Outdoor Wall Murals

Thought-provoking outdoor wall murals can be seen in cities worldwide, and you can find awe-inspiring art brightening even the dullest exterior wall. 

Murals can be used as transformative tools for advertising a place or business, celebrating an event, or enhancing public space. 

Wall murals that transform dull grey walls into canvases of colorful street art have the potential to inspire and add vitality to the neighborhood. 

The possibilities for outdoor wall murals are almost endless. With custom wall murals, your outdoor wall can transform your space with the color and designs of your choice. 

What This Article Covers:

What Are the Best Wall Murals for Outdoor Use?

One of the most significant benefits of vinyl wall murals is that they have superior durability to other types. They are also easy and inexpensive to replace compared with a hand-painted mural of the same size. 

Vinyl is easy to clean and requires little or no maintenance over the years. They can also be installed in places where moisture would typically ruin traditional wallpaper.

While there are no fully waterproof wall murals, the vinyl coating gives your image a water-resistant finish, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The thin lightweight vinyl adheres to non-porous surfaces easily and can even be laminated for extra durability.  Matte vinyl carries vibrant colors using photo-rich and fade-resistant UV inks for maximum impact. 

High-quality vinyl murals can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to +150 degrees Farenheight. 

outdoor wall mural

In general, you can expect a good quality mural to last up to two years before signs of wear and tear begin to show. Adding lamination to your mural will extend its longevity. 

How to Select A Mural for Your Space

A garden is an extension of your home, and there is no reason you cannot add the same flair to your outdoor space as you do to your interior. 

Gone are the days of dull brick or concrete boundary walls. Why not let the theme of your indoor decor flow out to your patio and garden? 

Weatherproof garden wall murals on boundary walls can enhance any area of your garden or accent a flower bed or unique feature. They can be excellent for drawing attention away from problem areas. In fact, there is almost no limit to outdoor mural ideas. 

Before you dive in, you’ll want to plan and prepare. A mural in your own space is personal. But still, you don’t want to create an eyesore because you skipped the planning stage. 

Important Considerations For Your Mural Installation

  • What is your mural purpose? Are you creating a focal point to highlight a garden feature? Or do you want to create an illusion of depth in a small space? Perhaps you want to brighten up a wall in your garden or dress up a shed.
    Some people just want to express their creative side. No matter what the reason for adding a mural to your garden planning is important to achieve the impact you are wanting. 
  • How large is the area that you want to cover? Are you installing a large mural covering an entire wall, or do you want a smaller die-cut feature between some foliage?
    Custom murals can be made to fit any size wall, from a small alcove to a more expansive wall. For big walls, multiple lengths of decals are printed and then pieced together seamlessly. 
  • Do you have a design and colors in mind? Do you want to follow a theme? Look at different color schemes for ideas.
    A monochromatic color scheme uses different shades and tones of the same color. Monochrome is an excellent color scheme if you want to keep things plain and simple. If you want your mural to attract immediate attention, then contrasting colors of a complementary color scheme may be a good choice. Complementary colors consist of opposite colors on the color wheel. 
  • Is your mural a continuation of your indoor decor colors or theme? Or is it completely separate?

When installing a printed vinyl mural, you want to be sure you have a clean and sound base to work on. Ensure the wall is free of loose paint, mold, insects, or moss. Give the wall a good wash down with soap and water, and ensure it is adequately dry before starting your mural. If the wall is not properly dry it will decrease the adhesion of your mural, resulting in peeling.

If your wall has mold or peeling paint, an uneven surface, or cracks, it will need more TLC than a wash down. Scrape off old paint, fill cracks, sand down irregular patches and check that your wall is smooth and dry before installing your mural. 

If you feel a little stuck for inspiration, we have listed some ideas for exterior wall elevation wall murals.

Ideas for Outdoor Garden Wall Murals

mural designs for exterior wall

Inside Out

If you want a flow from your indoor living area to your outdoor patio, there are several ways to bring your inside out by using wall murals. It could be as simple as using color with a textured print that matches your inside color scheme, or you can match a pattern on your rug, curtains, or sofa to a custom-printed wall mural. 

Otherworldly Ombre

Two colors blended together in a vertical gradient can create the impression of early morning or dusky evening calm – ideal if it is tranquility you want to achieve. Ombre murals are a simple way to add color for impact.

Ombre can also work for a more dramatic look if you use deeper or more contrasting colors. A wall mural with gradient colors can be the perfect backdrop for wall hangings or garden ornaments.

Geometric Designs

Subtle geometric designs make an unobtrusive backdrop for an outdoor entertainment area. A wall mural does not always have to be the showstopper. Soft geometric designs can blend into a patio area or even as a soft backdrop to foliage. 

Bold geometric designs work well to give your garden an urban and contemporary flair. Angular geometry can work well with minimalist patio furniture. Geometric patterns can also be an exciting contrast to soft foliage. Use a complementary color behind greenery to make a bold statement for an eye-catching feature. 

exterior wall outdoor wall murals

A Thin Line

Still, on the minimalist theme, lines may work for you if geometric is not your scene. Murals do not have to be colorful. A monochrome line drawing on a plain background can make an eye-catching statement. 

Use it on large walls or areas where you would like some artwork but do not feel overwhelmed

Bohemian Bliss

Create your abstract design in pastel colors for a bohemian vibe. Bohemian garden themes are increasingly popular for bright and playful outdoor areas. Bohemian decorating generally involves lush plants, salvaged pieces of furniture, and vintage items

Suppose you lack lush plants in your garden. In that case, this is the perfect opportunity to add an outdoor mural printed with plants, abundant trees or bamboo, and large floral accents of hydrangeas, dahlias, and lavender.

Urban Attitude 

Are you looking for an urban edge for your outdoor decor? Wall art graffiti could do the trick. Go for a unique design that matches the colors and tone of the rest of your garden. Creating an out-of-the-ordinary focal point on your garden wall can transform a simple seating area into a conversation hub.

Tranquil Zen

A Zen mural is what you want to bring a sense of tranquility to your garden. If you already have running water features and koi, all you need to finish it off is a misty Thai mountainscape as a backdrop. 

Mandalas are another popular way to bring spirituality into your garden. While mandalas can form part of a bohemian theme, they are often a focal point for meditative practices. Depending on the size of your mandala, you can even use an outdoor wall mural stencil to paint it onto your wall yourself. 

Murals for Small Gardens

Murals can be as big or small as you want them to be. If you have a confined space in your garden, you may want to limit your mural to a single outside door and add to it at a later stage if you like.

A way to make your garden feel bigger is to use a mural on garden walls to create the illusion that there is more space than there is.

Most of us lack a view in our gardens, even if they are spacious, and creating an illusion may be a solution to a lack of view. 

Trompe L’Oeil

exterior wall murals

These very realistic murals create the illusion that the image exists in three dimensions. Trompe L’oeil means fool the eye. 

You can create a whole new world on your garden wall with custom printing. Three-dimensional wall murals of spectacular landscapes, rustic villages, seascapes, or sunny beaches, will give your garden the visual depth you need.

Ideas for Public Outdoor Vinyl Wall Murals

Murals grab attention. They can convey a message or information and add visual interest, all without taking up space or obstructing the flow of people or traffic. This makes outdoor murals the perfect media to use in public spaces.

Plus, they serve as great backdrops for photos, which is a great way to take advantage of getting some social media coverage.

An Ad for Your Business

People love creativity. In many cities of the world, murals have even become popular tourist attractions. 

In our digital age, visual displays draw more attention than online media advertising. 

The atmosphere is a major contributor to drawing people into a business or a store. One sure way to leave a lasting impression is with a large custom mural. Large scale vibrant and bold vinyl wall murals are an excellent way to creatively advertise what your business has to offer.

If you have a cafe, for example, create a visual menu on your walls. How about coffee beans and cups of cappuccino on the outside walls of a coffee shop? Or a variety of tools on the side of your hardware store?

The sky is the limit, plus you may even find your business exposed to thousands of people when photos of your interesting wall mural are shared on social media.

A Promotion for Your Event

Custom artwork is an excellent way to attract a certain audience. This makes outdoor vinyl murals the perfect way to advertise an event. 

Create artwork or images using the theme of your event. For example, you can use a silhouette of a saxophone player for a live jazz evening at your pub.

Vinyl murals are removable and can be easily changed without damaging the wall beneath them. 

This makes vinyl murals the perfect way to promote an art exhibition, installation in a museum, or even highlight an annual event.  

High Impact Message 

wall murals for outdoor use

A large display will draw attention. With vibrant color added that can be achieved with the UV-resistant inks used in our vinyl wall murals, your message will be hard to miss. 

Bold murals on the walls of non-profit organizations and animal shelters draw attention and raise awareness of organizations in need.

Large format wording on a building wall, with some color added to draw the eye, is bound to get your message across. A message does not need to be in the form of text though. Graphics can convey a strong message too. Combining text and graphics could be a very powerful way to communicate your thoughts. 

Pedestrians and drivers alike are sure to notice a large and colorful display. If you can catch people’s eyes, you can engage them with your message. 

Social Cohesion

Murals have been used in urban areas to add color and beauty to a space. Art can often communicate a message where language fails. Outdoor wall murals or street art serve several purposes beyond beautifying an area. 

For example, projects to beautify blighted neighborhoods promote integration in the community and nurture a positive image of the neighborhood. 

Urban environments that have been enhanced with mural art have even seen a crime reduction. 

Attractive murals on community center walls can nurture a positive image of the neighborhood.

Any dull building can become a conversation starter in a community when a mural is installed. 

Ideas for Large Outdoor Wall Murals

Even simple designs can make a substantial impact when used to cover an ample space, so don’t overlook the opportunity to use the side of a building to promote your organization. 

Murals can convey a bold message about your brand and design well; they resonate with your customers and encourage them to identify with your business. 

Brand Awareness Campaign

Make your business stand out from the rest with a floor-to-ceiling wall mural of your branding. In areas where there are several competing businesses, imagery unique to your business will make you stand out.

Attractive business branding creates more than a visual for customers. It has the potential to engage and communicate with them, enhancing or shaping their perception of your brand.

You can cover an outside wall of your business with the company’s logo. This is a great way to increase brand recognition, plus adding your company’s mission statement or values can be an excellent way to draw attention to your services. 

A Company Celebration

Use the large outside walls of your organization to celebrate a company milestone. 

Create a graphic timeline of your company’s accomplishments, or use color and design to highlight your industry. 

Brag about your company’s achievements if your organization has achieved something exceptional. 

Showcase your company’s talent with a wall of fame. Showing appreciation for your employees does wonders for your corporate image. 

outdoor murals for walls

Benefits of Exterior Wall Murals

Exterior wall murals are a perfect way to make a positive first impression and raise awareness of your brand. Their high visibility also provides an excellent advertising opportunity.

But a less commonly known benefit to exterior wall murals is that they deter unsightly graffiti. Unpainted signs and walls are often the targets of unappealing scribbling resulting in an unprofessional image for your business.

Get ahead of the vandals by displaying your own custom artwork ensuring that the walls outside your business reflect the company image you want to portray.


There is nothing quite as versatile as a vinyl wall mural to take your outdoor space up a notch. 

Vinyl murals are easy to install and remove, and unlike paint, they are cost-effective and easy to clean. 

Custom wall murals make it easy to personalize your outdoor space. 

Whether it is your home garden you want to enhance or business you want to promote, outdoor vinyl wall murals can provide you with a solution. 

Perhaps you are feeling inspired to add a mural to your outdoor space. In that case, why don’t you reach out to our experts to help you with your printing needs from start to finish? 

Our custom outdoor wall murals can be applied to wood, stone, concrete, and various other surfaces.

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