Modern Wall Decals

To create a trendy space, you should consider the decor of the place. With the right modern wall decal, this is easy to achieve. 

You can choose from just about any design possible to modernize your space, and it should be something that fits and is relevant. 

In this article, We look at some design ideas for trendy wall decals, which you can use as guidance in your decision of what to install on your wall. 

Top 7 Trendy Wall Decals

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If you are looking to do something unique on your walls, a map on a large custom wall decal is a great option. 

It is becoming increasingly trendy in the decor space and can add an interesting and creative twist to any area. 

You can do a general world map, or pick a country, city, town, or area that has sentimental value to you. For example, doing a map of your hometown if you have moved away from it will help you keep a place of home nearby at all times. 

You can also decide the details of the design, such as the color, texture, and size, depending on the space and the rest of the decor. This can also make a fun window decal.

Simple Geometrics

It always pays to keep things simple and to do this while also creating a modern feel, you cannot go wrong with some simple geometrics for a classic style wall decal.

You can pick any shape and color combination that suits you and your room. The Black and white checkered pattern is a modern classic, or neutral square shapes could add subtle character. 

You can either have the pattern cover your entire wall, or just border it along the top, bottom, and/or sides of the wall. 


If it is the modern elegance you seek, a marble wall decal will glamorize any space. 

Marble is a major trend in the fashion, beauty, home, and textiles industries. It has been popular for many years and shows no signs of dying down. 

A marble wall decal will make it seem like you have an ultra fancy wall made of pure marble, at a fraction of the price of the actual thing. 

You can play around with the colors and texture looks, with black and white being the most popular. Throw in a few gold or silver accents for something different, or go bold with color. 

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Floral is a pattern that has made a real comeback in recent years to become a modern option, and one of the wall decals that are most popular.

There are endless possibilities with a floral design. You can incorporate your favorite flowers, including many of one type, or a variety of many types. Roses, orchids, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, peonies – you will never run out of options. 

It can be an animated design for something fun and quirky or a design that uses real flower imagery. You can keep it light with brighter shades, subtle with neutral shades, or edgy with darker shades. 


To transform a space into a tranquil environment that stays connected to the outside world, adding a wall decal that features greenery of some kind is a winner. 

You can do a lot with the theme of greenery, which is generally an in-demand wall decal. This includes a forest of trees, one large and sprawling tree, bamboo fields, a meadow, a large and detailed leaf, and many more. 

This works well in corporate offices for a calming effect, as well as in spas or boutiques. 


Life can be fast-paced and challenging at times, so a motivational or sentimental quote or saying here or there can go a long way in lifting your mood and spirit at any given time. 

Placing your favorite quotes and/or sayings on a creative wall decal can work as a pick-me-up for you, and those around you. This works well in the home, but can also fit in commercial spaces. 

Quotes about food in a restaurant, fashion sayings in a clothing store, or inspirational quotes in a corporate office are all ideas to work with. 

Quotes and sayings are also one of the most well-liked window decal designs.

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Pop Culture

Pop culture is present in almost every aspect of our lives now, so there are always specific movies, TV shows, books, characters, or lines that become sentimental over time. 

It is incredibly trendy to incorporate some version of your favorite pop culture moments onto a wall decal. This could be the Hogwarts castle, a Star Wars character, a line from Titanic, and so many more. 

A pop culture design will turn the heads of whoever is around, being one of the most unique wall decal designs. 

This works well in the general home space, especially in a media or entertainment room. You could also use this in a bookstore, a movie cinema, a merchandise store, etc. 


Modern wall decals are a fantastic way to upgrade any space into a more trendy, luxurious look. 

It is key when looking to do a wall decal, to hire a professional decal company that can create and install the design you have in mind so that it looks professional, and lasts a long time without the need for a fix or replacement. 

Pick a design that suits the space you are looking to place it in. It should have some link or relevance to you, or your business so that it fits in seamlessly.

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