Murals for Preschool Walls

Going to school is a big step for most young children, and they may often feel tense and overwhelmed by the thought of being away from their caregivers. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can make your school a place of fun, relaxation, and learning by creating custom murals for preschool walls. 

Creating a mural for preschool walls and classrooms is easy and fun with Coastal Creative. If you want to transform your school, we’ve got four steps to help you design a unique and eye-catching kindergarten wall mural. 

How to Create Kindergarten Wall Murals

kindergarten wall murals

Keep the Theme Simple

When it comes to creating wall murals for schools with young learners in mind, it’s important to remember that you don’t need an overly-complicated design to spark their interest. Ideally, you should create a theme that incorporates a few simple elements that children can recognize. 

For example, most preschool-aged children won’t have extensive knowledge of overly-complicated themes that incorporate abstract designs. When designing your mural, you want your learners to react positively to the designs. By using imagery that children can easily identify like animals or fantasy themes, the learners will be more likely to respond positively to the mural. 

It may also be a fun idea to incorporate different themes. You can use murals for classroom walls to illustrate certain subjects. For example, your library may be a great place to incorporate images associated with nursery rhymes or simple stories that young learners are familiar with. 

Choose an Exciting Mural Design

The tricky thing about designing a wall mural for preschool walls is that it can be hard to keep a young learner’s attention! Murals that are too plain can be construed as boring to children, so it’s important to choose exciting designs that aren’t too distracting. 

If you have a mural in a classroom, you’ll want to make sure that it’s interesting and exciting enough to garner a positive attitude in your learners. At the same time, having a wall mural that is too busy can detract their attention away from their teacher or activities.

To create an exciting mural that doesn’t distract your learners, you may want to draw inspiration from murals for nursery walls or wall murals for daycare centers. These designs usually incorporate fun elements and characters but use soft, muted colors so that they don’t overwhelm young children. 

An example of this may be a mural of an illustrated park. You can incorporate as many small details as you’d like, such as birds, children, or flowers without making them the focal point of the mural. This means that your space will look incredible and there are tons of small elements to explore, but your learners will still be able to focus on what matters most: their education! 

Get the Kids Involved

wall murals for kindergarten

A preschool mural doesn’t need to have a generic design. While wall murals in a pediatrician’s office or Sunday school wall murals generally use specific imagery and designs, you can get as creative as you’d like with a preschool mural! 

One of the best ways to create kindergarten wall murals that staff, parents, and learners will love is to get the kids involved. For example, you can have each class design their own mural as a group, or by incorporating each learner’s name, handprint, thumbprint, or a small drawing that the children have made into the final mural design. 

A fun way to utilize this idea is by having a large mural of a tree or plant, where each learner’s handprint represents a leaf or flower on the tree. You can also create a row of flowers along the wall, where each learner’s thumbprint represents the pistil or the middle of the flower. 

If you aren’t able to get your learners involved directly, you can get the children to vote on certain ideas. For example, you can offer your learners a choice of three different mural designs or themes to choose from. Your learners can then vote for their favorite idea, and it can be made into a mural. 

Coastal Creative’s custom wall murals are easy to put up and remove, which gives you the freedom to print and replace the wall mural every year. This means that the learners occupying the classroom for the year can all have their own unique kindergarten wall mural that they have created or chosen. 

Think Like a Child

Much like when you’re designing nursery wall mural stencils, it’s important to remember that your designs should appeal to the young learners that attend your preschool. After all, you wouldn’t choose a contemporary beach scene to put up in your nursery! So why would you want to create a preschool wall mural that only caters to adults?

To create the best wall mural for young learners, you’ll need to think like a child. This gives you the opportunity to tap into your creative side and let your imagination run wild. Most young children can identify with and appreciate themes like fairy tales or animals, so you should focus on bringing their likes and interests into your overall design. 

You can also use as much color as you’d like in your mural. Bright, fun imagery will be a major hit with younger students. So, when you’re thinking about how to best decorate your school walls, let your hair down and let your creative juices flow. 

murals for kindergarten walls


Preschool wall murals should be bright and exciting. Their aim is not simply to transform your school walls but to foster a feeling of fun and excitement in your learners. The best way to create a fantastic wall mural for your preschool is to see the world through the eyes of a child and let your imagination run wild!

If you need inspiration or design ideas, our professional team at Coastal Creative is here to help you create the kindergarten wall mural of your dreams.

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