on the windows.

Custom frosted glass decals are currently extremely popular. Glass decals are ideal for a variety of businesses and even for your home because they have a subtle frosted glass color. They blend in with existing décor, so you don’t have to worry about frosted glass stickers distracting customers from what you’ve to offer.

The neutral color draws attention to everything else in the office. If you want to promote your business without going overboard, frosted window decals are just what you’ve been looking for.

popular window decal

  • Products & Services Promo

Humans are visual creatures by nature. Therefore, images and graphics make sure that everyone who passes by notices you. This is how you can create interest in your product or service. 

If you manage to create an enticing window decal that grabs their attention, passersby will want to learn more. They might want to go online to find out more about you, so consider including a QR code on your vinyl to direct them straight to your landing pages.

Just make sure that your exterior decals easily match your space’s theme, give your window a facelift, and serve as a marketing strategy.

  • Interesting Seasonal Displays

Changing your decal design regularly is an effective way to keep people on their toes. Modern decals for walls and windows are easy to install and inexpensive. You can make window decals that match the current season. Vibrant window dressing will undoubtedly make your business or office stand out.

During the holiday season, for example, you could create some custom festive window stick-on decals for your store, restaurant, or office. They can put people in a festive mood even on gloomy days.

most popular window decals

  • Eye-catching Words & Phrases

One of the best window decal ideas that can add personality to your window or wall is to include meaningful words or phrases that help you stand out.

To grab your customers’ attention and get your message across quickly, we recommend keeping your window decals simple and elegant without being too wordy. Fewer words will pique the interest of potential customers and prompt them to search for more information.

If you work in an office and need some privacy, you can also print your phrase on a large perforated vinyl window decal.

How to Choose the Best Window Decals

Choose Your Images Wisely

When it comes to your window decals, you should avoid anything that’s too distracting or cluttered. It should support your message, not distract from it. Also, whatever image you decide to go with, make sure that it’s high quality. Any compression or image artifacts will show up more prominently when they’re expanded to decal size, which can look amateurish if you haven’t made the right choice. 

The placement of the text is another important point. Avoid placing text in low-contrast areas. If you use text, choose an image that’s enough space for a new element.

most popular window decal

Maintain a Simple & Elegant Aesthetic

As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So, to grab your customers’ attention and get your message across quickly, keep your window decals simple and elegant without being too wordy. Fewer words are easier to process as you’re walking or driving past the image, and they prompt people to search for more information.

You can use this fact to encourage people to search for more about your brand.

Font Size

Font size has a big impact on how legible your decal is. While there are numerous decal font options available, many are difficult to read, and fancy fonts don’t always produce the desired results.

The general rule of thumb for better legibility is that bigger is always better. The larger the letters, the easier they are to read from a distance.

the most popular window decals

Know Your Options

Window graphics can have a wide range of designs, but they can also be used for a variety of products. 

Opaque and clear decals: They are thicker and have an adhesive on one side. They’re permanent and can’t be repositioned once installed.

Perforated decals: A perforated decal acts as a see-through surface, allowing you to look through your building’s windows while still advertising your big sale on the outside.

Frosted decals: These decals mimic the appearance of etched glass and are ideal for adding subtle privacy and decor.

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