Nursery Wall Murals

Putting together a nursery is an exciting process that allows you to be creative, playful, and even channel your inner child. If you are looking to make a statement with your nursery, a wall mural is a perfect way to do so. 

A wall mural brings a room to life and can be styled in any way possible to suit the rest of your nursery decor or act as a starting point for what the rest will look like. 

We break down 10 ideas for nursery wall murals that you can use as inspiration or a foundation for your unique ideas. 

10 Ideas for Nursery Wall Murals

Floral Mural 

A floral mural is a classic option with many variations. You can either choose one of your favorite flowers or go for a mix of a few types of flowers for a unique look. 

This is an especially great choice if your child has a flower name, like Lily or Rose. It is a subtle way to incorporate their name into their wall mural with the matching flower. wall mural nursery

Animal Mural

Animals will always fascinate children, so what is better than incorporating some into their room?

You can go for a jungle, woodland, or safari theme with a host of different animals, or you could focus on one type. A large elephant or giraffe spanning across an entire wall, for example, is a great statement image. 

This also makes a great educational daycare wall mural as you can use it to teach kids about animals.

Landscape Mural 

A landscape mural is a subtle but trendy way to bring life into the nursery. 

You can go to a mountain range, a beach, a forest, and so on. Pick one that is of significance to you, so that you can share a special place with your child. 

Fairytale Mural

wall murals for nursery

Fairytales play a large part in childhood, and a wall mural incorporating this is a popular choice. 

Create a fairytale world of your imagination with a castle, animals, and people against a landscape, or even fashion the mural off of an actual story like Cinderella, Aladdin, or The Little Mermaid. 

This is also a fantastic option for a pediatric dental wall mural.

Ocean Mural

If you are hoping to create a calm environment for a child, an ocean mural is a great start. 

You can either do it in the form of a landscape or create a wave effect on the wall. For a more playful take, do an ‘under the sea’ mural that incorporates sea animals and plant life. 

Ocean designs work well on murals for preschool walls, as the oceanic imagery will entertain, educate and amaze the young kids. 

Galaxy Mural

Space is a wondrous place and makes a great mural to provide endless amazement for a child. 

You can go crazy with planets, stars, milky ways, and even bring in some aliens and/or astronauts for a dynamic range of elements. 

This type of photo wall mural can also be an educational wall mural for an elementary school.

Rainbow Mural

wall mural for nursery

If you are looking for a simple and colorful mural, there is no better style than a rainbow mural. 

You can incorporate multiple rainbows onto the wall, or have one large rainbow spanning across it. This is a perfect spot to place a bed or cot, right in the center of the rainbow, to create an archway of sorts. 

Tree Mural

Trees are a classic mural design, and there is a lot that can be done with this idea. 

You can have many trees to create a forest or woodland effect, or one striking tree branching across the wall. This can be done alone, or to make it more playful, a few birds or animals can be added onto or underneath the tree. 

This is a popular choice for wall murals in classrooms

Abstract Mural

If you do not want a specific image, but instead a timeless array of colors on the wall, abstract use of shades is a modern, trendy way to go. 

You can have a mosaic or marble effect with colors, or colors arranged in a style of abstract art. This is suitable for a nursery, while still being contemporary and stylish within the home. 

Sun Mural

wall murals nursery

The sun is a source of all energy in technical terms, but it can also bring brightness and joy into a room for a child. 

You can either go for a sunrise or sunset landscape or tap into the childlike elements with a big, beaming sun that would be well located just over the bed or cot. 

This is a suitable option for wall murals for Sunday school rooms, as it is a positive and uplifting symbol for the younger generation. 


A nursery wall mural is a great way to bring a room to life with a bold statement wall that makes it unique and enjoyable for a baby or young child. 

There are a host of different styles that you could go for, and you can be as creative as you want with this as there are no rules or guidelines you have to follow. It is best to pick a design that is significant or personal to you, or your child, which makes it extra special.

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