Popular Vinyl Decals

Some popular vinyl decals breathe new life into your spaces. They set the right mood and temperature in addition to decorating the area. Others make your place appear dull and feel empty.

So, what are the best vinyl decals to spice up your surfaces? Most people get stuck trying to figure this out. 

There are endless design options, and almost all are very appealing. This makes it difficult to single out decals that are a great fit for a particular place.

To make it easier for you, we’ve made a list of the most popular vinyl decals in this article. 

You’ll get unique design ideas to add magic to your surfaces and gain insights on selecting great designs that work well for you. The goal is to help you create comfortable and safe spaces that make you thrive. 

Most Popular Vinyl Decals for Walls

Botanical Wall Decals 

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Plant life room decals are among the best-selling vinyl decals today. They’re a great way to keep things simple and chic.

To create a modern style, avoid the traditional blossoming trees filled with flowers and leaves. Instead, go for winter trees with completely bare branches. They bring out a delicate artistic flair.

Winter trees are perfect for clean-lined spaces like your living and dining room walls. A set of four to six trees with different colors will give your room a neat, sophisticated look.

For a bolder design, oversized florals are best. Such motifs are popular wall decals that add character to plain surfaces. You can choose colors that contrast rather than complement the rest of your room to get a mix-and-match design unique to your persona. 

If you want to create a feature wall, opt for a blend of flora and fauna. Large modern wall decals of birds flying away or landing on a big winter tree make captivating feature walls. 

Urban Wall Art Decals

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Cool wall art decals with urban designs are a win. They add freshness to a room without overpowering other elements because of their minimalist approach. You can use them to complement other decorative highlights in your room.

A small-scale silhouette of birds hanging on a powerline will complement classic urban furniture and add life to your space without drawing attention away from the furnishings.  You can achieve the same effect with a skyline or street lamp silhouette.

Architectural Designs

Architectural designs are some of the latest trending vinyl decals. Their incredible lifelike appearance adds texture and instant charm to your space.

Using the rustic wood plank or exposed brick whole-wall decals, you can create a classic look effortlessly.

Other popular vinyl decals of this nature include faux stone walls and tiles. 

Faux stone walls will give you a vintage look and are great for your fireplace or high ceiling walls, while faux tiles will transform your bathroom or kitchen backdrop.

Shapes, Stripes & Patterns

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Various shapes arranged in different ways form exciting patterns that can change the look and feel of any space. They allow you to engage your imagination and show off your creativity.

Often, the shapes come in a pack of different sizes – from simple semi-circles, dot clusters, and triangles to distinct terrazzo and geometric shapes. 

For terrazzo, arrange the shapes to cover your entire wall. It will make the room more vibrant. You can also do this with triangles facing different directions to get an elegant look.

As for stripes, consider the size of the room before application. If your room is small, apply the stripe patterns horizontally for a widening effect that will make it appear bigger.

3D Wall Decals

3D designs introduce an extra dimension to your spaces. They make your walls pop, giving your interior an exotic modern look. Layered diamond forms at the intersection of two walls bring out this effect beautifully.

Arch Wall Decals

Whether half or complete, arches are popular vinyl decals perfect for creating focal points on your surfaces. A complete arch design is a stellar option for your fireplace walls. Choose warm colors that speak to your personality for this design.

Motivational Phrases, Funny Quotes & Sayings

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When done well, motivational phrases, hilarious quotes, and sayings make some of the best wall decals. They are a fun way to personalize your spaces while uplifting your mood. 

A simple short statement like “Actually, you can” will work wonders for you. Place it strategically above your bathroom sink next to the mirror so you can see it with your reflection every morning. It’ll help you set the right tone for the day.

You can also get custom vinyl wall decals of your favorite song lyrics or common phrases you use at home to showcase your personality further. Most of our clients love this because it makes them feel connected to their spaces joyfully. We are always happy to work with any ideas you have to design perfect vinyl decals in-line with your taste.

For business premises, positive quotes with subtle illustrations work best. 

Popular Vinyl Decals for Windows

The best window decals protect your privacy without blocking natural light. They’re also non-adhesive to make cleaning your windows easier when you decide to remove them.

Stained glass windows are cool vinyl decals that fit the bill. They are flexible and can take different designs and colors- from plant life to various shapes and patterns. If you want to add drama to your spaces, look no further. The designs on these types of vinyl decals shine bright when light passes through them on sunny days. 

Other unique window decals you can use include patterned frosted window decals, textured window decals, mesh window films, and perforated window graphics.

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Wall decals are still in style. However, this largely depends on the designs you pick and how you apply them.

As we’ve seen, considering your room’s size, layout, purpose, and other decorative furnishings you already have can help you find modern decals that are perfect for you. Also, choose your printing partner carefully. 

The right printing partner will help you convert your design ideas into reality as intended. We have a range of products and services that can get the job done without breaking your bank. Reach out to us for expert assistance.

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