Outdoor Wall Decals

When it comes to putting up designs or signage outdoors, it can be challenging to avoid weather damage. With the right outdoor wall decal, this can be a lot easier to achieve. 

At Coastal Creative, we offer outdoor wall decals that are long-lasting with no wear and tear, and professional looking. But what about the design?

In this article, We explore a few ideas for custom outdoor wall decals to help you decide what design would work best for your needs. 

7 Ideas for Custom Outdoor Wall Decals

Business Address Number

custom outdoor wall decals

Generally, if your business has a physical location and address, you need to display your property number to make it easy for mail services, delivery services, and visitors to locate you. To make your number clear, you can use an outdoor wall decal. 

You can do a decal of whatever your number is, in any font, design, or color that you want. However, check if the complex or building has a template design that needs to be followed by businesses. 

If you want, you could do the number and the street name to make it easier for people to find. This could work for any business, such as a boutique with a window decal, for deliveries and customers to find stores easily. 

Welcome Sign

No matter your business, it is important to make visitors or customers feel welcome and at home in your space. A small, subtle way to do this is with a welcome sign near the entrance on a wall decal. 

You can do a simple ‘Welcome’, or personalize it to say ‘Welcome to (insert business name or family surname)’. Make it more interesting by adding in a small image like a flower or animal, or a business logo if at a commercial property. 

This type of sign could also work as a vinyl decal at a wedding, to welcome guests.

Play Area Themes

If you have a designated outdoor area on your premises for kids to play, you can make this space official by adding a fun large custom wall decal design that they would enjoy. 

This works well in restaurants with play areas. Whether it is a pool, jungle gym, trampoline, other toys, or just a small designated area, you can use a wall decal to make it feel like its own space. 

We recommend decals of playful images like animals, flowers, toys, or patterns. Alternatively, you can include popular characters from a movie or show that children enjoy watching. 

outdoor vinyl wall decals

Primary School Fun

If you own or run a primary school, you will want to add a few fun details to the exterior of the building to entertain the kids and suit the young and educational environment that you have created. 

If the kids spend time outside during the school day, you could add wall decals that serve as educational games to keep them busy, such as simple math equations, space to draw or connect the dots, mini-stories to read, and so on. 

Alternatively, you could choose decals purely for aesthetic purposes, such as animated animals, storybook worlds, or characters that are popular with the students. This would also work well inside a school as a wall decal in an art room.

Restaurant or Bar Creativity

A restaurant or bar needs to stand out amongst others to encourage customers to come in and try out what you have to offer. A unique and eye-catching outdoor wall decal should do the trick. 

Try and keep the design relevant to your establishment, indoor decals on the restaurant wall, and what you serve. For a gothic, mysterious bar you could go for a skull and bones design on the outside walls. For a French restaurant, a decal of the Eiffel Tower would make it clear to customers about what you serve. 

Alternatively, you could use the wall decal to simply display the name and logo of your establishment. These designs can just as easily be used as a bar or restaurant decal on the window

Car Park Signage 

outdoor decals for wallIt is easy to lose your way in a car park, especially if it is a large space with a lot of parking. Use wall decals to guide drivers to where they need to be. 

You can use the decals as signage for specific entrances so that people know where exactly they should park, as well as to number specific rows and spaces so that it is easy to find their car when they return.

The rows and numbers could be used on a decal on a cinema wall, to make it easier for people to find their seats.

University Inspiration

A university usually has multiple buildings, and can often look quite clinical and similar. 

Despite university students being older, they could certainly still appreciate a splash of color or interesting design when walking between classes. 

You could do wall decals of influential and educated figures (such as Albert Einstein on the Science or Math building), inspirational quotes by notable alumni or trailblazers, or artistic designs.  

Something similar can be done on decals on church walls, using religious scripture/quotes, symbols, and illustrations. 


Outdoor wall decals make a fun, creative addition to any structure or place that encourages people to come in and feel welcome. 

It is key to get the outdoor wall decal right, and this entails a professional wall decal company coming in to design the decal, and install it so that it is durable and looks pristine. 

Pick a design that suits the needs of your personal space or business, and reflects the personality and tastes that you and your family/colleagues have.

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